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Craft workshops by experts in picturesque Norfolk

Eau Brink Studio is a modern crafting space in Norfolk established in 2016 by textiles artist Anita O’Neill.. 
Whether you're a total beginner or you've been working on textile projects for a while you'll be most welcome at Eau Brink Studio. Come along to one of our wonderful workshops, meet some amazing, skilled artists, learn new techniques and develop friendships with the other kindred spirits in our growing Eau Brink textile-loving community. 
Anita is also able to come to your group for certain workshops.
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 Monday 22nd May   10 till 1
Tuesday 23rd May  10 till 1
      Wednesday 24th May  10 till 4
     Thursday 25th May 10.00 till 21.30
Friday 26th May 10 till 4
    Saturday 27th May 10 till 6 Open Studios
Sunday 28th May 10 till 6 Open Studios


Click through to explore our latest workshops or call 01553 762115
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