Anita, Author at EAU Brink Studio

January 15, 2020

Wow What a Start to 2020

Wow I What a Start to 2020, I cannot believe how busy it has been so far this year.

Starting with the Tea shop in The Barn. We have had an excellent start to our new venture with meeting new customers and providing lovely food and drinks daily. We are open 7 days a week from 10 am till 4 pm at the moment and when the clocks go forward we will be open from 9 am till 5 pm except Thursdays which are late opening until 7 pm.

Thank you all for popping in and if you have not yet made it to our tea shop I look forward to seeing you there.



I did announce a few changes for this year to the programme but have not been able to implement them yet as I have had customers book onto one or two of them before the changes. There fore the Powertex and Sewing machine confidence will remain for the time being as it is on the last weekend of the month.  there is still room on both if you wish to book. the Powertex is on the 26th and the Sewing machine confidence the 25th of January.

New for 2020

Ink drawing

A new workshop for Eau Brink Studio is Ink Drawing  with  artist Rachel Collier-Wilson to learn about drawing with ink in a relaxed and inclusive environment at Eau Brink Studio.

During the day, working with dip pens and black ink on paper, various methods of creating lines will be introduced and practised. These will include creating shapes, form and texture using this fun and versatile medium.

Rachel will start with a demonstration of ink drawing and then we will work on warm up techniques and practicing using the pen. In the afternoon you will be able to work on a more sustained piece and Rachel will be able to provide as much or as little tuition you would like.

ink drawingWe will work on a couple of still life subjects using these methods, please bring along your own inspiration if you would like. You can draw first in pencil before committing to drawing with ink.

Beginners are welcome to this ink drawing workshop – this course is suitable for all abilities. Rachel can provide dip pens and black ink for participants. Paper will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.

You do not have to be able to draw for this workshop as Rachel will help you.


As some of you who like to attend Alison Hulmes workshop have informed me that it may not be possible I have added a Gelli Plate workshop on 14th March which will be fun but I will not have all the items Alison brings along such as her fabulous Thermofax screens.

This is only part of the things happening at Eau Brink but I think I will leave you for now and then write again soon.

January 3, 2020

Hello 2020

Hello 2020, Wow a new year and a new decade. This means change at Eau Brink Studio.

For some time now I have found myself moving further and further away from what I originally intended when setting up the studio. And it made me very unhappy.

With this in mind whilst I was unable to do anything before Christmas I decided to sort it out.

Firstly I took a look at what I had been doing over the year and if I enjoyed it. The answer was mostly yes but some areas were a definite no.

So the no’s had to go. But what can I replace it with as I still have to pay the bills? And to be honest a regular job is not for me.

My lovely brother has joined us from Kent and we have decided to open up a tea room together. Danny trained as a chef so his food is divine but he hates baking and desert making, where as I love baking. So that works perfectly.

We opened our tea room in The Barn in Long Sutton because there was an existing coffee shop but the the lady who ran it had an accident and can not work for a while. The local Council will not let me have a teas shop at the studio which would be better. But we will work with what we have.

Now I am sure you are wondering what is going.

Hand stitch is required
Ready for sewing

Well firstly the workshops that very few book onto. That is Powertex and Sewing machine confidence. These will be by appointment only from now on.

I will also adopt a new system for upcoming workshops where if there are not enough learners up to two week prior to the workshop it will be cancelled. With the exception of other artists teaching as they will decide up to one month in advance if they are going to run it.

The studio will not be idle. Anyone can book it to run workshops or to use the space  if they wish. You just need to email me and I will discuss your needs and the costs involved.

Exhibition and Fairs

I will be exhibiting with the Progression group, West Norfolk Artists, at Wymonham with the Norfolk Makers and attending the Hand Made Fair at Hampton Court this year.

I will be also taking part in Textiles in action and Open Studios.

Website and contact.

My website will reflect all these changes over the coming weeks but please bear with me as I get it sorted out. If you wish to get hold of me it will be better to email me at [email protected] 

You can of course call me on 01553 762115 or on 07827674920 do leave a message if I cannot answer and I will return your call asap.

So as I said at the beginning of this blog. Hello 2020 it looks like a great year ahead.



December 5, 2019


Goodbye November I have no idea where you went but Hello December an exciting month where we get to spend a great deal of time with family and friends eating good food and drinking of course.

November was a very busy month that just flew by.

We were busy of course with fairs as well as workshops. The shop in the barn has been full, then items taken out for fairs and posting out to customers and then refilled again and now I need to refill again and I thought I had finished fairs this year but it turns out I have one more to attend. Also the school children have been having a blast making money boxes and painting as well as using air dried clay.

