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Acrylic Paint and Textiles

June 24, 2018by Anita

Acrylic Paint and Textiles go together like bread and butter. With a little help from an additive or two you can use acrylic paint for most things.

Take a look at the work Alison Hulme  does with her fabulous pinnies and bags.

Alison came to Eau Brink Studio for two days this last week and using System 3 Acrylic Paint and Fabric medium a huge amount of fabric was printed and decorated.

Alison arrive with a huge amount of ready mixed paints and explained that to mix the acrylic with the fabric medium we were to use a ratio of 1:1 but as Alison had already mixed loads of colours we did not have to worry about it.

Each day Alison started with showing us her techniques and demonstrating how to get the best results. Then as we had a go she cruised the room to make sure we were happy and if stuck, Alison helped us to move forward.

Most of us on day two made a pinny or a bag with the fabrics we decorated.

layers of colour
screen printing layers

What else can you use Acrylic for then I hear you ask?

You can add Flow Improver to the Acrylic to get a more fluid response and then move it around on most surfaces until your happy with the results.

Have you  seen on You Tube fantastic art using a number of colours in a plastic cup turned upside down and let go onto a canvas called a dirty pore? This is Acrylic with flow improver added as well as a bit of silicone to add the cell like areas.

To use this method on fabric  dilute one teaspoon of flow improver with 20 teaspoons of water and give it a good shake.Swirling waters Add this solution to your acrylics a little at a time to get a consistency you feel you can work with.

Use an old picture frame and pin or tack a piece of fabric over it ensuring its as tight as a drum. I like to use Egyptian Cotton for this.

Pore your colours over the fabric and holding the frame in both hands move and tilt it to move the paint around it. Keep adding colours until your happy with the results.

Leave to dry over night and the next day it is ready stitch into it.

I like to use this method on paper and card too. But if you like to use papier mache shapes it works a treat and the kids do love the mess it makes. With this in mind make sure you do it over a tray.

I am planning to take this into school this week.




On another note.

Our moorhens have just hatched out a second brood of lovely chicks. Two more of our hens are sitting on eggs and one hen has successfully hatched one egg. We also have a duck on a nest.

The sheep look strange now that the fleece has been shaved off but they are much cooler. But best of all I have three fleece to process. The lambs are all growing well and getting up to mischief. And Marlow still looks after them all.

Whats coming up?

Saturday  30th June I am holding another Procion Dye day

Wednesday 4th July is Experimental Group and you are welcome if you want to join the group. Just give me a call or email me on [email protected] as numbers are limited for this group.

Saturday 7th July is a natural dye day Although is a part two I am going to incorporate both one and two into the day for you.

Be inspired and daring with your art.