Radio Silence

October 29, 2018by Anita

Sorry about the Radio Silence at Eau Brink Studio in the past week.

This is due to my lovely neighbour ending up needing a great deal of support.

I have also been making many things for Wymondham and Long Sutton.

I am holding workshops in Long Sutton at The Barn and at Silverwood. So if your over that way and do not like to travel pop in and see whats going on or send me an email. But you will find it easier on the website

However in the background I have been busy.

There is now a new email address which we hope will not end up in your spam. It is i will be testing it later today so please take a look if you are on my emailing list.

The lovely guys have also resolved the website issues including the booking problem.

Now that the weather has turned we have loads more to do with the animals.

First ever lamb born

The lambs will be gone from this week. She looks so small compared to what she looks like now.

A new Ram will be introduced to the ladies for a short while. I hope they like him as much as they liked conkers.


The chickens have not been laying but they will be back on track very soon. Next year we will have to get a new cockerel as we no longer have one.

The ducks are happy now that the rains have come and started to fill up the pond. No eggs though.

The bees are still flying but have enough honey to see them through the winter. And I do have to thank them for a small share of that crop.


And I cannot miss out Marlow. he still lays on his bed n the studio enjoying the sun as it streams through the window. A strategic position that is vital for him to be able to meet and greet all visitors in the hope of a treat or two.

Just a quick note to ask you to take a look at the King’s Lynn Embroidery Guild on Facebook. Please like the page and share it for others to look at. There is a great varied programme so something for everyone.  Come along and enjoy and evening with us at South Wootton village Hall on Wednesday 31st October. 7.30 till 9.30 pm.



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