Goodbye November Hello December


Started off with the Makit fair in Solihul. A very long day but a fun day. Met loads of lovely customers and spent time chatting to visitors too. Thank you all for visiting my stall.

The school children are making their decorations now in preparation for the holidays and are very excited. Bouncing off the walls in fact.

Family Time

It is sometimes very difficult for families to get together on the big day so we decided to have a pre Christmas day and the family all came together to enjoy a fabulous dinner which left us very stuffed when we retired to the lounge to watch football. Yes I did give in and sort of watch it to. However I was very glad when it was over as I am not a football fan.  Now each family unit are free to go to other extended families and friends for the 25th and not have to let anyone down. It is a great way of spreading the happiness. I still feel stuffed as the dinner was huge.

On the 15th of the month I am at Norwich for the Norwich Creative Market at The Halls, St Andrews Plain, Norwich. I hope to see you there for more seasonal shopping.

For the rest of the month I will be socialising and attending my little shop at The Barn in Long Sutton.

The next workshop to be held at Eau Brink Studio is Sunday 22nd Creative Powertex, from 10 am. A lovely day to get away from the festive madness.

We at Eau Brink Studio Wish You all Seasons Good wishes and hope you all enjoy your celebrations what every you do. Keep safe and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.



Merry Christmas














November 25, 2019

End of November already?

How can it be the end of November already? I have been so busy the month has just gone.

So what have I been up to?

Back into the schools for fun with art and kids. So far we have managed to paint a great deal of paper, card, tables and children.  We have shaped air dried clay and sloshed paint onto that too. They appear to be enjoying it all.


New products

I have also attended a number of fairs this month which as usual are hard work but so much fun. I do love meeting new people. Only one more to go now and that is Makit fair in Solihul. Then I will be concentrating on other things.


The regular classes are going well but one or two could do with a bit more attendance or I may have to reconsider them in the new year.

The new Progression group is going from strength to strength. The work is amazing and I cannot wait to see the reactions of the visitors at the Forum in February.  We are also putting on a fringe event during makers month in February and will be in Open Studios too.  You can come and see our work that on progress, discarded as well as finished.

The other group I was asked to put on Socially Crafty may not continue into the new year but we will see. The next meeting is on Wednesday 11th December. 10 am till 4 pm. the aim of this day is for you to come along and meet new people no matter what craft you like to do. Bring along your work and share your knowledge.


The shop EBS Retail in The Barn in Long Sutton is doing well and I am considering moving it into a bigger unit.  It is a shame I cannot have a shop here at the studio but the Council still say no.

The Amazon Handmade site is also doing well which is a relief as I did wonder if I have stretched myself too far but now that I am into a routine it is good. I also have found a great way to send parcels that does not cost a small fortune.

The downside to all this commerce is I do spend hours and hours making items for it which takes me away from what I really like to do. But a girl has to live.

Whats coming up?

This Wednesday the West Norfolk Embroiderers Guild will be at Eau Brink sewing. This is one of their social days and you are all welcome to come along and see what goes on. Refreshments are available and the ladies are all very welcoming. Pop in any time from 0 am till pm.

At this moment the West Norfolk Artists are having an exhibition at St Nicolas Chapel in King’s Lynn, why not pop along and see all the fabulous work? I will be there as part of the group on Thursday 28th for the morning. Would be nice to see you.

Saturday is Makit at Solihul. Which will be fun. John will be there too offering PAT testing if you need it.

Looking forward next month




November 11, 2019

Time at Eau Brink Studio passes far too quickly.

Pin CushionsTime at Eau Brink Studio passes far too quickly for the amount of work I want to get through.  For example, I have been restocking the shop in The Barn with Christmas items as well as new 3D printed pin cushions.


The fair season is still upon us and of course I have to make items to sell at the craft fairs as well as making up packs for the trade fairs.

On top of these I send out items purchased through Amazon Handmade and the studio website.

Whew that sounds a lot before all the other day to day stuff.

This weekend I was asked if I really did enjoy my work and the unpredictability of it.

The honest answer to this question is yes and this is why.

Every day is very different from the previous day which I love. I get to meet loads people during my day even when in the studio on my own people call or pop in. (I think the cake helps with that)

It is hard work especially when a fair or show is looming and I need to make sure I have plenty to take and keep the shop stocked up. But that is part of the fun.

Income is very unpredictable some weeks good and some not so good. On the not so good weeks I do worry about it and at times I do find myself thinking how much easier it is to work for someone else but why would I want to restrict myself just for money?

