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It’s A busy Time for us all at Eau Brink Studio.

Why is it so busy you may ask? Well first I am getting ready for Textiles in Action on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of May.

Textiles of all sorts
A Great Exhibition which kicks off the Open Studios this year for me.

The Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios runs from the 26th May to the 10th June and you can get your booklets from may places but if you want one and cannot find anywhere near you just drop me a line and I will send it out to you.

During this time we have the King’s Lynn Embroiderers guild Time and Tide Exhibition on the 9th and 10th of June at south Wootton Village hall PE30 3LJ. Just opposite the church.

Another great Exhibition to visit.

Whats happening with Eau Brink studio then?

Well at long last due to the nice weather I now have my shed up so can clear out all the items we do not use all of the time and make the studio less cluttered. Thank you boys for getting that done.

I am still running our regular workshops during Open Studios. Which are Embroidery Monday from 19.00 till 21.30.  Experimental Wednesday from 10 till 4 and Powertex Thursday from 10 till 2. I am also running a taster day on Monday 28th May where you can drop in to have a go at something for just £5.00 per hour. Great if you always wanted to have a go at something but did not want to buy all the equipment in case you did not like it. I will be offering Screen printing, dyeing with Procion or natural dyes, Paper layers, Xpandaprint, and many more mixed media techniques. You can even come and have a go at free motion machine embroidery using my lovely old Bernina. And lastly you can also try your hand at Powertex and make a brooch.

During the Open Studios of course there will still be plenty of cake. So if you just fancy popping by to say hello and enjoy a brew you will be very welcome.

Is there a downside to this week?

Yes there is. I have lost my diary. It is A4 and has my whole year planned into it. It is a Ultimate Diary Planner and I cannot for the life of me find it. I have retraced my movements to the beginning of last week when I know I had it last but it still is missing. I have asked everyone I can think of to look in their bags in case they picked it up by accident and emailed or called everywhere I have been to see if I have left it behind.  It is incredible how lost I feel without it.

Still I am sure it will turn up and I hope that I do not miss attending anywhere or forget who is visiting the studio over the next week.

Stay inspired





What an Amazing Weekend we have had at the Kirsite Allsopp The Handmade Fair.

Officially in the annual
We are official

For the past three days we have been at Ragley Hall and the Handmade Fair talking to thousands of lovely people about Eau Brink Studio.

Setting up took place on Thursday afternoon and evening so that on Friday by 9am we were all ready to go. Kirstie was around before the show opened and spoke to many of us about our businesses. Then she opened the fair at 9.30.

Bright and ready to trade on day two.

The days were long but so much fun. I made many new friends with the other traders. The atmosphere was lovely and the organisers could not be more helpful.

But the most important people were the many customers I met. We had many laughs and discussions all about crafting. I want to thank each and everyone of you who visited my stall and particularly those of you who entered the competition.

The WINNER is LISA KNOWLES who managed to get the nearest guess of how many beads in the jar. the actual number is 1085 and Lisa guessed 1050. Congratulations I will be emailing you your £30.00 voucher.

I also want to thank you all for the lovely comments on the quality of my work. I hope to see you again at future shows.

enjoying discussions on crafts
talking about our goods.

The saddest part was the taking it all down and saying goodbye.

All thats left
At The end this was all that was left in the stall as I left to go home.

I am really looking forward to going to Hampton Court Palace in September.


What a week I have had at Eau brink Studio.

It all started on Monday with an email from the team at The Handmade Fair which is next weekend. Many emails and phone calls later I think I am ready.

New Fairs
Exciting New Ground

I had originally planned to travel on the Friday morning and set up on arrival. But the email I received instructed me I had to be there on the Thursday evening. Panic then.   Luckily I could add a night to the hotel but it means I have lost a days preparation. So I cancelled everything else except the experimental Wednesday and the after school art club. Which means I have been using the time to catch up.

I am now at the stage of making sure I have everything and will be planning on Monday our staging. Whew.

Experimental Wednesday was great fun with us all working on something different. One person using the Lamination technique for transferring pictures to fabric. She then had a go at Shibori dying fabrics too. Another got to grips with free motion machine embroidery for the first time. whilst another lady practiced her free motion machining too.

