Busy, With Outside Influences.

July 2, 2022by Anita

Busy, With Outside Influences.

I like to be busy all the time but sometimes my expectations are very different from the reality.

Planning my days is something I am very good at and most of the time I achieve what I have planned. However, like many others my planning does not always take into account outside influences and time.

A perfect example is where recently I found myself in a situation where I thought I would never be ready to go to the Creative Craft show at the NEC. There were kits all over the place, documentation to be printed, items to be made and the studio was a complete mess.

Luckily for me I have a Ruth. She came over and we worked through the day sorting out what I had and what was left to do. It turned out that I was on track but just couldn’t see it through all the mess.

When planning my days I expect to sail through the day keeping to the times and being a great achiever. Unfortunately as you have just read that is not the reality at times. Time is a great deceiver.

Another example frequently happens. We have rooms we let out for bed and breakfast. We are very often full and of course my planning includes the times I spend looking after the guests at breakfast. To enable them to have a hot fresh cooked meal I ask them the night before what time they would like to sit down to breakfast and what they would like. It is cooked and on the table at that time. But sometimes they do not come down to breakfast at the specified time.  It is guaranteed that this will make me angry. As I have wasted my time cooking a meal that may not get eaten and then the expectation is that I cook another for them. Now my planned day is behind due to outside influences. However I smile and be polite until I get into my studio and then rant and rave and stomp about whilst getting on with the next jobs.

Once I am with the fabrics, paints and threads I calm down very quickly and relax into the zone of creativity.

Unfortunately once in the creative zone, time becomes my enemy.  Where does it go? My expectations are that I will be  creative for maybe a couple of hours and the next thing I know it has been four or five hours and the family want feeding.  Can I blame that on outside influences?

This piece is called Steve. He was our latest cockerel now stitched I am beading him. Then he will have a 3d tail. The beading is taking hours and hours but I do love doing it.

The direction I am taking at the moment is heavily influenced by others. Many tutors and learners are cancelling the workshops due to a huge variety of reasons and that has been causing me many many issues. However, I am a great believer in the universe giving me instruction. So I am going with the flow. And the new direction is taking me to a fair few bigger shows and into making more of my own art to exhibit. Also it has made me realise that  perhaps smaller workshops for the time being are the answer.

With this in mind I am changing the way the studio is used. We will offer the use of the studio to anyone who wants to use it and the fee will depend on what the use is for as well as the time it is being used for.

I will teach more myself as I used to do at the beginning. Anyone wanting to come and teach here just has to contact me and we can arrange it. Also I am expecting the tutors who come here to  help advertise their workshops here which has not always happened in the past. I only found that out in the last year.

This new world we are living in now is influencing us all in one way or another and I am embracing it. Looking forward to what ever it brings. Having more time to concentrate on my own work.

With this new freedom I have been looking at my old work from my City and Guilds days. I have raked out the folders from the loft, looked at the samples we had to produce and I have spent time reflecting on processes and can see that many of them have not changed over the 30+ years that I have been creating textile art. Though some of the equipment has. Exciting things are happening.

Just a quick note to say that we have Sarah Hibbert coming on the 23rd July for the day. Sarah will be teaching us how to create a quilt from a paper collage.

Sarah is travelling up from London and as far I am aware has not taught locally before. So it is a great opportunity to work with her.

To book just go to https://www.eaubrinkstudio.co.uk/event/from-collage-to-quilt-with-sarah-hibbert/

The members area is now getting tutorials on it and some podcasts too. I will let you know what it is ready for use and they have managed to get rid of the dollars and we have sterling for payments.

Take Care






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