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New Videos

April 21, 2020by Anita

I am working on a new set of videos for my Eau Brink Studio  YouTube Channel.

There are a number of videos recorded but they are not the best quality but I am thinking to still use them  as it will show how I am progressing with the whole recording thing.

Do you find it uncomfortable talking to a camera? I certainly do. Though I am very happy chatting away at nobody while I work. So I will be trying that  more than me standing talking.

I have just posted a  video about using soluble film. It is aimed at beginners really but I am going to post more on this subject.

This first video is showing you how to transfer your picture and to stitch it on a sewing machine set to free motion.

Then the results as it dissolves.

Soluble film is one of my favourite things to use. I love the freedom of it. You can use it as a flat piece of delicate work or build up the stitches to make a rigid 3 d piece. It makes the most wonderful lace. Which I did for my hat front.

You can also layer up the pieces to create depth in your work.

I am thinking of four videos but may extend it as I get over enthusiastic about it all.

To watch just pop over to