That just left one other who was working on a piece for the Kings Lynn Embroiderers Guild exhibition and I worked on finishing making up peg bags whilst helping the others when they needed me.

Amanda Hislop weekend
Layers of papers ready for stitch

John popped in to do the PAT testing for those who bought items. Well that’s what he said as we were having tea and cake.

The children at the school enjoyed an hour of playing with Xpandaprint by using it with paints on door hangers. They were fascinated when it puffed up.

What’s happening this month?

Well beside the Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Fair on the 11th to the 13 at Ragley Hall it is also Textiles In Action at Thornham on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27 which is the first weekend of the Open Studios.

Textiles of all sorts
Great Exhibition

Open Studios is from the 26th May to the 10th June. there are lots of artists participating and if you need a booklet they are everywhere. If anywhere has run out just let me know. I have plenty more to give out.

Get your brochure here at Eau Brink Studio
This years brochure

And beyond?

The Kings Lynn Embroiderers Guild are holding an Exhibition called Time and Tide on the 9th and 10th June.


So there is loads going on for you to go and look at.

stay inspired.



April 26, 2018

This week at the Children’s After School Art Club we made fish using old CD’s with  Eau Brink Studio.

CD art
Bright fish

Painting old CD’s and turning them into a piece of art is kids play today. The children all enjoyed painting them bright colours and adding glitters to give a little bit of extra sparkle.

Two CD’s are required for this . The children then cut the fins and tail from card, which they then painted. They stuck Googly eyes on both CD’s . Once dried they glued them together with the fins and tail in between the disks.

Fishing line is added to the top fin to use to hang the fish.

A perfect project that takes about an hour.

lots of brightly coloured fish. They would make a great mobile.

All the children enjoyed this activity and took the fish home to hang in their bedrooms.



April 23, 2018

A weekend with Amanda Hislop at Eau Brink Studio has been great fun and very creative.

By using just two colours you can create more

On Saturday we were learning how to create papers from recycled materials and how to use Markal paint sticks, wax crayons and candle wax as a resist to Procion dye ink and Acrylic ink washes.  We were limited to only two or at a push three colours and grey or black and white. this way we could change the colours and learn how to mix them to make secondary colours as well as tints and tones.

We were then shown how to use the colours on home made stamps, over rubbings and to highlight areas of our work.

growing pile
The collection of papers grows very quickly.

The next stage of the process was to  apply the papers to muslin in strips. We were tearing them up and layering them to create backgrounds to sew in to.

colour and texture
coloured papers and layers being added to muslin.

The effect is amazing and once stitch is added you have a lovely landscape..

with stitch it comes alive
Mixed media landscape 

The weekend flew by and the creative buzz in the studio was amazing. Amanda moved around the room to ensure everybody was on track and the quality of the work produced was very high.

Amanda bought her own hand made brooches, cards and her last book for us to purchase. She also showed us some of her finished work. Which is amazing of course.

The next time Amanda is back at Eau Brink Studio is the end of summer next year where we will be put through our paces with sketch books. Amanda is going to send us out into the garden (weather permitting) to learn how to do quick sketches and us the area around us as inspiration. She will then get us using the sketchbooks for our work. Again this will be over two days at a weekend.

Thank you Amanda For a fabulous weekend


April 14, 2018

Well I can say that this week has been so busy I am not sure how we managed it.

All our lambs are now born. three girls and two boys all doing well and our ladies are great mums.

Boy and girl

The ducklings are outside enjoying the sun and the interaction with the other fowl in the garden. And of course our Marlow is keeping a close eye on it all.With all this new life going on I am also getting ready for Amand Hislop to arrive on Friday for the weekend. what an exciting weekend it will be and I for one cannot wait. (there is still time to book. Just go to .

Also I am getting ready fro the Kirstie Allsopp Hand Made Fair in May at Ragley Hall. Three days of excitement with like minded people. Lucky John is coming with me.  I will be taking my Sharins, lampshades, bags and other sewn items along with the Powertex brooches and two new products if I can get them finished in time.

