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March 10, 2018

Today a Spinning groups Natural Dyeing Day at Eau Brink Studio was great fun.

We started with a talk about health and safety around hot liquids over coffee.

The  discussion that followed included the natural dyeing process and how to use the different natural plant materials in their various forms. Crushed berries work better than whole berries, Dried materials need to be soaked over night, Fresh materials are far better if picked during a dry spell. Just to mention a few of the processes s discussed.

Ready for colour
Soaking natural dyes

Whilst demonstrating how to use the materials by measuring out fleece, water and Weld. We looked at the different types of mordants and how they work.

I  explained how vital it is to measure out your ingredients and document them so that you have a recipe for future use. With the recipe we discussed the need to document times your fleece is in the vat and what you liked and disliked about the eventual colours. Once the fleece is dried than a small sample is added to the notes. The trouble is remembering to do this while you are concentrating on your colours and not letting the pots boil dry.

fantastic colours
getting ready to add the fleece

Once the group were feeling a little confident they explored the different colours and then started to mix them to see what other colours can be made.

Dye Bouquet Garni
To ensure the Dye matter does not get tangled in the fleece put it in Muslin.

The day was exciting as nobody new what to expect or what colours will emerge.

Is it ready yet?
Wow a lovely colour

What happens if you put fabric in the vats? Great question and answered by adding Egyptian Cotton to a Weld bath.

fabulous colour
Fabric added to a Weld vat

The colour stayed this vibrant even after rinsing.


February 28, 2018

I am writing this on a very snowy day watching the sheep peeping out of their house, and the ducks trying to shelter under the chicken house instead of going into their own house. We are now almost in March. Where did February go?

I have been very busy at Eau Brink Studio  with workshops, organising the fairs we will attend, and that means lots and lots of making.

So whats new then?

Lampshades –  these glorious lampshades are made using 100% cotton fabric which has been Procion dyed using shibori techniques. I have had many customers asking me to run a workshop for these. The first ever of these will be April 14th. In the morning we will  spend time folding and dyeing the fabrics and in  the afternoon we will be making our lampshades.

Hand made Lampshade
Procion Dyed Lampshade
Procion Dyed
Shibori Lampshade

Sharpins – Whats a Sharpin I hear you ask. It is a pin cushion filled with a mixture that sharpens your pins and needles. I have purchased these items in the past and found that you have to stick your pins into the centre or outer edge. Very inconvenient in my mind. these are a little heavy so do not fall on the floor and you will also keep your pins and needles rust free.

Keeping them pins sharp
New design to keep you pins and needles sharp

They are double sided and very pretty.

I have been updating my Etsy shop  but feel I may close it and just concentrate on my shop here on the website.

You will also notice that I have added all the fairs I am attending over the year to the workshop calendar. this way you will know where I am and can come and say hi. I always have information of the workshops with me at the fairs as well as items for sale. But you can just come along for a chat as that is always nice. In March there are two fairs organised by the Rainbow Festivals. The first is on Saturday 3rd March at the Dukes Head Hotel in Kings Lynn. The second is Saturday 24th the the Green Britain Centre, Swaffham. Both start at 11 and finish at 4. Both venues have great facilities and you can stop for a coffee and cake.

There is still space on Melanies Fabric bowl workshop. which is on the 16th of March. I love this process which can be used for many items. Mel will be teaching the basics if you have not already been on her workshop and for those who have a more advanced technique. Can’t wait. Please book in using the link above.

stunning designs
Mel talking about her bowls

There is also space on A Colour Artistic Journey on the 21st of March. This fascinating workshop helps you work out your personal colours based on your date of birth and birth name. Once you know what your colours are you will just use those two to create art of your choice. It can be with paint, mixed media, Powertex or stitch. You chose. those of us who know our colours will be extending it to look at the different tints and hues of those colours.

Bar Code of colour
Colour Coded

I will be running the Powertex Thursdays each week throughout March as well as the Experimental Wednesdays. I am also commencing a 6 week course on a Monday evening for beginners Hardanger from 7pm till 9.30. All the information for all my workshops are to be found on the Workshop page of my website.

recycled bowl
Fabric and Powertex gives you a creative flair

A new workshop for younger persons is now the last Saturday of most months. Sometimes it is the Saturday before. Young Textilers is for younger persons who wants to try something new, needs help with projects for school or college. Who wants to learn how to use a sewing machine or have a go at mixed media as well as traditional sewing. I do have an up to date DBS. You do not have to attend every month just when you want. But please do book in to ensure your place.

Enjoy looking around my website and feel free to take a look on the facebook page as well as the other social media.





February 11, 2018

What a fantastic day we had with Melanie Missin-Keating making fabric bowls at Eau Brink Studio.

Eye catching bowl
Stunningly life like fabric bowl


First Melanie demonstrated the principles of the bowl talking us through each one she had with her. Then using a step by step approach she enabled us to make our very own bowls.

Starting with an explanation of how Mel designs her bowls and how she organises the designs within a circle.

This picture is one of Mels flower bowls with machine stitch.

Using stitch and layers these bowls can be created in any design as you can see from the fish design below.

Fish design using layers and machine stitch.

