Tea Bag Paper Book cover

October 16, 2017by Anita

This Tea Bag Paper Book Cover is the second item in this series showing what to use tea bag paper for.

I started with a piece of paper and printed onto it with fabric ink, using a commercial roller.

Flowing fish design
Fish Printed Paper

The next stage is to bond this paper onto a backing of your choice. I have used Decovil light for this project. Once bonded I machine stitched into the fish shapes. I wanted to still give it that feeling of the fish swimming and the movement of the water so they are not solid shapes.

New Fabric made
Machine Embroidery into the new fabric

Continue to machine embroider into the fabric until you are satisfied you have covered your fabric adequately.

fabric completed
Highlighted fish design

I then added a backing fabric which I bonded using bondaweb and stitched around it to hold it into place. the last thing before making making it into a book cover for a diary, is to seal it with a sealant of your choice. I have used Acrylic wax.

finished item
Diary cover





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