It’s A Busy Time for us At Eau Brink Studio

March 1, 2022by Anita

 It’s A Busy Time for us At Eau Brink Studio

Well once again I find that another month has already gone and time is proving to be an impossible thing to control.

As you know if you read my blogs regularly I plan everything I can down to each hour of the day every day but sometimes the plans do not work. For example this last week I forgot I was teaching lanterns. That’s not good. The studio was a mess with all the items and work for a number of exhibitions and fairs. But we did have a great day in the end. And the reason I forgot was I had put it in the diary on the wrong day.

I visited Allison Hulme during February and worked into a piece I had already thought I had finished but decided I didn’t like it. So spent some time adding to it. I also did a couple of other pieces which I will work into at some point. The aim of going was to show Alison how to use her nice new heat press and how to cut stencils using the Scan and Cut. We had a great laugh and did a lot of work too. Very pleased with the results. More play time is needed though.  If your thinking of joining us for her three day workshop I have to say we only have 2 spaces left.

Then there was Textiles East and poor Ruth was unable to make it as she was ill so good old John jumped into the van and off we went. Day one was a little slow due to the weather but , oh boy, Day two was so busy I didn’t have time to cut the new fabrics and put them out. Thank you everyone for your support and for those of you who came by and said hello. I did want to chat to Mary McIntosh about her shrivel up and dye workshop but she was even busier than I so didn’t get the chance. I really do love this piece of Mary’s and cannot wait to have a go myself. The workshop is on the 8th and 9th of September.

But moving to things a little nearer. Progression in Textiles have their first exhibition in The Forum starting on 9th of March to the 22nd. Lots of Norfolk Makers will be there and lots going on too. Two of our members will be taking part in make and take on Tuesday 15th March. So go along and see what you can make with them and join in. for more information just go to

At the same time Progression in Textiles will be at the NEC for the Fashion and Embroidery Show.  Stand ZJ01 we would love to see you and see what you think of our work.

If you haven’t booked your tickets yet use this code for a discount. Eau Brink Studio will also be there next to Progression in Textiles so you can see both at the same time. It will be great to see everyone and perhaps meet a few new people too.


How do you feel about meeting new people? Some times it can be hard especially these days when many people have their phones on all the time. Or just do not know what to say or do.  I love meeting new people especially if they like fabric and threads, dogs, chickens, ducks and many other things. Talking helps to break the ice and if you can find things in common it makes it easier but what if you cannot find a common ground? Well that’s more of a challenge but nothing that cannot be overcome. There is a lot going on in the world today that we can talk about not just the awful wars but how we are all changing for the better. Being more tolerant and helpful. A willingness to learn. And the only way we will learn is to talk to each other and understand each other.

On Wednesday the 9th it is social Wednesday at Eau Brink Studio and that is a great day to meet new friends and talk about what ever you want. Just bring along something to do, your lunch and chat. To book in just go to

I am talking to my son a lot at the moment and driving him mad I think. With the new way social media works I am finding it difficult to get to grips with it. My son thinks it is something I need to learn quickly and is looking at it all for me as I apparently do not understand enough of it for it to work?? For what to work? I have no idea what he is talking about sometimes but there you go. Talking is a way of learning and so far he has not lost his temper with me being so slow on the uptake. It is nice spending time with him even if it is for work purposes.

The latest news regarding Covid is that we are all now responsible for our actions so I ask if your unsure or unwell please to test before coming to the studio. If you have no tests I do have a few and you can test before coming in. Still wash hand and if you want to use a mask and the hand sanitiser.

Stay Safe everyone.






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