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July 2, 2018by Anita

Last week I spoke about techniques and news for Eau Brink Studio.

This week I am going to show you one of the techniques taught to us by Alison Hulme. Just follow this link to my Instagram Tv to see how to put colour and pattern onto your fabrics. Once it has dried you do need to iron it to fix the paint. The longer you leave it before washing it the better the colour fixes.

printing on fabric
Screen printing with layers of colours

This week I have spent my time making items for the fairs and shows as well as local shops. This means that a big pile of scissor holders is emerging along with few peg bags. The making up of these items does not take too long but the preparation does. The patching of the fabrics for the peg bags takes ages and then there is the cutting out of everything. If its not right it will not sew together properly.

So what can you expect in July?

As usual the weekly workshops are all going ahead. That is Embroidery Mondays, Experimental Wednesdays, and Powertex  Thursdays.  At the end of the month the children are starting their summer holidays and at Eau Brink Studio we are going to help those who want to move on their portfolios for their GCSE or College diplomas by offering a workshop every Friday for a small sum with a different technique each week for 6 weeks. Young Textillers commences on July 27th. By the end of the 6 week period if you attend all the weeks your portfolio will be stuffed full of exciting processes s to use in your training.

And not forgetting the younger ones every Wednesday you can bring them along for a morning or afternoon to learn some of the basics of art and crafts, commencing on July 25th. The only Wednesday this is not offered is Wednesday 1st August as the Experimentals always come in on the first Wednesday of the month.

All Workshops start from 10am or 2pm if its the afternoon. Booking is through the links or go to

Our sheep are very grateful that they had their fleece removed last month as it is very hot. But the lambs are beginning to feel the heat a bit and tend to stay under the shady trees until mum moves them.

A very hot Lamb but mum wanted to eat to out of the trees.

Quick update.

The following workshops still have spaces : Natural dye Day, Procion Dye DayAbigail Mill, Clare Hedges, as well as the Young Textillers during the holiday period.

I am looking at moving the Embroidery Monday evenings to the afternoons or doing something different with this workshop from September.

I hope you find this information useful.






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