The Importance of Creative Stitching in Textile Art

June 6, 2022by Anita

The Importance of Creative Stitching in Textile Art

Textile art is a beautiful and creative way to express your personality. Whether you’re a traditionalist who likes things to be made the traditional way, or you’re looking for something more modern, there’s sure to be a stitch style that’s right for you. In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of creative stitching and what benefits they offer. Even if you mix the traditional with the modern. Come see what creative stitching can do for your creative side!

What are the benefits of creative stitching?

Hand stitched

Creative stitching can be a fun and rewarding activity that offers many different benefits. Try it out this summer with some easy ideas or take on a new challenge – you’ll love the results. Creative stitching is an alternative to traditional sewing techniques, and can be fun too! Not only does it offer a different perspective on your projects, but it can also increase their durability and longevity. By adding paints, dyes and papers you can create art, jewellery and embellish old clothes as well as making items for your home. By exploring stitch in so many ways you will find that the ideas just jump into your mind and you will want to keep moving your work on until you have exhausted that particular way of working. Then of course you will want to start another piece using what you have learnt along the way and move that on again. So, if you’re looking for a creative project for the summer, give creative stitching a try!


What is creative stitching?

Hand and machine stitch
Is it water or bark?

Embroidery is a centuries-old craft that can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the most versatile and easy-to-use ways of stitching is to be creative.. What is creative stitching? Creative stitching is a way of taking traditional stitches and using them in a none traditional way. Such as extending the stitches, stitching on top of each other. Changing the stitch slightly, Or by using different threads. For example if you look at the humble cross stich you can change it by lengthening it, widening it, take one stitch and make it longer than the other. Work them over each other instead of neat rows. Use different size threads, wools, string and even wire. Weave other threads through the cross stitches. Build them up to create texture. Use variegated threads too to add further colour. This will make you want to explore where you can take your work. Not only can you be creative by stitching by hand but also on your sewing machine. Free motion embroidery is exciting and can be done on any machine where you can lower the feed dogs or cover them up. You can even use the programmed stitches on your machine with the freedom to move around your fabric as you wish. There are many different stitches that you can use to create your own design, so its up to you what you want to make! When stitching you can add many embellishments including beads, papers, other fabrics, sequins, metal, mirrors, wool and string. the possibilities are endless. If you’re new to creative stitching, start by trying out some easy tutorials online first! You can find some on the Eau Brink Studio YouTube channel. And coming soon is the Eau Brink Studio members area with many more videos and tutorials.

To get you started why not  join us on the 4th and 5th of July where Alex Waylette is coming to Eau Brink studio to teach her lovely soldering technique. Sumptuous Soldering is a two day course incorporating many mixed media techniques which when combined produce an ornate and intricate 3D art work. The beauty of it is that you do not need to work from a design as we use stamps and printing blocks to be our starting point-and allow the design to develop naturally from these prints. You can take the techniques and materials used, further in your work at home and in-corporate your own designs and motifs. Suitable for those with some free machine embroidery experience. To book go to

If you want to join us for the above course but feel that you need a little bit more experience with your sewing machine just come along to Social Wednesday on 8th June or Experimental Wednesday on the 15th June and Anita will get you sewing all sorts of things to help your confidence.

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