Goodness What a Week

August 17, 2021by Anita

Goodness What a Week

Goodness what a week of rushing about and getting frustrated with the Giant company who are updating the internet and phone.

Starting on Monday when I was so excited about the updated internet and phone and of course it has not happened. I have given the company permission several times for John to talk to them and organise it all but they insist they do not have permission. Even after I told a chap 4 times to make sure it was done , today they told John he needed the code they had emailed to me. I was not home and didn’t receive the code which runs out after about 3 minutes. Not the first time they have said they sent a code and not sent it. Then they cut him off when he is speaking to them. they wonder why they get complaints. So the saga continues probably into the next week.

The rest of the week was spent making items, cutting fabrics for the shop and putting new items in there and then preparing for  the exhibition at the weekend.

Progression in Textiles had our first real exhibition this year at Brancaster Staithe.

We charged over there on Friday risking life and limb in the traffic to spend hours setting up our exhibition and tables.

Cakes were baked and the urn was switched on for 10am Saturday morning. We had a great time even though the visitors said they couldn’t find us at first or that they didn’t know we were there till they saw our flag.

A huge amount of work went into this exhibition by all members of Progression and that made it the success it was. We also learnt a lot from it, from setting up as a group to where to advertise in the future.

Talking about the future our next event is Open Studios at Eau Brink Studio.  We are open on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October and 8th, 9th and 10th October. 10 am till 4pm .

So what else has been happening this week?

Plans for Pauline Wrighton to come on Saturday to teach us how to use all our feet on our sewing machines have been ongoing. We still have a space if you fancy joining us. Not only will we be learning how to use the feet we will be making a finished item. This is a great workshop and I am looking forward to participating as a learner. To book just click on this link.

Finding your feet and taking steps.

We will spend the first part of the day trying out  various functions and features of our machines with a view to using them creatively and decoratively. We will use one or more of these features to create a mini -project to take home, eg  glasses or phone case, folded purse or book wrap.

Please bring;-

Your machine complete with its accessory box ,(with feet, needles, bobbins etc) and manual.

A selection of threads

Simple sewing kit, i.e. scissors large and small, needles,  tape or rule for measuring, pins

Rotary cutter and small cutting board if you have the them

A small selection of fabrics to work on, cotton prints are fine,  a couple of striped ones would also be useful.

Some plain cotton to use as stabiliser

An embroidery hoop, e.g. wooden 8 or 10 inch or similar

A twin needle to suit your machine if you have one.

Notebook and pencil

Your lunch

You may also like to bring,

Some small lengths of lace, ribbons

A selection of  buttons, 2 or 4 hole type

Please note that given time constraints of a  day workshop ,our project and samples will be small, so no need to bring large pieces of fabric.

If you think you may like to make a diary or book wrap, then please bring the book for measuring.

I will bring, extra fabrics, spares of most things, my workbooks and samples for ideas and inspiration.

Additional materials needed for your project, (at no additional cost)

And now I am getting ready for two more exhibitions. The West Norfolk Artists and Wymondham .

What a week. I have no idea where I get the energy from or how it all falls into place but I am very grateful for the help and support I have from family and friends.

We are currently working to get the card making workshops started in September after the children return to school so watch this space and social media for further information.

Take Care everyone and I will keep you up to date with the whole internet saga




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