2022 April

April 25, 2022

Five Things That Happen When You Are In What We Are Up To.

We are all engaged in being busy in different ways but when your involved in what we are up to you can be even busier.

The first thing that can happen is you can learn a new skill, or enhance a skill you  already have. What can be more exciting that finding you have a new hobby or that something you have been doing for many years can be moved onto something new?

The second thing that can happen is you can become addicted to your new skill and want to keep up with the developments in that field. This can be a little costly but worth it in my opinion.

Thirdly by knowing what we are up to you can pick and chose workshops to attend and ask Anita for one to one lessons if you miss any of the planned workshops. Or  maybe you want to spend a little more time getting help. Also you will know if the studio is free and you may want to use it for larger projects.

The fourth thing is you will know what is going on with the exhibitions and where they are. Then you can plan a day out with lunch and perhaps more than one exhibition if there are more in the area your visiting.

And the final thing is the shop. What do we have in stock? what is new? and can an order be bought to the studio as it is easier than getting to the shop.

So why have I highlighted all this?

Well it is because we are putting together our members area and although all of this information is on the website not everyone subscribes to the website or the news letters.

The members area is now ready for use. So very soon you will be able to decide at what level you want to be kept informed and what you want to learn.

There are two memberships available. At the moment I am trying to get them converted from dollars to pounds but the good news is that you do not have to use PayPal as card payments have been added. I am trying to get that added to the rest of the site too so it makes life easier for all of us.

With both memberships we will be offering a one week free trial so you can decide if you want to fully commit or not.

I will be adding the content hopefully by the end of this month so you can pop in and see what it is about. I will send out invitations once something is on there.

There will be short and long courses, videos with other artists talking about their work. These will co-inside with their workshops at Eau Brink. Also snippets of the workshops at the time of them happening. We will include the products we are using so you can see how they perform.

Just a quick reminder that Jenny O’Leary is visiting us on the 14th and 15th of May. You do not have to attend both workshops as they are very different. The 14th is making Batik Papers which can be used for card making, stitching into and sketchbook work. The 15th is taking inspiration from John Piper to create a substrate to stitch into using tissue and hot wax. You do not have to have experience for either of these day as Jenny will be demonstrating each step and will help where you need it.

To book for the 14th just go to https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/batik-papers-with-jenny-oleary/

and for the 15th just go to  https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/john-piper-inspired-batik-with-jenny-oleary/ 

Take Care






April 8, 2022

Workshops, Shows, Fairs, Shop and Covid.

So much has happened since my last little blog for you to read.

As you may be aware we have been to the NEC, as part of the fashion and creative crafts show. It was great fun, meeting new friends as well as old. So nice to be out and about again.  So many nice people interested in what we are doing. We will be returning in June for another few days of demonstrating and teaching.

Amanda Hislop has visited for a weekend of fun. We limited our colours to 3 and used small amounts of threads and papers with fabrics too. Everyone used similar items but all the results are very different. I am loving working into my little book using threads I have dyed.

Green is not usually my colour but I do like this little book and am looking forward to the finished result.

The next workshops up to Friday the 15th April are all cancelled due to my managing to get Covid. I need the time to recover as well as to give the studio a good scrub. I have switched off the heating to let it get cold in there and once I get a negative result will go in and give it a good scrub.

This also means I will not be in the shop either.  The good news is that I attended the local hospital and was given some hefty antiviral infusions so should be back in no time. I thought I had managed to avoid it. But that is life.  The up side is I have time to finish a few things and take my time over them.  The B&B rooms are also closed for the ten days.

Our next outing, all being well, is at Wellingborough where I will be taking my lovely Lewis and Irene fabrics. The next delivery is at the end of this month where we will have the “Hannah’s flowers ” collection. They are so pretty but I am not sure they will be here in time for Wellingborough this month but should be for the next one. Not sure why this look yellow it is a cream background.

And you will be able to buy your Christmas fabrics from June!


Ruth and I have set up an exhibition at Gorleston if you fancy a day out do go and take a peek. There is a very nice café just up the road from the gallery where you can get a good lunch. But we do advise you book first. It is called Margo’s Lounge. It is fabulous.

We will be there on the 23rd for the meet and greets before we take it down.

At the end of the month on the 23rd we have a new workshop with Jenny who is going to teach basic weaving for beginners. This will be a regular workshop and once you have mastered it you can move onto bigger things with Jenny. Booking have started so don’t miss out. The link is https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/weaving-basics-with-jennifer-anne-studios/ 


You may also be interested in visiting the West Norfolk Artist Spring Exhibition at Thornham Village hall. This exhibition is not just textiles but all types of art made by local artists. Well worth a visit.

Once you have looked at the lovely art you can pop next door for lunch in the Deli.


That all folks.

take Care





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