Will It Stop Me Sewing?

November 20, 2017by Anita

Will it stop me sewing this darn wrist that they say is fractured?

The answer is a resounding No.

I can still manoeuvre fabric under a sewing machine. I cannot cut it, I cannot hold pins properly, I cannot hold a needle for hand stitch but I can sew in straight lines under a sewing machine.

It is frustrating to not be able to thread the machine quickly, it is even more frustrating to try and thread the bobbins. I have cried, cursed and thrown the darn fabric across the room. But I did it.

From a pile of fabric pieces to a crazy patchwork piece of fabric ready for cutting into lovely peg bags.

Enforced use of my left hand has and still is a real trial. It is frustrating to say the least but my sewing machine has saved the day.

Eau Brink Studio has not yet ground to a halt.


A Riot of Colour
Fabric pieced together to make a new fabric



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