So going back to the question Yes I love what I do and it is worth it.


I have been asked to start up a craft group in Eau Brink Studio where other crafters can meet. It is now live on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Called Socially Crafty  The cost is only £5. because your bring along your own crafts to make. Tea and coffee is provide with an honesty box. Socially Crafty runs from 10 am till 2 pm. Starting 13th November 2019.

As your aware we have had Peggy here teaching how to make fabulous baubles with beads. Unfortunately we have had to cancel the rest of the workshops due to ill health. It is hoped that Peggy can return in the future.

The orders for the Powertex are coming nicely and I would like to thank you all for the help and support so that I can become a stockist for Powertex. This has also sparked a renewed interest in the products especially the Translucent as it dries clear helping our textiles stand and shape.

Coming up

My next fair is the

Makit LQ&N Christmas Fair
Solihull Saturday 30th Nov 2019
Cranmore Park,
Solihull, West Midlands B90 4LF

I am also thinking about joining in one of the Christmas market days at King’s Lynn.



October 18, 2019

Now It Is Official

Now It Is Official. We are stockist for Powertex Uk.

I will be adding the stock to the website over the next few days but if you cannot wait you can always message me on [email protected]  or pop into The Barn in Long Sutton to see the shop.

If you would like me to bring products along to events also let me know.

Our next Fair is at Wymondham the Norfolk Makers event from Tuesday 22nd October to Sunday 3rd November. In the Arts Centre. Open daily.


October 10, 2019

This Week At Eau Brink Studio.

We have spent quite a bit of time at The Barn in Long Sutton. Out with the old and in with lots of new items.

The shop has had another move around too. It looks much nicer now. Take a look at

Christmas Fairs.

The Christmas Fair season is almost upon us now. I cannot understand how we have got to Autumn already. So I am making items to sell at Wymondham which is at the end of this month, as well as other local fairs.

Do come and say hello if your in the area.

We will also be at the last Makit fair of this year which is one I have not yet manged to attend so thats  exciting.


The new group is formed and we are full already. We are working towards our first exhibition in February as part of makers month. It is very exciting to meet the other members and see what they are all up to every month. We are working on improving our own practice in one area over the year so that visitors can see where our work takes us.

It is lovely to see what each member has accomplished since we last met. We also discus what is not going to plan and all members chip in with ideas to help move our work on.

Saturday 10 till 2.

Peggy will be at Eau Brink teaching her fabulous beaded decorations. This is the first of many planned and is aimed at beginners. However, if you fancy a refresher pop along to

Peggy takes us through the process of using beads without a loom which gives a bit more freedom with the designs once your used to it. Only £20.00 including materials and refreshments but not lunch.

Eau Brink

At last the garden is getting its makeover. The hedge at the front has been trimmed so you can now see the house and the gate. Great for me as I now do not get attacked by brambles when going the front to fill up the bird feeders.

The big overgrown tree beside the studio has gone too. It was so huge I have plenty of logs to dry out for the fire. I love the smell of pine burning.

The geese have settled in and spend a great deal of time wondering around with the ducks. The chickens are moulting so no eggs at the moment.

And the sheep are just their normal happy hooligan selves. Getting near to tupping time for them.

I am sorry for the lack of pictures but for some reason I cannot get anything to load. I think it is my computer as I cannot also get my music to play.

Such is life.






September 23, 2019

New at Eau Brink Studio

This Month I will be launching a  whole new set of kits.
Luxury Christmas stocking
Modern print stocking

What does this mean in real time? I am looking at packaging, writing instructions and searching out fabrics.

I am hopeful this will all be in place by the end of September. so no pressure then???

So far I have looked at the Christmas stockings,  three different types of baubles, and the coin purse. I still have to look at whether it will be a good idea to include the cushions, scissor holders and other items I make using the jelly rolls of fabric.


I am also looking into kits for Powertex. Starter kits mainly with the products you need to just get going or even smaller kits for you to have a go with it and see if it is for you.

I am sure once tried you will find a place in your crafting for it.

why am I looking at this?

Several of our customers ask me for kits or suggest me making kits to sell rather than the finished items. I have made the odd few for shows and fairs but at the Handmade Fair this time I had many many people asking for kits to give away as gifts or to have a go at making themselves. This has made me think that perhaps the time is right for them.

We will see.

Whats New?

Peggy Bonner is coming to Eau Brink Studio to teach beading techniques. Starting in October for a basic workshop to get you in the mood.

