March News

March 23, 2020by Anita

March News at Eau Brink Studio is more positive than you may think.

As directed by the government Of course we have deferred many of our workshops, Yes we have closed our bricks and mortar shop for the time being.  And yes Anita has lost the majority of her income.

But looking on the positive side of things.

Anita has time to update her Youtube Channel. By this I mean that I will be adding content to it so that you can watch the videos and still have a go. Many of the videos will be short demonstrations in real time. Making it easy to follow them. The plan is to upload a series at a time which will concentrate on a specific subject or area to help your practice. I have no idea on how to do this but with a little help I am sure I will get the hang of it.

Each section will start with the basics and then grow into more complex practice. I do not have it all recorded as yet but as I go I will add more and more for you to dip into.

It will also be based on techniques I am currently using. So for example Gelli Plate printing. This will start with a small talk about the Gilli plates and what you can use them for. Then each video will follow on from the previous so that you can save a library of content specific to your practice.

All content will be useful for those of you who like to use textiles, paper and mixed media. I will at the beginning of each video let you know what the process is suitable for and if you need to add anything for fabric such as fabric medium.

Once I get the first videos onto YouTube I will send you the link or point you in the right direction for the link on the website.

The next new page

I am going to also add a page for Progression in Textiles group so that everyone can see the work and get updates on where the exhibitions are going to be held. So far we have found that the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios is not taking place but may be in the autumn. Also we wanted to exhibit at Wymondham but the venue is not opening this year. We are discussing having a virtual exhibition but no decision has yet been made. Progression in Textiles does have a Facebook page which shows some works and updates too.



Other March News is that  the online shops are being updated. Our Amazon shop also needs attention. It takes a great deal of time to keep items up to date. Not only do I have to make the item but I have to be specific when entering them onto the sites. Sometimes copying and pasting does not work which is a shame as it speeds thing up a great deal.


The best part of all of this March News  is that I have time to concentrate on my own work practices too. And that is where I can link all of the above in my daily working schedule.

To do that I will encourage my son to film me working which is the content for YouTube. Finished items will either be added to the Progression in Textiles pages or onto the one line shops for sale. So it all should flow nicely.

I suspect the reality may be very different. Though I do have help with all the online work. Quickfire Digital designed and look after my website. So when I need help they are always there for me. I also have a administrator who is a godsend and working on most of the daily updates.

Keep safe