Sometimes Life is Not What We Expect

November 9, 2021by Anita

Sometimes Life is Not What We Expect

Well for the past couple of weeks I have found that life is not what I expect at all.

My life is planned in advance. Of course I can change my plans at times and do take into consideration outside influences. But sometimes when we are feeling under the weather life is not what we expect at all.

Last week I had to cancel everything due to a heavy cold setting in. At first I felt fine just a little cough or sneeze here and there. Covid test done and fine so went ahead with a meeting for Progression in Textiles. That evening the cold suddenly took a turn for the worse and talk about being knocked off my feet. More covid testing just in case.

I think Microban should give me shares now for the amount of the stuff I have been spraying in the studio, car and my home.

So you see sometimes life is not what we expect. But now the turning point has arrived and I am feeling more human again. Stopped taking expensive medicines to help me get through the days as well.

This time though, has not been wasted. Through the fog my brain has been working on what I want to do and what I need to do for the year of 2022.

Experimental Wednesday

Also some lovely ideas have emerged for my own work and how I can move it on. With this in mind I am going to restart the Tuesday evening Go Lives. This evening I will be demonstrating backgrounds. Our Experimental Wednesday this month is all about creating your own backgrounds using mixed media. Why? Well, one of the days of floating around doing nothing in particular I remembered a conversation with some of you about creating backgrounds and wanting to spend the day working on getting a few ready for your next works. We talked about making Muslin papers. We can make many more than that. Such as using paints in plastic bags, layering up sheer fabrics over papers, spending time using Angelina to create interest in our papers and then of course when they are dry sewing into them.

Wednesday 10th of November is our Social day. If you fancy popping in for the day to spend time with like minded others then do so from 10am till 4pm. Of course there will be cake and refreshments but remember to bring your lunch. Here is the link https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/social-wednesday-2/2021-11-10/ 

It is best to book into the workshops as I am keeping the restricted numbers and do not want to have to turn anyone away on the day. If you do not want to book through the website just send me an email or message and I will add you to the site. A none returnable deposit is required for the bigger workshops at the time of booking.

Ruth will be with us on 24th November teaching us how to stitch layered landscapes. All materials are supplied for this workshop you just need to bring your basic sewing kit and machine. Of and your lunch of course.

Layered Landscape

This was just a quick update so I will leave you in peace for now.

If you are thinking of watching me tonight please remember to say hello.

Take Care






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