2018 June

June 24, 2018

Acrylic Paint and Textiles go together like bread and butter. With a little help from an additive or two you can use acrylic paint for most things.

Take a look at the work Alison Hulme  does with her fabulous pinnies and bags.

Alison came to Eau Brink Studio for two days this last week and using System 3 Acrylic Paint and Fabric medium a huge amount of fabric was printed and decorated.

Alison arrive with a huge amount of ready mixed paints and explained that to mix the acrylic with the fabric medium we were to use a ratio of 1:1 but as Alison had already mixed loads of colours we did not have to worry about it.

Each day Alison started with showing us her techniques and demonstrating how to get the best results. Then as we had a go she cruised the room to make sure we were happy and if stuck, Alison helped us to move forward.

Most of us on day two made a pinny or a bag with the fabrics we decorated.

layers of colour
screen printing layers

What else can you use Acrylic for then I hear you ask?

You can add Flow Improver to the Acrylic to get a more fluid response and then move it around on most surfaces until your happy with the results.

Have you  seen on You Tube fantastic art using a number of colours in a plastic cup turned upside down and let go onto a canvas called a dirty pore? This is Acrylic with flow improver added as well as a bit of silicone to add the cell like areas.

To use this method on fabric  dilute one teaspoon of flow improver with 20 teaspoons of water and give it a good shake.Swirling waters Add this solution to your acrylics a little at a time to get a consistency you feel you can work with.

Use an old picture frame and pin or tack a piece of fabric over it ensuring its as tight as a drum. I like to use Egyptian Cotton for this.

Pore your colours over the fabric and holding the frame in both hands move and tilt it to move the paint around it. Keep adding colours until your happy with the results.

Leave to dry over night and the next day it is ready stitch into it.

I like to use this method on paper and card too. But if you like to use papier mache shapes it works a treat and the kids do love the mess it makes. With this in mind make sure you do it over a tray.

I am planning to take this into school this week.




On another note.

Our moorhens have just hatched out a second brood of lovely chicks. Two more of our hens are sitting on eggs and one hen has successfully hatched one egg. We also have a duck on a nest.

The sheep look strange now that the fleece has been shaved off but they are much cooler. But best of all I have three fleece to process. The lambs are all growing well and getting up to mischief. And Marlow still looks after them all.

Whats coming up?

Saturday  30th June I am holding another Procion Dye day https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/procion-dye-day

Wednesday 4th July is Experimental Group and you are welcome if you want to join the group. Just give me a call or email me on info@eaubrinkstudio.co.uk as numbers are limited for this group.

Saturday 7th July is a natural dye day https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/natural-dye-day Although is a part two I am going to incorporate both one and two into the day for you.

Be inspired and daring with your art.








June 18, 2018

This week at Eau Brink Studio I have been looking at processes and what we do with them.

The first one is bubble painting and once I had reacquainted myself with this process I took it into the school so the children could have a go.

Bubble painting as a simple way of transferring a pattern onto fabric or paper. To see the Children’s results click on the link https://www.facebook.com/eaubrinkstudio/videos/647967502209981/?t=46

You do need to think about Health and Safety with this one and wear eye protectors. You also need to remember to blow down the straw and not suck up the contents of your jar.

For Fabric mix Procion Dye as an ink and add a drop or two of washing up liquid into a jar or pot. Blow through your straw to create the bubbles and then lay your fabric over the bubbles to transfer them onto your fabric. You can do this with several pots of colour for one piece of fabric.

You can also use transfer dyes for this onto paper and then you will get several prints onto your fabric from the one transfer sheet.

For papers use Acrylic paints and dilute them to a ink consistency making sure your have enough colour for transferring. Test first and if not add more paint.

Edwardian inspired bubble hat

This hat was a piece I made using this process for my City and Guilds many years ago. It still looks good today though.

There are panels of bubbles that were transferred using the transfer dyes in four colours. Before assembling them I machine stitched to bring out the pattern.

Considering how old it is the dyes have not faded at all.



What exciting things have happened this week then?

Maggie Grey’s Wow Book II arrived and I can’t wait to get started on the processes in it. Trouble is I am still working my way through the first books courses.

I received confirmation that I have a place at The Handmade Fair Hampton Court in September so that’s something to look forward to.

And not so exciting the Post office have now confirmed our address as being Eau Brink Studio, Eau Brink Cottage, Pullover Road, Tilney All Saints, Kin’s Lynn, Norfolk. PE34 4SG. Very annoying of them to change it.

Whats coming up?

Alison Hulme is arriving on Tuesday evening to teach us all to print and make pinnies or bags. Two days of fun and laughter. For those of you who are coming to this please remember to wash your fabrics if they are new before you arrive to help them take the paints and dyes better.

