Four Reasons Why Creating Art can be Hard

December 15, 2021by Anita

Four Reasons Why Creating Art can be Hard

Have you ever wondered why creating art can be hard? There are four reasons that I can think of.

There are many thoughts on this subject which so I will just touch on the subject. What did you think of when you read the heading?

Experimental Machine stitchThe first thought for many will be that you have to be able to draw to create art.  This is not at all true. We are all able to create we just need to decide on what we like to do and how we want to do it. Art can be anything from drawing simple sketches to producing the most amazing pictures, sculptures and instillations. And they can be made using any medium you fancy. Pictures can be drawn, painted, digitally created and stitched. Sculptures can be from wood, ceramics, stone, fabric, threads and yarns. Anything really. And that also goes for instillations.

I think art is just the term used for creating something pleasing and perfecting the use of a medium. In my case fabric and threads. For many it is mastering the use of colour and texture or line drawing. It really can be anything you want it to be.

So why do we find it so hard?

Well the worse thing of all is when you hear someone who does not like your work picking it to pieces. They either do not like the colours, or the textures. Maybe they think it is not well made or too complicated. At first this is a challenge as being only human we get hurt when we have spent many hours making something to hear someone rubbishing it within minutes of seeing it. But we have to get over that and I like it when I hear someone critiquing my work so I can join in the conversation. I usually introduce myself and then ask them why they think the colours are wrong. Many times individuals think I put the wrong colours together because they would not do that. But that’s okay I know what I like and who’s to say if its right or wrong? Many of the individuals cannot justify why they are pulling my work apart so I tell them its okay for them to have an opinion.

The next thing that we can worry about is what the finished item looks like. Should it look like the inspiration? I say no. The inspiration is just the start. If you take a picture why would you recreate it exactly as it is?  you already have the picture. Move it around, change the colours, just use one part of it and see where that takes you.  It takes many years to feel comfortable with your own art and there is always something you can change but I think that is all part of the learn curve.

One more thing we find hard it finding our own way within our field. Of course we have to learn all we can about the subject and to do that we look at others, read books, attend classes and look on the internet to see what is trending. But after a while you have to go your own way. I find that I like to problem solve so I will get some materials out and then start to play with them. Use colour and texture in different ways, use the materials in different ways. If I don’t like it rip it up and reuse it. Dye it or paint it.  Stitch all over it.  The possibilities are endless.

And lastly we need to think about how we look at the world around us. When looking at a tree tell yourself that your not looking at a tree but a lot of lines, textures and colour. The tree will have many colours during the different seasons, in different light, and when wet as well as dry.  This applies to everything we look at. We just need to think of the world in a different way.


So you see the four things that we find hard are:- Others perceptions of our work, what it should look like,  finding our own way in our art and how we see the world around us.

You may or may not agree with this and feel that there is more to it. Of course I can think of a lot more that will stop you from producing a piece of art but the real thing that stops us is ourselves. There are days when I can find many excuses not to start a project or to finish a piece. But eventually I will get on with it.

There are no more workshops this year but we have a very exciting programme for 2022 starting with a one day lantern making workshop with Anita and then a  lino cutting and printing workshop with Rachel Collier-wood in January.

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