2017 October

October 16, 2017

This Tea Bag Paper Book Cover is the second item in this series showing what to use tea bag paper for.

I started with a piece of paper and printed onto it with fabric ink, using a commercial roller.

Flowing fish design
Fish Printed Paper

The next stage is to bond this paper onto a backing of your choice. I have used Decovil light for this project. Once bonded I machine stitched into the fish shapes. I wanted to still give it that feeling of the fish swimming and the movement of the water so they are not solid shapes.

New Fabric made
Machine Embroidery into the new fabric

Continue to machine embroider into the fabric until you are satisfied you have covered your fabric adequately.

fabric completed
Highlighted fish design

I then added a backing fabric which I bonded using bondaweb and stitched around it to hold it into place. the last thing before making making it into a book cover for a diary, is to seal it with a sealant of your choice. I have used Acrylic wax.

finished item
Diary cover




October 6, 2017

Hear at Eau Brink Studio I am often asked what you can make with Teabag Paper. Therefore, I have decided to post a number of blogs with pictures and a few lines to show you what can be made. Starting with a Christmas Bauble.

The first part of the process is to print onto the teabag paper. You can print using any type of ink or paint. In this case I have used printers ink for fabric.

Once dry I then added a layer of sari silk by needle felting it, over a commercially produced  felt. This gave a lovely soft finish to the paper as well as added colour.

The next part of the process is to machine stitch all over it using a variegated thread to add more colour. this can be done using a pre programmed stitch from the machine or just set the machine to embroidery by lowering the feed dogs and putting on the embroidery foot.

Printed using a commercial roller
sari silk
Needle felted paper
Texture is changing
Layers are growing

I now have a lovely new fabric to use. In this case to make a Christmas bauble. The bauble is four shapes sewn together by machine. I added beads and hand stitched it using gold thread to a little extra sparkle.

Teabag paper bauble
Mixed Media


October 4, 2017

It’s that time of year when we are thinking of part wear and what is suitable for each party or ball we are attending. Here at Eau Brink Studio I am experimenting with making face masks which can be used for a number of events and not just the one.

The first Party Wear face mask is made from Papier-Mache with a number of processes using mixed media.

The first layer is paint. Which, once dry I added layers of Angelina, stamped designs, stencilled designs and foil flakes and of course Powertex.

Resulting in a very pleasing design which can be worn at a All Hallows party or ball. As well as during the Christmas season of parties. It would not look out of place at a new years ball either.

versatile party wear
A versatile face mask for any party
Close up of the foil flakes
Wear me to any party


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