2021 February

February 21, 2021

The Last Week for Time for Tea

Well I do not know where February has gone but apparently it has. We are now in the last week for Time for Tea.  So still time to have a go if you fancy it.

We have had a great response and some have already sent in their finished items. They are on the Facebook page.  I have been working on a book of samples until I finish my end piece. I have to admit I have still to decide what to make but am enjoying revisiting processes and generally exploring. Though the studio looks like a bomb has hit it.

Here is a little picture of one of my finished samples. It is teabag paper dyed with tea and Bister. Then I stamped the design onto it and machine stitched and hand stitched into it. Then the final finish was painting the sky.

I am thinking it would make a nice bag with a bit of acrylic wax added to help reinforce it. Or a book cover. who knows .

The threads are variegated as I like to see where the colours end up.

The next one is in March where we will be working with Any Old Scrap.


As everyone I am waiting eagerly for the Government announcement to see when we can reopen. I just hope that this will be the last time we have to close. I really do miss having people in the studio. The interaction between friends and visitors is amazing and something I dearly miss.

I also miss the baking and have been baking for the workers in the hospital. I have key workers staying in our BNB rooms so send it in at weekends with them.  The day we can open I am inviting you all over for a catch up with tea and cake.

Many of you know that John infiltrated the studio with the 3d printer but now has his own space in the house so I have my glorious space with the heating blasting when I want it and my music up as high as I want it. Though I have to say he has left loads of mess for me to clear up.

Extra News

So what is planned now that the sheep have gone? Well we are currently planting a bee meadow for our bees the only problem we have had is the rotavator has a flat and John cannot get the wheel off but I am sure he will fix it.

Another area of the garden to get the rotavator treatment will be beside the shed next to the studio. I am going to plant it full of dye plants. I will be offering pick your own dyes.

This is still in the planning stage but fancy offering this by the weight of each plant matter picked but will be harvesting roots in advance if they are needed so as not to damage the main plants. But leaves, stems and flowers can be picked as required.

I already sell the mordants but will be offering help where I can with this and of course there will be workshops for it too.

Another new idea that is getting off the ground is a patio extension to the side of the studio where the pond is. This will have a roof and I will make sale curtain sides for the inclement days too. This means that we can work outside as well as in without the gazebo ending in the pond..


It is hoped we can open bookings again once the schools fully open. With this in mind the first one may be with Ruth Holmes in

March where she will be teaching Hand Applique flower pictures. It will be nice for Ruth to have a full house but of course we may have to move it to another month. We will see.

In April we have a two day course with Melanie Missin as well as two days with Amanda Hislop.

If you are interested in booking pleas do book in but only pay a deposit of £10.00 per day. This will ensure your place on the workshop and I will let you know when to pay the remainder.

When going into the booking site and it asks you to pay change the amount in the box. It does let you. Any issues just email me.

On another note about payments we now have a QR Code for PayPal which you can use by scanning it with your up to date phones.


I am so excited as I have been purchasing fabrics for the shop and they have started to arrive. They are lovely and of course I will have to test them all.

I have also been purchasing quilting items and haberdashery items to fill the shelves in anticipation of opening. I will endeavour to get it all on the website. Some of the fabrics are on now.

As more arrive I will add them. The price is not too bad. This one is only £7.00 per metre and it is 100% cotton. Love this colour.

And Now

And now to get on with some more Time for Tea. I look forward to seeing your work

Take Care







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