Stitching A Sampler

September 19, 2017by Anita

Week three of Stitching a Sampler

A modern twist on the tree of life
Its not as easy with the frame

at Eau Brink Studio and all the ladies have now managed to plan their samplers, try out stitches and drawings and get the design onto the fabric. They started to stitch the designs and they are all fantastic and very different. No doubt as the designs grow they will develop further, with many changes from the original idea.

Learning how to use different frames has been a challenge but worth it as now it is easier to work on the linen keeping the tension taught. It is also easier to work out what colours to use where with being able to lay the threads together before stitching, eliminating the urge to undo the work to change the colour.

I really love this workshop as I am there only to help with some of the technical aspects of the work and to help point the learners in the right direction with the planning. Letting them think about what stitches they like to learn and use as well as what colours to put into the work.  Sometimes just by changing one colour to a different hue or tone makes all the difference to the work and helps the other colours work together instead of against each other.


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