Last days of Scrap Bag Challenge

March 30, 2021by Anita

Last days of Scrap Bag Challenge

As we approach the end of the month we are rapidly running out of days to finish our challenge. Many of you have said you will send in your pictures over the next few days and I look forward to seeing what you have manged. I must confess to not finishing mine as yet but will do and get it onto the social medial pages for you to see.

When this idea was first suggested to me I was a little unsure that anyone would want to do these but now I see how it has been helpful to keep us all going whilst housebound. I have also been made aware that it will be something we can all do whilst the Embroiders Guild is morphing into  small groups as it is no longer running. Such as shame.

This months exercise has made me look at how much scrap I have. Far too much as I do not like to throw anything away in case I need it. This means I have a lot of scraps of fabric, paper, specialist papers and pages from old books and maps.  Not to mention wools, fleece and other materials.

The upshot of this has been a major clear out. Being honest and looking at the items and deciding on what really is needed and what can go. Local residential homes have once again received a little gift. This time I have packaged the items up and given them as craft packs for their fund raising.

Amongst the scrap I have found some fabulous packaging from a firm who sell lovely bath products. Each item arrives wrapped in a concertina of thick paper to protect it. When opened out it looks like honeycomb. I have used this for one of my challenge pieces. Just need to add a few beads to finish it. I have to point out that my lucky man of the moment was sitting shaking his head when I became more excited about the packaging than the bath products.

Next months challenge is called Recycled Memories.


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