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September 17, 2018

This week we at Eau Brink Studio have been attending fairs at Wymondham and Hampton Court Palace.

Although a very busy time we have had great fun.

Wymondham has been a two week event of displaying our Textiles and of course selling them. The King’s Lynn Embroiderers Guild had many items from our members to showcase the work we make and to encourage new members.



Wow what a roller coaster of a weekend this turned out to be. Thursday we packed up the van and trudged off to London. We made good time until we were near Hampton Court and then the traffic was horrendous. John and I agreed we would never complain about the traffic in King’s Lynn again. We duly awaited our allotted time to unload and then set up the stall with many other traders all working together to help each other. there was also a team of maintenance guys to help too. And of course the Health and Safety guy was wondering along ensuring we complied to the rules.

And here we are all set up and ready for the Friday mornings start.

Friday we had to be sure all was okay by 9am. Meaning we were there at 8am making sure that all the items were priced and we had enough packaging if needed.


Kirstie spent time wondering around looking at all the stalls and chatting to the stall holders until she opened the event at 09.30. She was around for the entire three days and on the Saturday evening hosted a social event for the stall holders.

 As the early mornings and long days kick in by the end of day three the thought of driving home is not a pleasant one. Of course we did get stuck on the M25 in very slow traffic.

As we reflect on the busy days and the lovely people we have met it was a great experience.

I was particularly pleased to see the people from Norfolk who popped in and said hello. Thank you for your support.

Of course it was very difficult not to go shopping myself.I have only bought a little bit of fabric, a pattern or two. John ought me  a lovely pair of warm silk fluffy slippers.  Not bad really.

Whats next then?

Cas holmes will be here on the weekend of the 29th of September. her course is full but I will see what we can get her to do next year. Probably earlier in the year.

Then we have Clare Hedges in October. There are spaces available for this course so do book if you want to join us as I have had a lot of enquiries about it.

I will be updating the website of the next few days with other coursed that will range from one to two days. Including Melly Made lampshades for the new year. This one will be over two days so you get to finish your masterpiece.

I am looking at starting another group for Experimentals as the group that meets on the first Wednesday is getting rather full. My plan is that if we have two meeting dates then everyone can switch between the two and get to know each other. That way if you miss a date you can catch up with the other group.

More News.

From the 1st of October I will be selling items and planning small workshops in the Barn at Long Sutton. I am really looking forward to this as I have been waiting for a space for some time now.

Also at Le Strange Barns in Hunstanton I am supplying more of my items as they keep selling out so a bigger space has been allotted to me.

One last note..

The King’s Lynn Embroiderers Guild are holding a workshop at Eau Brink Studio by Moira Neale. Fabric faces will be on the 20th of October from 10am till 4pm. There are two spaces available for this day. If you would like to book please contact Christine on [email protected] who will be able to help you.

The cost is £35.00 for none members and £30.00 for Embroiderers Guild Members. You will need to give your membership number on booking. Here is a little snippet of what will be going on..

On this workshop we will concentrate on making just the faces. You may prefer to make one large one or two or three smaller versions. If there is time you could add clothing too.

I will be showing you how to free machine and there will be plenty of opportunity to practice before working on your faces. This workshop is a bit of fun….the wonkier your stitching, the quirkier the result! Just come along and enjoy the day and learn how to make faces to include in your quilts or to make a gallery of your friends and family!

See you all soon.



September 10, 2018

Fairs Galore for Eau Brink Studio during September right from the start.

First off was the Rainbow Fair at Downham Market.

Whilst there I spent time demonstrating how to make peg bags. Many customers were interested in the cone shaped peg bags asking about  the different processes involved in the making of them.

It was a great day full of music and laughter.


On Monday the textile exhibition started at Wymondham and runs until Sunday 16th of September. Set up in the Arts Center at the bottom end of the town.

There are many artists showcasing their textiles including the King’s Lynn Embroidery Guild. The work there is stunning with a wide variety of items for sale. Well worth a visit.

Sunday the 9th was also the towns Vintage day and we had great fun listening to the old music and looking at the vintage vehicles. Many people look fabulous as they wore vintage clothing for the event.  It was a very busy day for everyone.

Coming up on from Friday the 14th is The Handmade Fair at Hampton court Palace. I am really looking forward to this on as I love Hampton Court Palace. We will be setting up on Thursday ready for the Friday Morning start. There will be two large shopping villages set up. One for handmade items for your home. Fabrics and other items will be in there too.

