Processes – EAU Brink Studio

This week at Eau Brink Studio I have been looking at processes and what we do with them.

The first one is bubble painting and once I had reacquainted myself with this process I took it into the school so the children could have a go.

Bubble painting as a simple way of transferring a pattern onto fabric or paper. To see the Children’s results click on the link

You do need to think about Health and Safety with this one and wear eye protectors. You also need to remember to blow down the straw and not suck up the contents of your jar.

For Fabric mix Procion Dye as an ink and add a drop or two of washing up liquid into a jar or pot. Blow through your straw to create the bubbles and then lay your fabric over the bubbles to transfer them onto your fabric. You can do this with several pots of colour for one piece of fabric.

You can also use transfer dyes for this onto paper and then you will get several prints onto your fabric from the one transfer sheet.

For papers use Acrylic paints and dilute them to a ink consistency making sure your have enough colour for transferring. Test first and if not add more paint.

Edwardian inspired bubble hat

This hat was a piece I made using this process for my City and Guilds many years ago. It still looks good today though.

There are panels of bubbles that were transferred using the transfer dyes in four colours. Before assembling them I machine stitched to bring out the pattern.

Considering how old it is the dyes have not faded at all.



What exciting things have happened this week then?

Maggie Grey’s Wow Book II arrived and I can’t wait to get started on the processes in it. Trouble is I am still working my way through the first books courses.

I received confirmation that I have a place at The Handmade Fair Hampton Court in September so that’s something to look forward to.

And not so exciting the Post office have now confirmed our address as being Eau Brink Studio, Eau Brink Cottage, Pullover Road, Tilney All Saints, Kin’s Lynn, Norfolk. PE34 4SG. Very annoying of them to change it.

Whats coming up?

Alison Hulme is arriving on Tuesday evening to teach us all to print and make pinnies or bags. Two days of fun and laughter. For those of you who are coming to this please remember to wash your fabrics if they are new before you arrive to help them take the paints and dyes better.

Just so you know what to expect

This is one from another class that Alison taught last week elsewhere.

Just so that you know what to expect this week.