5 Advantages of Our Good News

August 1, 2021by Anita

5 Advantages of Our Good News


There are 5 advantages to our good news, which will make us more efficient and it means that we can very soon restart the videos and streaming.

And here it is. The best news for a while. BT have sorted out our problems with our connections and we are going digital .

The engineer arrives on the 9th of August to connect everything for me including lovely fast fibre.

The phone number will change as it is a digital phone they are sending .

So beside the obvious what will this mean ?

Firstly We should not have any more crackly phone calls. There are times when I answer the phone I cannot hear the other person on the phone. Also when the caller leaves a message it is difficult for them to be heard if they current phone permits them to leave a message. It is getting on a bit that phone so retirement is probably a good idea. The new number will be sent out on email to all our subscribers and then added to the website.

The second advantage is that all the calls can be diverted to my mobile phone as well so I am hopeful that I will not miss any calls. Of course any cold callers and sales persons will still be ignored. As I prefer it if companies emailed me.

Advantage number 3, we will have the most fastest fibre we can get. I am told it will be pretty good as the pole it is on, is outside our house and the line coming into the house is brilliant so it should also be in the studio.

The fourth advantage is fast fibre means faster downloads and we will not have to wait for the items we are looking at to load in slow motion.

And the fifth advantage is that we can stream without it cutting out and getting stuck.

All in all we are going to go full steam ahead with plans that were going to be put in place a little at a time.

What does that mean ?

All five advantages mean we will start the new streaming as soon as the engineer leaves the premises. Starting with a test stream.

Then we will catch up on all the monthly challenges with live streaming on a weekly basis. To go with the live streams there will be kits which can be bought in advance so you can create along with Anita. the kits will include card making as well as stitching in the same kit. It would be great if you could do both and Anita will demonstrate how.

Once we get into the routine of our weekly evenings sewing we will sort out a new sewing club which will be subscription based. The price will include a kit and access to the YouTube video that goes with it.

I am aware that at times life gets in the way of creating so, there will not be a set time for you to subscribe for, you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time and restart it when you want to.

There will be further information in coming blogs.

Well that’s my news for this week but I do have a couple of reminders for you .

We still have space on Jenny O’Leary workshop on the 7th and 8th August. You can book for just one of the days or both. For more information just go to

And Progression in Textiles are having an exhibition at Brancaster the weekend of 14th and 15th August. For more information just go to

Experimental Wednesday this month is all about grids. We will be layering up sheer fabrics and creating grids so we can use the soldering iron to burn back the layers. The top layer will be machine stitched with metallic threads on soluble film. I will get the website updated tomorrow with pictures of samples I am making for this workshop. There will be a kit available if you like this process but on the day the cost of materials is £5.00

A materials list will be added to the website so you can bring your own if you wish.

Take Care









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