The second will be full of lovely foods and drinks. Very hard to resist.

Whats great is that there are several of us from Norfolk going so we can support each other during the show. I also know that there is a coach full of people going from Norwich. looking forward to seeing you all.

If your planning on going I can help you with a free ticket. Just follow this link and you can register for a ticket to print off. They are limited so it is first come first served. I have already sent this link to others so don’t miss out.

Mug and coaster sets

New mug and coaster sets have arrived.

Some of you may recognise this design as it is the Fungi design we worked on from the Maggie Grey Wow book during our Experimental Wednesday.

There is one other design at the moment which is taken from the pictures using Xpandaprint and Scolabrush.

They do both compliment each other.

August 29, 2018

Summer Time is almost over and we can look forward to the lovely Autumn colours.

Here at Eau brink Studio we have had a fabulous summer time of making, teaching and of course learning.

The long summer days have meant that there has been ample time to dye fabrics using both synthetic and natural dyes.  The results have been fantastic as you can see on our social media accounts.

The next natural dyeing day is September 22nd from 10am till 4pm.


Through out August we have had a lot of younger persons in learning many different techniques. For example, how to get colour onto paper. Sketchbooks can be very scary things when new but once you add a bit of paint or dye they become amazingly easy to use.

We have also got the younger persons to felt, Nuno felt and to use sewing machines. An achievement in its self. They all learnt how to thread the machines including the filling the bobbins. Then to stitch in straight lines, use the zigzag, as well as sew using the programmed stitches. The next step for them was to make cords on the machines before going onto free motion embroidery and the use of soluble film.

Getting out and about during the summer has also been fun. I love meeting friends old and new. Talking to customers about my work and trying to explain what I do. These conversations take place at fairs, whilst teaching groups. Of course when asked to talk to a group who supply delicious cakes is always a bonus.

What happening with the small holding I hear you ask. Well the bees have not done so well this year as we lost our queens and had to start the colonies again. The lambs have grown very quickly and mums tend to ignore them now as they are too busy eating and piling on the pounds ready for Conkers return.

We have had a visit from a fox as we lost a chicken and her two chicks one afternoon. That was a very sad day. It does not appear to have returned so far. We will be ready for it though. Luckily we do have another broody hen sitting on eggs.

The ducklings did not fair so well either as they disappeared too over night. We do have a plan for the next years brood. I can report that the ducks are very happy still dropping eggs all over the garden. Which means plenty for baking still.

Whats coming up?

Downham Market Town Hall Sunday 2nd september. From 11am.


The Handmade Fair logo

From the 14th to the 16th September at Hampton Court Palace. So looking forward to this.



Lovely little Acorns

Tiny Acorns to Terrific Tassels! Passementerie Workshop. October 6th and 7th.




August 20, 2018

A Busy Week at Eau Brink Studio teaching, making and organising new mugs and coasters.

On Monday a lady and her daughter came to learn how to embroider onto calico. The aim was to make little bags to put herbs in to raise money for a local carehome.

Tuesday was all about the stitching. Machining items to sell such as the scissor holders. Aslo learning how to make small items of interest for craft stalls.

Wednesday children arrived to make a memory book, using many art techniques. At the end we printed out the pictures of them working to pasted them into the books. It was a great day of fun and mess.

At the end of the day the books looked fantastic.


Powertex Thursday. We had a lovely group in this week including a father and daughter who spent the day making brooches, dog tags, this lovely heart, and may other items. The interaction  in the group was great with everyone sharing ideas and helping each other to create fabulous items using Powertex. Our next Powertex workshop is on Thursday 23rd of August from 10am till 4pm.


Friday saw young textilers coming in to learn how to fill up their sketchbooks with colour techniques. They went on to make felt and use the sewing machines to make cords and use solvable film with free motion embroidery. To see what they go up to follow this link.

And Saturday we enjoyed a day of Eco dyeing. Where we used a mixture of flowers and foliage from the garden as well as dried natural dye stuffs. The results were amazing and to see what we got up to just follow the link.

Steaming flowers in fabric to be unwrapped the next day.

Sometimes the studio was very fragrant with fruit and flowers and I have to report there was one dye pot that smelt like rotten spouts.

If you fancy joining in on any of our workshops just go to

Whats coming up?

