Seeing Light and Reflections Everywhere.

November 22, 2021by Anita

Seeing Light and Reflections Everywhere

As we go through our days we see light and reflections everywhere. And I find it fascinating.

A great example is this picture of our pond. The way the light reflects in the water is stunning. but I love the way the colours change in the reflections as well.

This picture can be used in so many ways for art. Looking at the colours, the textures and lines but also the added depth of the shadows.

Simplifying it by taking out elements can change it.  Extending some of the lines changes it even more. And what about taking just one colour and using that as the main colour and then adding a contrast? For example that lovely peachy stripe through the water. This is the reflection of the sun going down on the water.

I chose this picture to talk about this week as It is a easy subject for anyone to use for any type of art project.  John thinks it a lovely picture but like anyone who does not see the world as I do he cannot see it as art. I look at it and see a piece of abstract textile art, a quilt or even a hanging of line and colour.

It is interesting how we all see things and how we interpret what we see. That is what I love about experimental workshops and workshops that are not prescriptive.

When teaching a workshop that is a technique or just playing you can give the learners the same materials but by giving them the freedom to go in any direction they want the room become alive and each learner will bounce off their neighbour. This in turn gives me a buzz and makes me think even further about how that technique can be developed. Sharing what I think in turn helps the learners to experiment even further.  The results can be spectacular.

But we all have to start out at the beginning. Learning the basics of stitch, colour and what the materials can do. We also need to learn how to see the light and shadows. The lines and textures and once we do it becomes very addictive.

Our next workshop is with Ruth Holmes who is teaching us how to create landscapes using sheer fabrics and stitch. For more information just follow this link https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/layered-landscape/


When you are out and about just take a moment to look around you and try and see something where the light is bright and reflecting on another surface. Could be something shiny such as water or something translucent like the leaves that are changing at the moment. The light on them is fascinating when they have changed colour and the sun hits them.

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