Just so you know what to expect

This is one from another class that Alison taught last week elsewhere.

Just so that you know what to expect this week.


June 10, 2018

Phew, Open Studios Ended today for another year.

Pages 59-63 for West Norfolk
Listings in the Open Studios Brochure

Its has been very busy making, demonstrating and chatting to people of all ages.

Some people were well known to Eau Brink Studio whilst others are new to us. Thank you everybody for stopping and chatting to me. Also a big thank you to Christine and Sandra for helping me out over the weekend at the Embroiderers Guild exhibition. You are shining stars.

The sheep will now be happy as they can roam about all day.

Welcome to our new subscribers. Each Sunday I sit and write this blog to show you all what I have been up to and what is coming up over the month. As well as what is new.


On Wednesday the Experimental group met as usual being the first Wednesday of the month. We worked our way through some of Maggie Grey’s workshop with fantastic results. You can see them on the Eau Brink Facebook Page.

Inspired by Maggie Grey

This piece is layers painted onto Vilene using inks, Acrylics and Gesso.

Everybody used different stencils with fantastic effect.

We also dyed Silk Rods and stitched into them to create more texture. In some cases we stitched over Cords which we made first using our sewing machines.


Then we cut up the main piece and started to assemble them in different ways.



Mixed media is one of the most interesting ways of creating art, and exciting items for the home or office. Especially if you experiment with different media. No only do I love this way of working I never plan it. For me just gathering a few materials together and then sitting down and seeing what happens is exciting.


At the moment my favorite media are Xpandaprint and Scolabrush crystals. Mixing these two creates endless pieces of textured art. Just like this one.

The background it Scolabrush and the shell is Xpandaprint with Acrylic paint to make it look like a fossil.

Once the painting is completed I added Acrylic wax to set it and then stitched it all over to make the fossils stand out further.



So what else has been happening at Eau Brink.

The most annoying thing is the Post Office has decided to change our address from Eau Brink Studio, Eau Brink Cottage Eau Brink, Tilney All Saints, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. PE34 4SQ to Eau Brink Studio, Eau Brink Cottage, Pullover Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. PE34 4SG. I have no idea why but they are going to find out how much of a problem this is now causing me as I have to change all the literature, and I have to inform all my suppliers as well as you my customers. Apparently they have already made the change before informing me.

On Saturday I will be at the Rainbow festival at Fakenham Racecourse. Come on over for a fantastic day out with live music and lots of fun.

For the rest of the month we have the lovely Alison Hulme coming for two days and just after on the Saturday I will be teaching a workshop for beginners Natural Dyeing. For further information on the dyeing day just click on the link https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/natural-dye-day/

Just a last note on the regular workshops.

Monday evenings are Embroidery. Suitable for beginners who want to learn a new skill or for anyone wanting to rekindle old skills. https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/embroidery-monday-2/2018-06-18/

Wednesdays are Experimental days where you can try something new or use up a kit with a little help from me. Or just come and play as I really do not mind the mess. https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/experimental-wednesday/2018-06-13/

And before I forget:

During the summer school holidays the Saturdays have been allocated to the younger generations. Where they can come and learn new skills with sewing and mixed media. https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/young-textilers-5/2018-07-27/

stay Inspired





June 3, 2018

The first week of Open Studios has gone with a blast. I started at Thornham for the weekend where I met many people who liked the work at Textiles in Action.

Get your brochure here at Eau Brink Studio
This years brochure

The visitors have continued to come to Eau Brink Studio throughout the week to see what its all about. Thank you all for coming and a big thank you to our new subscribers too.

Whilst being in the studio all day every day I have had the opportunity to update my website and add in all the new workshops so why not check them out at www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/events/ This page takes you to the calendar where you can look on any date your free to see whats on.

The very latest to be added is Clare Hedges who is going to teach us Passementerrie. That means making lovely tassels and fabulous little acorns and covered buttons. This is a two day course on the 6th and 7th of October. The price includes all materials.

Lovely little Acorns
Handmade Acorns.

So whats been happening Eau Brink?

The lambs are growing fast and love to give mums the run around. Though now mums are getting to the stage where they do not worry so much about them.

We have two new chicks one is pure white at the moment and the other grey. I can’t wait to see what they look like when fully grown. We also have a broody hen sitting on eggs. Hurrah I hope she succeeds in bring them to life.

The moorhens have hatched out one brood and they have left the nest to free mum up and she is now sitting on another set of eggs.

The water vole has been busy digging even more holes in the bank of the lake. and the fish are now jumping up out of the water to catch the bugs. The Red Hot Pokers are looking fab around the lake.

Great Lake
Lovely Red Hot Pokers.

Just a reminder of this exhibition. 





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