Every Thursday is Powertex Thursday and you are welcome to join us at any time.

Wednesdays are Experimental days and on the first Wednesday of every month we have a lovely group of ladies who have got together to form the Experimentals group. This group is almost at capacity now so if you fancy joining them come along and meet the ladies to see what we get up to.

We are fast approaching September and that means Abigail Mill, Cas Holmes workshops. Along with the regular workshops of Embroidery Monday, Experimental Wednesday, and Powertex Thursday,

I will also be at Downham Market selling items at a craft fair on the 2nd of September and at The Hand Made Fair at Hampton Court for three days from the 14th of September.

Come along to say hello at any time as the kettle is always on and I always have home made cakes for you to enjoy.

See you soon.




August 11, 2018

The Festival of Quilts this year did not disappoint. The quilts are stunning.  I know we all have our favourites, for me it is the Northern lights quilt.

Unfortunately this picture does not do it justice. The colours are outstanding and I love the little figures in the foreground watching the night sky.

I hope you manged to go to the festival and see the quilt for your self.


The winners gallery was difficult to get to once the quilts had been unveiled but they were worth the wait. Here are one or two for you to look at.

2018 winner festival of quilts







For the traditional quilts I like this one that a very special lady is standing admiring. It was hard to chose an outright favourite as they are all spectacular.

Many of you do know that Jean is my lovely neighbour who has been through a very rough year with her health. We were not sure she would be able to go to the show that  she was so looking forward to but she made it. And had a blast.  This is Jeans first Festival of Quilts and I hope she will get to go to many more.

Jean loves sewing and for her to see the quilts was the highlight of her day. she was amazed at the high standards and the variety of different patterns and colours.

Besides looking at quilts we also did a little shopping.

I did have to purchase three jelly rolls which are now stitched and ready for cutting. As you can see they are very colourful. Especially the Kaffe Fassett one.

I could hardly wait to get home and unwrap them. Stitching them was a joy. When they are made into peg bags they will brighten any washing day.


What else have I been up to?

Xpandaprint design

I visited a company in Norwich to see what my designs  look like on mugs, coasters and cushions. This is one of them which will be available for The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace in September.

The mugs are bone china and dishwasher proof. It’s very Steampunk or cosmic depending on how you look at it.

I am also planning prints of it which I will do myself when I can get the big printer working. We are nearly there with it. I cannot wait to see what I can produce on it.


Whats coming up then?

Saturday the 18th is a Natural Dye day. I have changed the format a little to give you time to learn how to use natural dyes that are dried and how to use fresh leaves and flowers in a wrap. By the end of the day you will have a recipe book full of your samples and notes as well as samples to take home to unwrap several days later. (if you can wait that long)

To book just click on the link

There is still space on AbigaIl Mill workshop in September. Abigail is at the Festival of Quilts this year and has some new kits which are stunning flowers.

To book just click on the link

And there are also spaces still on Claire Hedges workshop in October where you can learn a traditional craft of Passementerie. That’s weaving braids and making luscious tassels.

Just click on the link 

I am sure if you maned to get to the Festival of Quilts you had a great day or two and have come home inspired.

Enjoy your purchases.






August 5, 2018

Whats coming up in August?

Mixed Media
Inspired by Marion Jazmik

Wednesday the first of August is Experimentals day where the group will get together to create fabulous mixed media items. We are currently working on Magie Grey’s wow books with her kind permission.

This picture shows you my first attempt at Mushrooms on page 16 of the Wow book 2.

If you would like to join us just go to


Friday the 3rd of August is for the young textilers who want to learn how to use a sewing machine to its full advantage. the day will include how to set up the machine for straight stitching and what programmed stitches it can do. We will progress to making cords and then free motion embroidery and the use of soluble film.

To book just go to

Materials and refreshments are included but not lunch.

Young textilers can book into the studio each Friday for a different experience each week for the six week holiday period. We will be covering sketchbook work, which entails creating a sketchbook using mixed media which may or may not include drawing skills, making fabrics from found items, a Process called lamination which helps you to transfer pictures onto fabric, how to make a book from paper and fabric and lastly a little bit of felting.

Each Wednesday from the 8th of August the younger children can come along and be inspired to create fantastic art from 10am till 2pm.  Parents can drop children off from 09.45. and collect between 2pm and 2.30. Refreshments are provided along with materials.

To book just go to

Screen Print with foilsScreen printing day on the 11th August from 10 till 4.

