Turning A Disappointment into a Positive

August 11, 2021by Anita

Turning A Disappointment into a Positive

Well the last week was an exciting week with many disappointments and many positives. And after a great deal of discussion with my son we decided we would look for 5 positive things in our day on a daily basis.

But before I go into this I just want to share with you a great weekend we had with Jenny O’Leary.

The workshop was great fun with lots of laughter and amazing work. Yes I was challenged because it involved me drawing lots and as many of you are aware I do not enjoy this part of my work. But I am getting more and more comfortable with it.

It is good to be pushed out of your comfort zone and this workshop certainly did that for us all.

Getting to grips with hot wax and using it as a resist in layers was a challenge but once you understand how it works it is a great technique.

We all have several finished items ready to stitch into.

Some fabric and some paper.

Jenny is a great teacher with a lot a patience. We look forward to seeing Jenny again in May .

Now getting back to turning a disappointment into a positive.

As many of you know I have been struggling with getting videos and live streams on line due to the rubbish internet in the studio. BT were coming to the rescue with a new package including fibre and going digital. The exciting boxes arrived and the engineers also arrived on Monday to install it all. Then the disappointment. The engineers had to wait for a platform to arrive and toddled off to do another job. Promising to keep us informed on the delivery of the platform. So far nothing. No platform and no information. A massive disappointment. So how do you turn that into a positive?

Easy my son says. Just look at what you can get done whilst you are waiting. So planning started. I now have enough content for a lot of live streams and videos written out and have started to get the materials ready for when we can go for it. This will save me time as all will be prepped .

The next disappointment of the week came when I almost got my new super sewing machine. Unfortunately it does not look like the funds are going be available in the time scale I wanted. But again I know that I can wait and whilst waiting for this I can plan how I will use the machine for my work and look into the costs for materials so that I am ready for when it does become a reality.

Whilst thinking about this and what I am going to do I cleaned out my shed. I am sure the mice were watching and getting excited as their winter home is now clean and tidy. But dear mice you will be disappointed as I have removed anything that I think you will be trying to nest in. I will also be looking to block any holes to stop you getting in. Also the spiders are gone too.

Each day we now look for at least 5 small things that make our day a positive day.  Yesterday started with my dogs greeting with gusto as I came down the stairs. They are so loving. the next thing was the postman bringing me fabulous unexpected post from a friend. I then got to eat breakfast with both my son and partner which is rare. Then met with another tutor and planned her 6 week card making workshop .The sun came out, so there are the first five happy things. There were more and as i look for the nice things in life no matter how small I am finding that the bigger irritating things like BT are not quite so irritating. Especially as I have decided not to talk to them and leave it all up to John to deal with. See all positives.

And now I am positively going to get on with some sewing as we have our Progression in Textiles exhibition this weekend at Brancaster. Saturday 14th August and Sunday 15th August  if your in the area pop in and say hello. Browse our art, take a look at the sales tables and perhaps stop for a cup of tea and cake.

Each member will be displaying their art in their own way. Members will be available to answer questions to their best ability.

Just look for the Progression in Textiles flags if your not sure where the hall is. The address and postcode is Main Road, Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk, PE31 8BZ

The next workshop is Experimental Wednesday on the 18th August where we will be working with our sewing machines to layer up man made fabrics and making grids with soluble film.

Ruth will be with us on the 19th August teaching her transfer and stitch workshop which involves using the heat press and transfer paints.

Then on the 21st August we have Pauline Wrighton teaching her fabulous Sewing Machine workshop where you get to use all the feet on your machine. Learning how to use them to their maximum and will go home with a made item. To book just go to https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/finding-your-feet-with-pauline-wrighton/

Take Care Everyone






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