Christmas Countdown

November 25, 2018by Anita

I hear you all groaning because it is the Christmas Countdown at Eau Brink Studio.

I have been making loads and loads of things for you all to enjoy. Christmas stockings, baubles, skirts, gifts and art.


Christmas Bauble made with sequins and pins. Purple and blue with gold ribbon

I started off by making these little lovely items for the King’s Lynn Embroiderers guild. I did make a huge one but forgot to give it to them for this weekend so will give it to them for next weekend where they will be at Swaffham.

Just a little tip for you. if you plan on making any of these for your own festivities I strongly suggest you use smaller pins and dip them into glue for security.

I also suggest you use a thimble or small piece of leather to protect your fingers when pushing in the pins. Boy can that be painful without them.

Sequin and pin bauble. Red and silver with gold ribbon

mulit-coloured sequin and pin bauble with bauble hanger.However, the results are stunning and well worth it. Take your time with them and play around to get different results.

Try using just one colour over the entire bauble or loads of colours to brighten up any tree or home. Either way they will look great.

The pins and sequins can be bought off the internet as well as baubles which are just Polystyrene so easy to push the pins into.

Children love making these and they are safe as the pins are not too sharp.


No sew patchwork bauble. multi coloured fabrics usedFabric bauble kits ready for the instructions to be added. Another great way to make a bauble is to use fabric. This is a little more complicated but once you get into the swing of it, it is easy.

I do have to point out though this one is a little harder on the fingers no matter how sharp your pins are it still can be painful.

For those of you out there who would like to have a go I have made kits for you to buy. I am also running workshops which are on the website for you to book. You can message me if you wish to attend a workshop at The Craft Barn in Long Sutton or Silverwood also in Long Sutton.

Workshops are £15.00 including the price of the kit. Additional kits are £5.00.

My other life.

If you do not follow me on Social Media you will not be aware of what I get up to when not sewing or creating.

So here is a little clue…

Anita at her first photo shoot wearing a steam punk outfit. pose is under the hoop
Photo shoot
Resting in the hoop contemplating the next move
photo shoot

My favourite pass time besides sewing and reading is getting into this hoop. Though not in this dress as a rule.

I have spent many many months getting to this level working twice a week on perfecting these moves. From the first time I went into the studio to get my fitness up to scratch I wanted to get into the hoop but was not permitted for a full 18 months as my trainer knew that I was not ready for it physically.

This photo shoot was my personal goal this year. And I am really pleased with the results. These two are from 90 pictures taken. And there are no edits either.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because in the last 6 years I have changed my life completely and never thought that in my 50’s I would be pushing myself out of my comfort zone as much as I have. So I am saying to you.. Just go for it. Life is for living.


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