Learn how to use blank screens to create your designs using a number of methods including making your own stencils.

You also get to use Thermofax screens with pre printed designs.

Can be used for paper or fabric crafts.

To book just go to   



Ready for colour
Soaking natural dyes

And lastly on the 18th of August we have a beginners natural dye day where you get to learn how to make your own recipes for dyeing fabrics, fleece and yarns.  Spaces are limited due to health and safety.



And yes finally just a little reminder that on a Thursday it is Powertex day and you can come along to see what this fabulous medium can do for you. A fabric hardener that does much more.

Powertex Thursday

July 30, 2018

Running your own studio sounds like the perfect dream. And it is for me. But it is not as easy as many think.

I am reminded on a regular basis by many people of how lucky I am to be able to work when it suits me.

Many say things like ” oh your so lucky to be able to get up when you like” ” you can take a day off when every it suits you” and my favourite one is ” if you don’t feel like opening your studio any day you are are lucky because you don’t have to”  The reality is I do have to. To make enough money to pay the bills I have to work all the time. There is no switching off at all as many independent business owners will tell you.

Working with only two colours

Why I am Writing about this you think?

Because I have met a number of people who want me to tell them its okay to leave their nice safe jobs and careers to start up their business. I cannot tell anyone to do it but I can tell you how it is of me.

I get up at 6 am most mornings to make sure that I have everything ready for the day. On workshop days I bake fresh cakes for my lovely customers. I then come into the studio and finish setting it up for the day. A workshop day starts at 10 am and ends at 4 pm. However, there are times when it over runs and times when customers stay for a chat. Once everyone has left the premises I then clear up and reset the studio for the following day.

On days where there are no workshops I spend my day making items to sell, or during school term times prepare items for the children to make. Or  I may be attending a fair and that again means a long day and lots of preparation and packing and unpacking of items at the end of the day.


I  do all my own ordering,  spend time  finding the best bargains but not the cheapest items as I want to use good quality fabrics and threads.

Accounts have to be kept to send to the accountant, Plans have to be made for the coming weeks and for the year. These are completed in the evenings. And on the evenings like Mondays when I am teaching I do it afterwards. There is also the website to keep up to date, social media to plan and schedule and the booking system to be kept up to date. Again by me as an assistant is out of the question.

My day usually ends with me bathed and in bed by 10 pm but working on the planning or looking up what to teach for the weeks workshops. I usually fall asleep whilst doing this.

There are the occasional days that I do take off, or shall we say take out of the studio where I attend network meetings for women in business where we have to set targets for the month and be accountable. This makes me do the things that I always leave to the last minute. One such group has a great lady running it who will make me break the jobs I do not like down into small chunks so that it is easier to do them.

What about family time I hear you ask? I am a workaholic and always have been but I do plan a away day a month for my lovely man, son and me. I also take a a week of in August for a family get together. And of course Bank Holidays are off to spend with family. I take the occasional evening off to have dinner with friends too. So its not all work.

This lifestyle does not suit everyone but I enjoy it. And this is the reason why I cannot tell anyone to take the plunge but can tell you my working life is the same for most business owners big and small.

She is very hot but mum called her out to eat

Many of you ready this already know most of the above and know that I have a number of animals to care for too. but do you also know that I host Airbnb experiences in the studio? or that my home is registered on Airbnb too? that mean a lot of breakfasts to cook and a huge amount of linen to launder. And yes I do iron it too.

So my advice to anyone wanting to take the plunge is plan it, cost it, and be prepared to work all the hours you can.

Thank you for reading this little bit of news.

July 29, 2018

Tiny Acorns to Terrific Tassels! Passementerie Workshop at Eau Brink Studio. With Clare Hedges.
Lovely little Acorns
Handmade Acorns

Ever wondered just how trimmings are made?  This 2-day workshop enables you to learn the basics of hand-made Passementerie, and let you try your hand at making a tasselled button and an acorn similar to those made for a bed at Marchmont House, Berwickshire.

Who is this for?

Ideal for anyone interested in textile crafts, as well as professional curtain makers and interior designers. Come along and learn new techniques to create unique finishing touches for your projects or just gain a better understanding of what’s involved in the making process, and the options that bespoke Passementerie can give your clients, giving you a better understanding of the design process involved in bespoke work, making the commissioning process easier to navigate.

What will we learn?