The day starts at 10 am and will finish about 2 pm.  Kits will be provided on the day and each learner will finish a small beaded decoration with a wooden cotton reel. This workshop is designed to wet the appetite so that you want to learn the more complicated designs for baubles and other items.

Beaded Decorations

Peggy is new to the area and wants to make new friends through her craft. Peggy owned a shop before her move where she taught her beading skills in regular workshops alongside running a busy shop.

I am sure that we will be able to make a number of fabulous items for our homes and as gifts with Peggy’s help.

For more information just go to


September 16, 2019

Hard work can be fun and at Eau Brink Studio we do have a lot of fun.

Hampton Court

This week we have been at The Handmade Festival in Hampton Court. The hard work starts with making  enough items to ensure you have a good stock to sell as well as items to showcase what you do in the workshops.

Then setting up on the day before the show opens starts with the journey down from Norfolk and worrying if you have everything, I always forget something. This time it was the handouts for the workshops.

Setting up takes a while but by 6pm we can go off to John’s Sisters to hopefully relax before the opening day.

Each day we are up early to get to Hampton Court by 8am. Traffic permitting of course. Check that all is well on the stall before opening. We do have a little time to catch up with old friends before we open which is always nice.

The rest of the day is spent chatting to customers old and new. Selling items of course and encouraging customers to look at the website to see if they fancy any of the workshop we run.

At 6pm the customers go home and we restock before heading back to relax or in my case sew more items.

On the last day at 6pm we pack up the stall to head home. Yesterday we arrive home late in the evening to a comfortable take away meal and a pot of tea.

Is this the end of it? No. The day after we unpack take stock of what is left. What sold well and what did not.

Then on the computer to follow up on requests and emails. Write a blog and update the website as well as social media.

The last thing is to take what is left to The Barn shop and clear up the studio.

Do I now plan for next year? yes of course it starts all over again now.

This is just one example of how we work and have fun. Others include running workshops.


Workshops are a great way to make new friends with like minded people. I love to see how people develop their own style of sewing and crafts. I have made some very good friends through my work.

New workshops are being added to the website all the time and this week there will be more including some half day workshops and maybe the odd evening one too. so pop along to to see whats going on.

Whilst away

Of course many of you reading this are probably thinking “what happens to the animals when Anita is away” My son lives with us and he cares for them. Also my sister is not far away and also pops in at regular intervals to make sure all is okay. the animals are better cared for than us humans.

Animal Update

The chickens are all doing well laying loads of lovely eggs. The geese have settle in well and protect the ducks now unless there is food about then its every duck and goose for him or herself. The sheep I think will be happy when the warm weather goes away  even when they have been sheared they they hot. And the ducks are happy. The babies are growing well and love swimming on the pond. Though it is funny to see them suddenly try and jump out when a fish catches them unaware.

Next time

Next time will tell you all about the exhibitions I am entering just need to confirm a couple today and then I can show you some new works too.



September 6, 2019

Exciting times at Eau Brink Studio.

Firstly I would like to thank Amanda Hislop for a great weekend of making us draw. The sketchbook workshop was amazing and I have continued to work into mine. I know this is not something I usually do. Many of us wondered where this would lead to and I am happy to say that it made me go back to basics which is a good thing.

The exciting times continue with Amanda  returning to us in 2020. Details are already on the website though more information is due to be added once Amanda has sourced pictures and samples.

Next is The Handmade Festival at Hampton court. Only one week to go and I am no where near ready for it.

I had decided not to go this year but at the last minute found that I can not stay away. So working long hours making items to take with me.

If you want to go and need a ticket just ping me an email and I will see if the link still works for you.

We are in full swing at Wymondham Arts Centre so you still have time to attend as it does not finish until the 15th of September. All items are textile related at this one so pop along and see whats going on. There is also a list of the workshops on my stand as well as the table where the money is taken.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected] 


Our new group has commenced this month called Progression. We are ten members and will stay at that number so if you were thinking of joining us and I have not spoken to you then if you wish to join I have to say you will be on a waiting list. Our first exhibition is in February at Makers Month starting in the Forum Norwich. We would love it if you could come and see us Fledglings. This is an exciting time for us and would appreciate your support.

News on the home front.

We have a new cockerel. He is a bit young at the moment to take his place with his ladies so is being loved and cherished on his own. This means he is being spoilt in our house.

The geese have settled in nicely, All baby duck are now wondering around and enjoying the pond for a swim and wash. The chicken are laying again so lovely fresh eggs daily and the sheep are just being hooligans as usual.

Perfect days.