The Light Is Returning In So Many Ways

January 21, 2022by Anita

The Light Is Returning In So Many Ways

Thinking to myself, what shall I write about? I noticed that the light is returning. The days are a little tiny bit longer  even though it is still cold.

How do you feel at the moment? Excited about a new year ahead of you?  Looking forward to an event? Thoughtful about the past? Well as you think about that let me tell you how I am feeling at the moment.

I do not like the long dark hours of winter at all. I love daylight, early mornings and long evenings. That’s me.  I find that as the nights are longer I lose a bit of my creativity. The dark appears to suck it out of me. Now I am sure someone somewhere is thinking, what is she on about she has a bit studio full of light to work in. Yes that is true but I like to looking out of the windows and seeing the outside world whilst in the studio and not looking at my reflection.

We have been in limbo for three years now with the world in a grip of a pandemic and we have limited choices when it comes to our creative world. Inspiration comes from many places and for me many of them I need to visit and photograph. Quite a few of my friends say the same thing . We all need the stimulation of our world not just our immediate garden and short walk outside the house. There are only so many landscapes you can do.

However, now that the light is returning and the laws around the Covid problems are being lifted I feel much more motivated. This week I have lost a day. No idea what happened or where it went. Probably due to getting the self assessment ready for the accountant has a lot to do with it. But I am not flustered about it or stressed I just know that I need to get on with life and I am already thinking of the exhibitions that are coming up and the fairs, shows as well as workshops. In March one of our  visiting artists is Melanie Missin from Melly Made Designs. Mel will be teaching us how to create her lovely boxes.

But before that we have Ruth Holmes teaching us how to create lovely blinged up birds and beasts.

Planning is key for me and my planner is next to me with long lists for each day. I do not worry about getting them done on the day they are planned for, so long as by the end of each week they are all completed. Longer days do help as the lighter mornings mean I can get up and be raring to go. Not thinking its not a good idea to walk the dogs up the road in the dark, Or I have to wait to clean out the chickens till it gets lighter.

Planning work also helps me to keep on track with things. Returning light helps me to see things differently for some reason. There is more pattern, more colour and texture around and this in turn fires my imagination. Once an idea gets into my head I have to explore it or make a note of it until I have the time to explore.

This is why Experimental Wednesdays work so well each month. The day is all about exploring a technique , or colours or textures. Sometimes all of them depending where your exploring takes you. This month we explored layers of Tyvek, paper, paints and Lutradur with great results.

Next month we will be exploring how to use stencils in a way that encourages layers. Not commercial stencils but cutting our own. The plan is to put the card stock and other materials into the Scan n Cut to speed up the cutting process. All that is needed is a bit of inspiration to create a unique stencil set for the work.

I do wonder sometimes how others cope with the dark winters and getting things done. I am sure it is not any easier when you are going out to work as you still need to be motivated and then there are the mundane household things to be completed too.

The light is returning. This morning I walked the dogs up the road as it was light enough to see and the chickens and ducks had their fresh food and water before they came out of their houses.

Pen and Ink workshopAnd as I watched the sun come up the colours and textures of my world were amazing. Making me think of how I can capture them with fabric and threads. Taking photographs can be the first step but I want to get better at drawing and would love to be able to go out and quickly sketch what I see. To help me do this we have the lovely Rachel Collier-Wilson coming for six weeks to teach us how to relax and improve our drawing skills. Starting right at the beginning so everyone feels they are at the same level throughout the course.

Take Care



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