Day one will cover the basic techniques regularly used in hand made passementerie. Then day two you will put those techniques together to complete a tasselled button suitable for a bolster cushion and a decorative acorn.



Tassels made on a previous workshop

The feedback on this two day course is always good as Students said: “Clare is calm and informative, a great tutor”           

“It was a brilliant course, thank you” “Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend”

Clare is in demand with her heritage work as you can see at

So why not give it a go and join us at Eau Brink Studio for two days of traditional crafting.

To book you place go to


July 20, 2018

The End of the Academic Year is upon us and that means the holidays are just around the corner. The fun starts for the children but for the parents this can be a problem with childcare.

I have planned a series of workshops for children over the summer break to enlighten and fire the imagination with practical art workshops.

On a Wednesday the younger children can come and play with paint and mixed media including Powertex.

Learning art can take many forms from mark making to creating 3D objects using found materials and the children will get to experience all forms of art during the five week available to them.

For further information go to


All Saints Ladies
wet felting pictures

On Fridays the older children can come and learn how to sew, create and be an artist by building a portfolio of work and techniques ready for the new academic year.

Over the six week period the young learners will learn how to use a sewing machine for both creative and constructive projects. How to felt fibres, create backgrounds in a sketchbook, and how to create substrates for new projects from different materials including man made fibres.

For more information go to 


What else is new?

Children’s Parties.

For three hours your child can explore the world of art and crafts. The party can be theme specific or materials led. For example, a Powertex party can include the children making a Powertex animal or fish. Or a jar or box for their bedroom. A theme can be the circus or  under the sea where the children will get to create a piece of art using different materials to great affect. It is amazing what can be achieved with just using found materials like sweet wrappers and plastic.  The older children may want to make jewellery or fridge magnets.

So whats included in the cost? A buffet meal consisting of children’s favourites such a little sausages, Pizza, sausage rolls, Sandwiches and little cakes. Parents can supply a birthday cake for the day. Your child will receive a book of memories for the party. Each child will be given a page to make and photographs will be taken of the party. I will then make this into a book for your child.

For more information on parties or any of the other items in this news page pleas do not hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected], or by phone on 01553 762115. If you leave me a message I will return your call usually withing two days.

Last week I spoke about techniques and news for Eau Brink Studio.

This week I am going to show you one of the techniques taught to us by Alison Hulme. Just follow this link to my Instagram Tv to see how to put colour and pattern onto your fabrics. Once it has dried you do need to iron it to fix the paint. The longer you leave it before washing it the better the colour fixes.

printing on fabric
Screen printing with layers of colours

This week I have spent my time making items for the fairs and shows as well as local shops. This means that a big pile of scissor holders is emerging along with few peg bags. The making up of these items does not take too long but the preparation does. The patching of the fabrics for the peg bags takes ages and then there is the cutting out of everything. If its not right it will not sew together properly.

So what can you expect in July?

As usual the weekly workshops are all going ahead. That is Embroidery Mondays, Experimental Wednesdays, and Powertex  Thursdays.  At the end of the month the children are starting their summer holidays and at Eau Brink Studio we are going to help those who want to move on their portfolios for their GCSE or College diplomas by offering a workshop every Friday for a small sum with a different technique each week for 6 weeks. Young Textillers commences on July 27th. By the end of the 6 week period if you attend all the weeks your portfolio will be stuffed full of exciting processes s to use in your training.

And not forgetting the younger ones every Wednesday you can bring them along for a morning or afternoon to learn some of the basics of art and crafts, commencing on July 25th. The only Wednesday this is not offered is Wednesday 1st August as the Experimentals always come in on the first Wednesday of the month.

All Workshops start from 10am or 2pm if its the afternoon. Booking is through the links or go to

Our sheep are very grateful that they had their fleece removed last month as it is very hot. But the lambs are beginning to feel the heat a bit and tend to stay under the shady trees until mum moves them.

A very hot Lamb but mum wanted to eat to out of the trees.

Quick update.

The following workshops still have spaces : Natural dye Day, Procion Dye DayAbigail Mill, Clare Hedges, as well as the Young Textillers during the holiday period.

I am looking at moving the Embroidery Monday evenings to the afternoons or doing something different with this workshop from September.

I hope you find this information useful.





Parties for all ages - paints and puff paints. Powertex and other mixed media. A great way to celebrate your special day or just to have fun.
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