Getting Ready for the Festive Season and Beyond

December 7, 2021by Anita

Getting Ready for the Festive Season and Beyond

As with everyone getting ready for the festive season and beyond  is a busy time for us at Eau Brink Studio. Not only do we have to think about our own celebrations over the coming weeks but also decorating the shop and the studio.

Not being one for  a lot of glitter and blingy decorations I tend to try and keep things simple and traditional. In the shop we have a little artificial tree which will go up this weekend. The decorations are simple and have been up for a couple of weeks now.

The studio will not be decorated at all as I need a safe haven from all the madness that goes on at this time of the year.

My house does not get decorated until the weekend before the 25th December and we have a real tree with decorations we have had for many years. Though some did get broken the year before last when the tree fell over. I like glass baubles. Lights and Lametta or what ever its called. If I could get away with it I would fill my home with real holly and evergreens but with dogs and men its not a good idea.

Getting ready for the shop means starting early in the year making enough decorations to sell. How can we do that ? its not easy because we have no idea what customers want. Purchasing in fabrics and making lovely cushions is the start of it. But if we have a run on things Anita just gets another batch made and keeps going as what does not sell will keep for next year.

In the studio it is a little bit more difficult as some years many of our regular customers want to keep visiting and other keep December for family and friends. So getting the balance right is tricky. This year we have put on a couple of extra workshops with Ruth Holmes. Making Christmas Decorations using your sewing machine or by hand. Click on here for the first one.       And here for the second .

After that we will close until the 5th of January when we start our new years programme. In January we have some new workshops for one day. We have lantern making with Anita O’Neill.     Lino Cutting printing with Rachel.     and a beginners workshop for patchwork with Anita Again. Each month Anita will be teaching a new square pattern for patchwork and quilting which will be made into a cushion. The skills learnt will enable you to make a full quilt if you wish.

So back to December. Tuesdays will remain the evening where I go live. This week I am going to show you how to print using soy wax and a screen with procion dyes. This is what we are going to be doing for Experimental Wednesday this month. 

This technique can be used on fabric and papers so is very versatile. If you fancy joining us just click on the link above and book in or email  and request to be added to the list. We are limited to 8 for this workshop as we are working with hot wax and procion dyes and need the room for all your lovely work to dry. You will learn how to mix manutex, chemical water and procion dyes as well as how to use the wax as a resist for the dyes. This is not silk painting but we can put that in if you want to have a go. There is a £5. fee for materials including the fabric if you need it. A small amount of silk is included but larger pieces will have to be purchased if required.

The end of November and the beginning of December finds me in the kitchen cooking Christmas puddings and sweet mince for mince pies. Both are delicious. Some of you may think that it is a little late to be cooking these things but I do not like stodgy puddings. I like them to be fresh and falling apart as you eat them so that you can taste all the ingredients. From the fruit and nuts to the alcohol too.  The house smells amazing and it kick starts the season off for me.

I hope all your preparations for the season and beyond are all going as you wish.









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