Fabric bowl using fish
Using stitch and layers these bowls can be created in any design.
stunning designs
Mel talking about her bowls

Following the initial talk and questions Mel proceeded to get us making.

Firstly by painting our designs using transfer paints.

Painted designs

once we had painted our designs we had to transfer them onto the interfacing. Then chose a sheer fabric to go on the top of it. Not as easy as it sounds as they are are fabulous.

Lovely choice of fabrics
Hnnn what shall I chose ?

Then to stitch using our machines. My machine did not like it at all so had to use another older machine which once set up worked beautifully.

decorative bowl
Fabric bowls are a lovely and decorative.

By the end of the day we all had our own unique bowls and all very different.

Fabric Bowls
All our bowls at different stages


January 12, 2018

Today was a Procion Fun day at Eau brink Studio where we all mixed our colours to dye our fabrics.

The folding, Clamping and tying resulted in some fantastic designs in wonderful colours on cloth.

Drip dye onto it or dip it?
Wrap it, tie it, scrunch it.

Once we got the hang of it there was no stopping us. Rivers of dye were added to cloth to make it colourful and exciting.

colourful fabrics
They look like sweets but are in fact fabrics

And the results are breadth taking.

fantastic patterns
Its bright and full of colour and pattern.

January 9, 2018

Whats been happening in weeks one and two at Eau Brink Studio?

Quite a bit more than I thought.

We have commenced the Blackwork Embroidery class on a Monday and moved it to the afternoons instead of the evenings. You can still join us if you wish. Its very low key and sociable.

I am getting ready for exhibitions for the year, so sewing samples and making finished items to show.

Mixed medial layers
Layer upon layer

Also getting ready for the fairs. That means make, make, make. I am also making for the local shops that stock my items.

One of my best sellers is these scissor sets.

Best seller
All safely stored together

It is going to be an exciting year for the studio as I am moving into new territory, with new workshops and new work

December 28, 2017

Happy New Year to you all.

Wishing all our customers a happy and prosperous new year

Last year was a year of ups and downs for Eau Brink Studio . All in a good way of course. We moved website suppliers and launched the new website which has proven to be a great success.

Our classes and workshops have gone from strength to strength with a few surprises along the way.

Experimental Wednesday has turned into a lovely Experimental group, who will be exhibiting their work in March 2018.

And the fairs have been very successful in two ways. First of all with sales of our lovely products and secondly with bookings for the workshops.

Thank you all for your support. Our journey has been great fun so far and we want it to continue. You may be thinking “well I have not done much” but you have. Just by reading this blog you are being supportive.

I look forward to seeing old friends and new in the coming year.


November 20, 2017

Will it stop me sewing this darn wrist that they say is fractured?

The answer is a resounding No.

I can still manoeuvre fabric under a sewing machine. I cannot cut it, I cannot hold pins properly, I cannot hold a needle for hand stitch but I can sew in straight lines under a sewing machine.

It is frustrating to not be able to thread the machine quickly, it is even more frustrating to try and thread the bobbins. I have cried, cursed and thrown the darn fabric across the room. But I did it.

From a pile of fabric pieces to a crazy patchwork piece of fabric ready for cutting into lovely peg bags.

Enforced use of my left hand has and still is a real trial. It is frustrating to say the least but my sewing machine has saved the day.

Eau Brink Studio has not yet ground to a halt.


A Riot of Colour
Fabric pieced together to make a new fabric


October 16, 2017

This Tea Bag Paper Book Cover is the second item in this series showing what to use tea bag paper for.

I started with a piece of paper and printed onto it with fabric ink, using a commercial roller.

Flowing fish design
Fish Printed Paper

The next stage is to bond this paper onto a backing of your choice. I have used Decovil light for this project. Once bonded I machine stitched into the fish shapes. I wanted to still give it that feeling of the fish swimming and the movement of the water so they are not solid shapes.

New Fabric made
Machine Embroidery into the new fabric

Continue to machine embroider into the fabric until you are satisfied you have covered your fabric adequately.

fabric completed
Highlighted fish design

I then added a backing fabric which I bonded using bondaweb and stitched around it to hold it into place. the last thing before making making it into a book cover for a diary, is to seal it with a sealant of your choice. I have used Acrylic wax.

finished item
Diary cover




October 6, 2017

Hear at Eau Brink Studio I am often asked what you can make with Teabag Paper. Therefore, I have decided to post a number of blogs with pictures and a few lines to show you what can be made. Starting with a Christmas Bauble.

The first part of the process is to print onto the teabag paper. You can print using any type of ink or paint. In this case I have used printers ink for fabric.

Once dry I then added a layer of sari silk by needle felting it, over a commercially produced  felt. This gave a lovely soft finish to the paper as well as added colour.

The next part of the process is to machine stitch all over it using a variegated thread to add more colour. this can be done using a pre programmed stitch from the machine or just set the machine to embroidery by lowering the feed dogs and putting on the embroidery foot.

Printed using a commercial roller
sari silk
Needle felted paper
Texture is changing
Layers are growing

I now have a lovely new fabric to use. In this case to make a Christmas bauble. The bauble is four shapes sewn together by machine. I added beads and hand stitched it using gold thread to a little extra sparkle.

Teabag paper bauble
Mixed Media