The Reason Why We Love Attending Shows.

March 21, 2022by Anita

The Reason Why We Love Attending Shows.

The show season is here again and I am going to talk about the reason why we love attending shows from a traders point of view as well as from a buyers point of view.

Firstly you may be aware that we have just returned from the NEC where we had a stand for Eau Brink Studio and for Progression in Textiles. Why on earth would you do that I hear some of you ask?

Well, as a trader we like to meeting people. We  love talking to like minded people about our art and crafts. For Progression in Textiles it is an opportunity to tell everyone who attends the shows what the group is about and where our exhibitions will be over the coming months. For the visitors it is the opportunity to meet the artists and talk about the work to get an understanding about textile art. Discussing techniques and encouraging others to try a new way of expressing their artistic talents. Within the group we have quite a diverse  set of skills that are used in many different ways. Not all textile art has stitch on it but most of us like to add a bit of thread here and there.

Similarly for Eau Brink Studio I talk about my art and the techniques I use. It is also an opportunity to discuss the workshops that are going on over the year and going into next year. Meeting new artists is key for me as that means I can introduce new workshops into the studio for 2023. Encouraging new people into textiles in one form or another is a great way to meet new people. Also meeting others who are fully aware of what we do at the studio but are a bit nervous of joining in as they are at the beginning of their learning or as one lady informed me felt that she may not fit in due to her lack of skills. We like to help all levels of skills to advance their work in what ever way they want to go. A good starting point is to attend on the Social Wednesday to meet new friends and get to know what you want to learn. Then move onto Experimental Wednesday where you will learn new ways of  pushing your materials into a direction that you like. Or just to have a go and think “nope that’s not for me”. But at least you will have tried it without  a huge layout and ended up with kits or items you will never use again.

As a buyer I can say with full conviction that it is the opportunity to spend huge amounts of money if your not careful.

Setting  a budget and deciding on what you need, rather than what want, is a good way to shop at a show. Though saying that there is always something that I buy, that I really do not need and then have to make sure that I use it to justify it.  A comfortable pair of shoes are advised, as well as a shopping trolly or case on wheels.  Take bottled water too, as the queues are long to get refreshments at the bigger shows. I like to take one of those box trollies with a lid. They make the perfect chair if you cannot find a seat as well as keeping your purchases secure.

If your driving and attending a show at the NEC I advise you book your parking on line in advance as it saves you money. Also car share to save on fuel costs too. I am sure you probably know that, but it is something I usually do when going there. Especially now that our bills are souring.

I love attending shows at the NEC. I find the venue easy to get to, easy for parking and tends to be full of people I like. This is speaking as a trader and a buyer too. I am drawn to the place at regular intervals. So far I have been there 4 times already just this year . And am going again in June. So if your going to the Sewing for Pleasure, Creative Craft Show come along and say hello to Me on the Eau Brink Studio Stand and to the ladies of Progression on their stand.

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