A Weekend With Amanda Hislop

April 23, 2018by Anita

A weekend with Amanda Hislop at Eau Brink Studio has been great fun and very creative.

By using just two colours you can create more

On Saturday we were learning how to create papers from recycled materials and how to use Markal paint sticks, wax crayons and candle wax as a resist to Procion dye ink and Acrylic ink washes.  We were limited to only two or at a push three colours and grey or black and white. this way we could change the colours and learn how to mix them to make secondary colours as well as tints and tones.

We were then shown how to use the colours on home made stamps, over rubbings and to highlight areas of our work.

growing pile
The collection of papers grows very quickly.

The next stage of the process was to  apply the papers to muslin in strips. We were tearing them up and layering them to create backgrounds to sew in to.

colour and texture
coloured papers and layers being added to muslin.

The effect is amazing and once stitch is added you have a lovely landscape..

with stitch it comes alive
Mixed media landscape 

The weekend flew by and the creative buzz in the studio was amazing. Amanda moved around the room to ensure everybody was on track and the quality of the work produced was very high.

Amanda bought her own hand made brooches, cards and her last book for us to purchase. She also showed us some of her finished work. Which is amazing of course.

The next time Amanda is back at Eau Brink Studio is the end of summer next year where we will be put through our paces with sketch books. Amanda is going to send us out into the garden (weather permitting) to learn how to do quick sketches and us the area around us as inspiration. She will then get us using the sketchbooks for our work. Again this will be over two days at a weekend.

Thank you Amanda For a fabulous weekend



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