The End Of The Year. It Is A Busy Time At Eau Brink Studio.

December 30, 2021by Anita

The End Of The Year. It Is A Busy Time At Eau Brink Studio.

Well here we are gain at the end of the year.  Which means it is a busy time at Eau Brink Studio.

You may be reading this thinking how can that be? surely this is a time to relax before the new year starts?

No not at all.

This is the time of the year where I have to get as much of the programme for the coming year up and running. Booked tutors need to be added to the website and advertising planned.

Blogs are usually planned in advance . Though, I am finding that just writing what is coming into my head is better than the plans at the moment. I opened my diary to start planning and thought that it was too much like last year and probably the year before too. So I though I would just type what I am up to today. And a bit more.

My day started at am with taking the dogs for a walk. I do not think they were impressed as it was dark and windy. Great wake up call though.

By 6.30 I was in the studio playing with my sewing machine and thinking of all the things I am going to try with it for stock for the shop. As one of the workshops for January is making little Lanterns it may be a good idea to make a few showing what can be done with them. This would make a great live session on YouTube I think.

Then a trip to the shop to take away Christmas stock and decorations and get ready for the springtime.

Once home we moved the frame of a polytunnel up to the chickens to extend their run. We will finish it tomorrow by covering it with netting to keep them safe from the Bird Flu as well as the fox. They have made it very muddy even with us putting bark down as they just rake it up again.. Got to love them. The ducks are also being kept in for the time being. I do not think they are very happy either. It is easier to keep the chickens occupied that it is ducks.

Once this was done I returned to the studio to start getting my planning done. In the back of my mind I also have to get my accounts finished but keep putting them off. Won’t be able to do that for much longer though.

The January workshops are all on the system live and are starting to get booked. That is a relief and  it will be nice to get some new learners to attend regularly so we can all make new friends and perhaps learn something new from them. At the studio we have the usual systems in place. Masks to be worn when moving about and watching demonstrations. If your feeling ill please do not attend. Gloves and aprons are available. Even a mask if you forget yours and want one.  Track and trace is in place through the booking site. Which is why I need to make sure everyone is booked in even if it is me adding you to the lists. We are keeping a maximum of 10 people in the room as it works for us all.

With that in mind John is measuring up for the patio space and hopefully we will get that made during the winter months as the ground will be soft and easier to put in the uprights for the roof. I have bought fairy lights in anticipation of this happening.

Talking of the roof. The house roof is now looking great and the scaffolding will be taken down hopefully next week. No more leaks in the house now.

So what have we got going on in January 2022? Progression in Textiles will be meeting on the Wednesday of the month. There is an exciting programme of events for the group including two shows at the NEC. This will be the first time showing our work to a wider public and is a little scary but we will put on our big girl pants and enjoy every minute of it. We would love it if you came and said hello.

The second Wednesday of the month is Social Wednesday. You can come along and bring some work to do and just catch up or make new friends. It is a great day.

Then we have the Lantern making day on Saturday 15th January. These little lanterns are great fun to make and are brilliant for nigh lights for bedrooms or just to glow in a dark corner. You are the one designing it so you get to chose the fabric or paper you want to use. You can even print onto the fabric and stitch into it first if you like. Or what about using your sewing machine to create a pattern on plain fabric before making the lantern? so many possibilities.

Monday the 17th is lino cutting and printing day with Rachel. This day is getting booked so if you want a space please let me know so I can add you as soon as you can. Rachel is a great tutor who has the ability to put you at your ease and get you to create art without any stress.

Wednesday 19th is Experimental Wednesday. This time we will be playing with Tyvek, paper napkins, bondaweb, paint and heat. Should be a great day of experimenting and perhaps a little mess thrown in too.

The 26th is Ruth’s Wednesday. We will be creating mythical birds and beasts using lots of bling and stitch. This workshop is looking brilliant in so many ways.

And lastly on Saturday 29th we have a cushion workshop making a 9 square cushion. As I am teaching it please do not expect it to be just 9 squares stitched together. A bit of cutting and patching back together again will be happening. The aim is to give you a patchwork and quilted square you can repeat if you wish to make more cushions or a full quilt . There will be a cushion workshop each month so you can build your block just like a block of the month only mine is cushion of the month.

There is so much more in my head but I am sure you do not want to hear it all so I will go and start making samples for my workshops and checking that the tutors have got their bits ready too.





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