All You Need To Know About Our Week.

July 25, 2021by Anita

All You Need To Know About Our Week.

All you need to know about our week can be summed up in one word. And that work is Fabulous.

Unfortunately there is one cloud on the horizon but we cannot always have everything going our way. Or so I am told.

The week started with me dyeing fibres using Procion dyes. They could not have come out any better if I tried.

First I soaked the fibres in Soda Ash over night and then dripped the dyes onto the fibres and again left them over night to cure.

After a great deal of rinsing I popped them into the microwave to cook and set the dyes. Brilliant colours and muted where the fibres were brown before dyeing. And that’s all you need to know about how to dye using Procion dyes.

On Tuesday I spent the morning extracting honey from our hives. We did give the girls back the comb so they can use what was left for the stores they still had. We do not take all of it.

It tastes amazing and I am convinced that is because we planted a wild flower meadow in front of the hives.

A teaspoon a day is my medicine now before I even have a drink. Though it is tempting to have more.


Experimental Wednesday was all about the bling. We spend the day using foils with stamps, screens and stencils.

The results were fabulous and very different with each of the participants. Do you know you can use foils in this way? and not just on fabric but on paper and card too.

And of course the we did have honey cake to keep us going.

Thursday and Friday were spent in the shop. Cutting the new fabrics and moving a few items around. Also talking to Zena about her teaching card making at Eau Brink which she has agreed to do. So in September a new card making class will begin on Friday the 10th. The class will be from 10 am until 12 noon fortnightly unless you want it weekly.

The cost of the class is £15.00 and that include materials , tea and coffee.  Booking can be taken through calling Zena on 07802437575 or Anita on 01553 762115. or Email Anita on to book.  If we do not answer the phone leave us a message and we will get back to you to confirm your place.

And the Week has ended on a high note at Little Massingham where we were attending the church first art and craft fair to raise funds for the church.

We met so many lovely people who were all very friendly and chatty.

I am looking forward to the next one.


Another good thing that has happened this week is that BT are sorting our the fibre for the studio. They have made the changes they needed to make and now we are waiting for confirmation of the date they can put it in. Hurrah.

That of course will mean lots of video content live hopefully very soon.

The one down side of this week is that we may have to cancel the workshop with Jenny O’Leary. We do not at this time have enough to run it. This is very surprising as last time we were full and other wanted to join in. I would like to understand why the bookings are down on it. Is it the dates? timing? costs? or content?

Jenny has agreed that we can make it two one day workshops now. Day one is working onto paper and day two is working on fabric. The costs is £60.00 per day. Just go to 

It would be a real shame if we cannot run it. The last time Jenny came we had a great time. She is a very generous tutor and full of knowledge. This workshop is excellent for beginners as well as more advanced students. You can book for one day or the two. If your not sure just ping me an email and I will answer as soon as I see it or give me a call on 01553 762115 If I do not answer leave a message and I will call you back.

Don’t forget that next week is Alex Waylett on Monday and Tuesday and it is Festival of Quilts week too. So exciting.

Take care everyone.




Our Next Workshop is Transfer and Stitch with Ruth Holmes Click here to book
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