Fabric Bowls with Mellymadedesigns

February 11, 2018by Anita

What a fantastic day we had with Melanie Missin-Keating making fabric bowls at Eau Brink Studio.

Eye catching bowl
Stunningly life like fabric bowl


First Melanie demonstrated the principles of the bowl talking us through each one she had with her. Then using a step by step approach she enabled us to make our very own bowls.

Starting with an explanation of how Mel designs her bowls and how she organises the designs within a circle.

This picture is one of Mels flower bowls with machine stitch.

Using stitch and layers these bowls can be created in any design as you can see from the fish design below.

Fish design using layers and machine stitch.

Fabric bowl using fish
Using stitch and layers these bowls can be created in any design.
stunning designs
Mel talking about her bowls

Following the initial talk and questions Mel proceeded to get us making.

Firstly by painting our designs using transfer paints.

Painted designs

once we had painted our designs we had to transfer them onto the interfacing. Then chose a sheer fabric to go on the top of it. Not as easy as it sounds as they are are fabulous.

Lovely choice of fabrics
Hnnn what shall I chose ?

Then to stitch using our machines. My machine did not like it at all so had to use another older machine which once set up worked beautifully.

decorative bowl
Fabric bowls are a lovely and decorative.

By the end of the day we all had our own unique bowls and all very different.

Fabric Bowls
All our bowls at different stages



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