2018 March

March 31, 2018

Spring is upon us now and here at Eau Brink Studio we hope you enjoy reading our Spring News.

so cold
Early morning snow in March

So whats been happening?

March was once again very busy with a number of workshops, and the school art clubs.

Melanie has been to us with her lovely bowls and those of us who had already been on her workshop before were given designs that were more intricate and took longer to complete.

stunning designs
Mel talking about her bowls

Embroidery Mondays saw us working on Hardanger designs for a sampler. This technique is a little tricky and you do need nerves of steel when cutting into your work. But the effects are stunning.

work in progress
steady work

The children at the art club had a go at Powertex Stone art eggs. Fabulous mess but such fun.

Love using the gloves
Powertex mess is fun

The All Saints Ladies learnt how to make felt for an evening. I was made to feel very welcome at this ladies group and they all enjoyed making a small picture with wet felting fibres.

All Saints Ladies
wet felting pictures

Fair Season Has Commenced.

Now the season of fairs and shows has started. It all kicked off for us with the Rainbow Festivals. Unfortunately the first one was snowed off but the next was at Swaffham  in the Green Britain Centre. It was lovely to be back with the Rainbowers again. Not only were there stalls but also Make and Take. For us that meant screen printing Hares. Easy fun,

Screen Print with foils
Screen printing

Excitingly I have been accepted for my first big fair. One of the Kirstie Allsopp Hand Made Fairs. Scary or what?

New Fairs
Exciting New Ground

And for the new season of fairs we have been making our usual goodies plus some new. Like the Sharpins which are pin cushions that sharpen and clean the pins and needles. And New zippy bags.

Whats coming up?

April is an exciting month as we have the lovely Amanda Hislop visiting us to teach a two day workshop on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd. This two day workshop is going to teach us how to create wonderful things using found materials. Once we have completed the basics we will on the second day be using our sewing machines to complete the work.

But before that is a lampshade making workshop. In one day you can dye your fabrics and finish a lampshade that is unique and very different from the high street lampshades.

stunning hand dyed hand made lampshades

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I am up to and what is coming up. I will keep you posted of course but not all the posts will be as long as this one.

March 25, 2018

What a week I have had at Eau Brink Studio.

Starting on Monday where we are working on Hardanger Embroidery as part of Embroidery Monday.

Hand stitched Hardanger is a traditional embroidery from Europe. Traditionally worked with white threads on white even weave fabric. Stitched in blocks so that threads can be withdrawn giving it distinctive holes.

using colours in the pattern helps to see the stitches.

Tuesday was in the school for art club. and what a great way to end the term using Powertex and stone art to make eggs.

Love using the gloves
Powertex mess is fun

My colour workshop came next.

A great day of colour and experimentation.

Firstly everybody had to work out their colours and then could only use those colours to create their art.

one lady has been on this workshop before and wanted to take the colours she had further. Orange and gold.

This meant looking at adding black, white and grey to create Tints, Hues, tones and shades.

exploring colour
This is what happens when you add white, grey and back to your colours

Another customer wanted to know about dyeing fabric with Procion dyes. Her colours sorted and she was unstoppable. The one thing she found amazing was that as the colours moved during the process secondary colours emerged.

A joy to see how they turn out
Wow look at the colours

And I have to mention a lady who told me that she had no idea how to do this as she is not artistic.

well we will see about that was my reply.

fabulous colours
Wow the colours change when overlaid with ink wash.

And moving on to using a Gelli Plate to print along with a block

Wow it works

Then it’s all exciting to get ready for the Rainbow Festival at Swaffham on Saturday.

New products
All ready to go at Swaffham.

A new idea was to Make and Take. Screen print a hare onto fabric and a card using Thermofax screens and acrylic paint.

Print a hare
Screen Printing fun. six designs to choose from made it difficult to decide which one to print. A card and and piece of fabric to do as well as adding the design we added a little bit of bling using foils. great fun..

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been up to and it inspires you to have a go at something new.


March 10, 2018

Today a Spinning groups Natural Dyeing Day at Eau Brink Studio was great fun.

We started with a talk about health and safety around hot liquids over coffee.

The  discussion that followed included the natural dyeing process and how to use the different natural plant materials in their various forms. Crushed berries work better than whole berries, Dried materials need to be soaked over night, Fresh materials are far better if picked during a dry spell. Just to mention a few of the processes s discussed.

Ready for colour
Soaking natural dyes

Whilst demonstrating how to use the materials by measuring out fleece, water and Weld. We looked at the different types of mordants and how they work.

I  explained how vital it is to measure out your ingredients and document them so that you have a recipe for future use. With the recipe we discussed the need to document times your fleece is in the vat and what you liked and disliked about the eventual colours. Once the fleece is dried than a small sample is added to the notes. The trouble is remembering to do this while you are concentrating on your colours and not letting the pots boil dry.

fantastic colours
getting ready to add the fleece

Once the group were feeling a little confident they explored the different colours and then started to mix them to see what other colours can be made.

Dye Bouquet Garni
To ensure the Dye matter does not get tangled in the fleece put it in Muslin.

The day was exciting as nobody new what to expect or what colours will emerge.

Is it ready yet?
Wow a lovely colour

What happens if you put fabric in the vats? Great question and answered by adding Egyptian Cotton to a Weld bath.

fabulous colour
Fabric added to a Weld vat

The colour stayed this vibrant even after rinsing.


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