Individual Jewellery

I have finished my Time and Tide pieces for the Embroiderers Guild Exhibition in June and I have a piece for the Exhibition at Thornham too. These take place during the Open Studios from 26th May to the 10th June. but more about this at a later date.

The studio is a real mess at the moment with so much happening and on top of all this I have to get my accounts in for my accountant. Not a job I enjoy I have to say.


One change this week in the running of our programme is the Embroidery Mondays. Rather than booking up a 6 week block you can book in for the afternoon from 2 pm till 4.30 pm. This appears to be working better than the evenings and you can book in to work on what ever you wish to learn. It is basic beginners embroider and you can learn at your own pace. It is open for all ages.

Katherine’s first sampler

Take a look at the workshops coming up and see if you fancy any of them


Be Inspired



April 7, 2018

What an exciting week we have had at Eau Brink Studio with the longer days.

Our first ever lamb was born. Since then we have had a set of twins arrive and one more mum to be is in the final stages of her pregancy.

First ever lamb born
Hello baby Girl.

I cannot wait to see the wool grow and the first locks to get to dye and spin. I may send some away to be professional spun to see how soft it is.

Lambs are not the only new arrivals we have ducklings too.

New grass for the new ducks
Wow first day outside

This means loads of feathers for us to use in the workshops as it brings our total of ducks to ten. That’s a lot of feathers.

All this is very lovely but I also have been sewing like mad getting ready for the Kirstie Allsopp show.

First items to be finished are zippy bags. Pleased with box pleats to give a great shape and lots of room for your goodies to go in. fully lined of course.

Great for ladies needs of all kinds
Zippy Bags come in many colour ways

The next items being made are the Sharpins. These have been filled and are ready for sewing up and buttons added.

bright and cheerful
Sharpins using Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Just waiting for the final sewing up and buttons.

Now cut ready for sewing are the scissor holders which will have bright coloured scissors added of course.

Fantastic fabrics ready to sew
fabric cut ready for sewing into scissor holders.

New News

Open Studios is almost upon us.

Two weeks of visiting others studios and seeing all of the fantastic work on offer. We in West Norfolk have a huge amount of talent in many different arts and would love to see visitors during this time.

For us at Eau Brink Studio we will have the kettle on all the time as usual and of course home made cake. You need to come and eat it or my boys will just continue to grow in the wrong


Get your brochure here at Eau Brink Studio
This years brochure
Pages 59-63 for West Norfolk
Listings in the Open Studios Brochure. West Norfolk can be found on pages 59-63

Last Note

Just a quick note to say that Amanda Hislop will be here on the 21st and 22nd of April and there are two spaces available at this time. If you would like to book onto this fantastic workshop just go to

Amanda Hislop makes fantastic landscapes
Mixed media artist.

I hope you like this weeks news. Please do feel free to share it with anyone who you feel may be interested in this information.


Be inspired and Create fabulous works.




March 31, 2018

Spring is upon us now and here at Eau Brink Studio we hope you enjoy reading our Spring News.

so cold
Early morning snow in March

So whats been happening?

March was once again very busy with a number of workshops, and the school art clubs.

Melanie has been to us with her lovely bowls and those of us who had already been on her workshop before were given designs that were more intricate and took longer to complete.

stunning designs
Mel talking about her bowls

Embroidery Mondays saw us working on Hardanger designs for a sampler. This technique is a little tricky and you do need nerves of steel when cutting into your work. But the effects are stunning.

work in progress
steady work

The children at the art club had a go at Powertex Stone art eggs. Fabulous mess but such fun.

Love using the gloves
Powertex mess is fun

The All Saints Ladies learnt how to make felt for an evening. I was made to feel very welcome at this ladies group and they all enjoyed making a small picture with wet felting fibres.

All Saints Ladies
wet felting pictures

Fair Season Has Commenced.

Now the season of fairs and shows has started. It all kicked off for us with the Rainbow Festivals. Unfortunately the first one was snowed off but the next was at Swaffham  in the Green Britain Centre. It was lovely to be back with the Rainbowers again. Not only were there stalls but also Make and Take. For us that meant screen printing Hares. Easy fun,

Screen Print with foils
Screen printing

Excitingly I have been accepted for my first big fair. One of the Kirstie Allsopp Hand Made Fairs. Scary or what?

