School Art Club

September 15, 2017by Anita

The school art club is back in action with seventeen children from reception up to year six all enjoying learning how to make art with Anita from Eau Brink Studio.

This week we made fish using paper plates, ink and shaving foam. I am sure you can imagine the mess but it was contained in cat litter trays and the desks protected with pallet wrap.

The children had a great time squirting the shaving foam and smoothing it out. then using pipettes dropping ink onto the foam. A kebab stick was used to swirl the ink into a pattern. Then comes the fun bit. Squashing the paper plate into the foam and quickly wiping the foam off to reveal the marbled pattern.

Once dry enough they all got to grips with scissors and cut out a triangle which then became the tail. All that was left to do at home was to draw on an eye. This has to be done when the fish is dry.

Fun Art
Paper Plate Fishes



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