What am I? A Artist? Maker or Crafter?

November 28, 2021by Anita

What am I? A Artist? Maker or Crafter?

Hand stitch is required

For far too many years that I care to remember I have been making things using fabrics, papers and threads. So the question is What am ? A Artist? Maker or Crafter?

The answer will depend on who is reading this and who knows me enough to know what I love doing most. A complicated question that requires a complicated answer.

My first love is making textile art. That is easy enough making me an artist?  Yes is the answer if your reading this as a textile artist yourself. Here comes the controversy. Many artists who do not use fabrics and threads do not consider textiles as an art form. It is either sewing, embroidery, a craft or I am a maker. I often wonder why that is. Textile artists use a needle and thread instead of paint and ink. Why is it classed differently?  I create pictures using the needle and thread, I create abstract art using the same materials there are other Textile Artists who’s work is so amazing you cannot fail be in awe of them.

I recently discovered that if I get my art professionally framed it is then called art and not sewing or a craft. Why does a frame have to make a difference? I feel that to have a piece accepted by the art community it has to look the part. No raggedy edges, no loose ends as that is sewing.

To show case fabrics and because I cannot help myself I make items to sell in my little shop. Now that makes me a maker or crafter. I listen to individuals walking past my shop saying things like “oh that’s a craft shop” when technically speaking it is a haberdashery shop.

But of course I do not help myself when I attend a local craft fair with the items I have made. Except I do not appear to fit into them either. It is a conundrum.

Personally I do not care for labels and being put in a compartment. The fact is I love fabric, threads, paint and many other items that I can sew into. For me the main element is sewing. It could be by hand or by machine. A combination of both. Chuck on a few beads and a bit of bling sometimes too.

When in the creative mood (which is quite often) I love to get out a few materials and paints and then see what develops. I rarely plan anything as that takes the fun out of it. Sometimes it doesn’t work out to be anything but I do not throw it away as I may use it for something else at a later date.

So the question remains, What am I?

On days when I am teaching workshops in the studio I am known as a facilitator or learning. Sound very posh. At craft fairs I am a crafter or maker and the rest of the time a shop keeper, maker, artist.

So the answer to the question is I Am Anita. An individual who loves to play with fabrics, paints, inks and threads. And if you want to join me just pop over to the website and take a look at the workshops we have for 2022.  https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/

Unfortunately I am in the position where I have to increase the prices in 2022 due to everything going up so much. But if you want to book into a workshop for 2022 now send me a email with the details of the workshop and I will send you an invoice with this years prices on. The exception to this is the lantern workshop, Ruth’s Wednesdays and Alison Hulme’s three days if your booking the three together. They will remain at the old price. The prices will be increased from 1st January 2022.

Tuesday night live is at 7pm where you can tune into Facebook or YouTube and watch me creating something. I announce what it will be on Monday’s on Facebook. If your not free on a Tuesday evening you can watch later at your leisure.

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