New Fairs
Exciting New Ground

And for the new season of fairs we have been making our usual goodies plus some new. Like the Sharpins which are pin cushions that sharpen and clean the pins and needles. And New zippy bags.

Whats coming up?

April is an exciting month as we have the lovely Amanda Hislop visiting us to teach a two day workshop on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd. This two day workshop is going to teach us how to create wonderful things using found materials. Once we have completed the basics we will on the second day be using our sewing machines to complete the work.

But before that is a lampshade making workshop. In one day you can dye your fabrics and finish a lampshade that is unique and very different from the high street lampshades.

stunning hand dyed hand made lampshades

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I am up to and what is coming up. I will keep you posted of course but not all the posts will be as long as this one.

March 25, 2018

What a week I have had at Eau Brink Studio.

Starting on Monday where we are working on Hardanger Embroidery as part of Embroidery Monday.

Hand stitched Hardanger is a traditional embroidery from Europe. Traditionally worked with white threads on white even weave fabric. Stitched in blocks so that threads can be withdrawn giving it distinctive holes.

using colours in the pattern helps to see the stitches.

Tuesday was in the school for art club. and what a great way to end the term using Powertex and stone art to make eggs.

Love using the gloves
Powertex mess is fun

My colour workshop came next.

A great day of colour and experimentation.

Firstly everybody had to work out their colours and then could only use those colours to create their art.

one lady has been on this workshop before and wanted to take the colours she had further. Orange and gold.

This meant looking at adding black, white and grey to create Tints, Hues, tones and shades.

exploring colour
This is what happens when you add white, grey and back to your colours

Another customer wanted to know about dyeing fabric with Procion dyes. Her colours sorted and she was unstoppable. The one thing she found amazing was that as the colours moved during the process secondary colours emerged.

A joy to see how they turn out
Wow look at the colours

And I have to mention a lady who told me that she had no idea how to do this as she is not artistic.

well we will see about that was my reply.

fabulous colours
Wow the colours change when overlaid with ink wash.

And moving on to using a Gelli Plate to print along with a block

Wow it works

Then it’s all exciting to get ready for the Rainbow Festival at Swaffham on Saturday.

New products
All ready to go at Swaffham.

A new idea was to Make and Take. Screen print a hare onto fabric and a card using Thermofax screens and acrylic paint.

Print a hare
Screen Printing fun. six designs to choose from made it difficult to decide which one to print. A card and and piece of fabric to do as well as adding the design we added a little bit of bling using foils. great fun..

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been up to and it inspires you to have a go at something new.


March 10, 2018

Today a Spinning groups Natural Dyeing Day at Eau Brink Studio was great fun.

We started with a talk about health and safety around hot liquids over coffee.

The  discussion that followed included the natural dyeing process and how to use the different natural plant materials in their various forms. Crushed berries work better than whole berries, Dried materials need to be soaked over night, Fresh materials are far better if picked during a dry spell. Just to mention a few of the processes s discussed.

Ready for colour
Soaking natural dyes

Whilst demonstrating how to use the materials by measuring out fleece, water and Weld. We looked at the different types of mordants and how they work.

I  explained how vital it is to measure out your ingredients and document them so that you have a recipe for future use. With the recipe we discussed the need to document times your fleece is in the vat and what you liked and disliked about the eventual colours. Once the fleece is dried than a small sample is added to the notes. The trouble is remembering to do this while you are concentrating on your colours and not letting the pots boil dry.

fantastic colours
getting ready to add the fleece

Once the group were feeling a little confident they explored the different colours and then started to mix them to see what other colours can be made.

Dye Bouquet Garni
To ensure the Dye matter does not get tangled in the fleece put it in Muslin.

The day was exciting as nobody new what to expect or what colours will emerge.

Is it ready yet?
Wow a lovely colour

What happens if you put fabric in the vats? Great question and answered by adding Egyptian Cotton to a Weld bath.

fabulous colour
Fabric added to a Weld vat

The colour stayed this vibrant even after rinsing.


I Will Be At Textiles in Action at Thornham Village Hall ,From Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th May. Will You Be Joining Me?
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