Summer Time

August 29, 2018by Anita

Summer Time is almost over and we can look forward to the lovely Autumn colours.

Here at Eau brink Studio we have had a fabulous summer time of making, teaching and of course learning.

The long summer days have meant that there has been ample time to dye fabrics using both synthetic and natural dyes.  The results have been fantastic as you can see on our social media accounts.

The next natural dyeing day is September 22nd from 10am till 4pm.


Through out August we have had a lot of younger persons in learning many different techniques. For example, how to get colour onto paper. Sketchbooks can be very scary things when new but once you add a bit of paint or dye they become amazingly easy to use.

We have also got the younger persons to felt, Nuno felt and to use sewing machines. An achievement in its self. They all learnt how to thread the machines including the filling the bobbins. Then to stitch in straight lines, use the zigzag, as well as sew using the programmed stitches. The next step for them was to make cords on the machines before going onto free motion embroidery and the use of soluble film.

Getting out and about during the summer has also been fun. I love meeting friends old and new. Talking to customers about my work and trying to explain what I do. These conversations take place at fairs, whilst teaching groups. Of course when asked to talk to a group who supply delicious cakes is always a bonus.

What happening with the small holding I hear you ask. Well the bees have not done so well this year as we lost our queens and had to start the colonies again. The lambs have grown very quickly and mums tend to ignore them now as they are too busy eating and piling on the pounds ready for Conkers return.

We have had a visit from a fox as we lost a chicken and her two chicks one afternoon. That was a very sad day. It does not appear to have returned so far. We will be ready for it though. Luckily we do have another broody hen sitting on eggs.

The ducklings did not fair so well either as they disappeared too over night. We do have a plan for the next years brood. I can report that the ducks are very happy still dropping eggs all over the garden. Which means plenty for baking still.

Whats coming up?

Downham Market Town Hall Sunday 2nd september. From 11am.


The Handmade Fair logo

From the 14th to the 16th September at Hampton Court Palace. So looking forward to this.



Lovely little Acorns

Tiny Acorns to Terrific Tassels! Passementerie Workshop. October 6th and 7th.





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