June 17, 2021

It Is a Busy Time at Eau Brink Studio

So much is happening my head is in a whirl.

Firstly we had the Exhibition at The Forum in Norwich for the Progression Group. The feedback we had was amazing and the most popular piece we had on show was made be Katherine White. Her fox in a bin is hand stitched with a needle felted fox tail so it looks like the fox is bin raiding. It is a lovely piece.  We will be there again next year and hopefully we will be able to offer make and take too. Our next exhibition is at Little Massingham church in August.


Wednesdays are getting to be busy with our social days and Experimental Wednesday too. This month Mel came to get us to transfer images using natural dyes and the heat press in the way that she works. Mel and I have spent many hours happily working with our heat presses to see what we can do with them and how we can push the experimenting with them including using flora and fauna. It is great fun. We have created some fantastic images and made jams without wanting to as we put fruits and veg under the press too.

Of course Mel likes to use Vilene with her work so it is a little different from mine as I prefer cotton fabric. It is nice to be able to work with someone who has similar ideas but uses different substrates.

The children’s Art club is also a busy with the kids working on their sketch books. This year for them is almost over as we only have a couple of workshops left until the summer break. Next years workshops will be concentrating on drawing skills with a little bit of extra fun added to it of course.

colour and texture

With all this going on I have now caught up on most of the work I had outstanding but not the videos. With this in mind my son came up with the idea that I live stream them and then tell YouTube to upload them once the live stream has finished. This will save loads of time. It will mean no editing so you will get to either join in at the live stream or you can watch it later when the video is uploaded. I have set aside a Tuesday evening for this starting on  Tuesday 22nd June. Each week I will be there working on something different. I am going to start with the outstanding videos that are not edited. Going back so you can watch at the same time as I am working and ask questions as I go. This is a very new thing for me and I am expecting it to not be perfect but who wants perfection when creating?


This weekend we have Alison Hulme arriving for a weekend of printing and making pinnies, bags and canvases. the only problem we may have is it is not going to be sunny and warm but a bit rainy. Hopefully we can still get things dry. I love this workshop with Alison we have loads of fun and get so much work finished in the two days.

It is a lot of work that goes into these workshops by everyone involved but so worth it when you see the end results.

On top of all this we still have the shop to keep stocked so making for that and Eau Brink Studio will be at a number of other events in the year such as Little Massingham, Brancaster and Wymondham. So again more items to be made and kits too.

I have decided to make up kits for cushions and some of the other items I make so more work to keep me busy. These kits will be for beginners to work at first and then I may look towards something more advanced for next year. Starting slow and building up maybe.

Next years programme is being planned too so if you want me to ask someone to come and teach or if you want me to put on a specific workshop please do let me know sooner rather than later as many other artists are already taking bookings for next year and we do not want to miss out here in West Norfolk do we?

One last thing to mention is I was interviewed on Radio Norfolk. Talk about being pushed out of your comfort zone. But in the end it was okay and not a scary as I thought it would be. I was stunned when they called and asked me to to the interview and it was aired live too. I did remember not to swear and I hope minded my manners like a good girl.

Take care everyone









What on earth has happened to the first half of 2021? June already and only just getting back into the swing of things.

So what have we been up to then? The workshops are going full pelt again. It is so lovely to see everyone again and being able to speak face to face. sharing ideas and helping each other in the groups is a great way to spend a day.

Ruth’s workshops are going well and her loom beading one even got me working on making some bracelets. An who knows if I can find the patience to get past the first two rows I may even make something else.

Our Shibori and reverse Shibori dye day was great fun making loads of mess and getting frustrated with hand stitch and wrapping fabrics to dye. Also pulling threads on denim. That was a challenge on the black one. But how lovely to sit in the garden and work on our fabrics. The results have been stunning on the denim and we are all very pleased with them. One of mine looks like people in the mist so a bit of stitch into that and we will have a finished picture.


And I have been busy making some little clothing to show off the lovely fabrics we have in the shop. this one is so pretty and the dress turned out beautifully.

I picked this pattern because of the box pleats which show off the fabric with movement as well as how well it hangs. There are more on the way. At the moment I am making a set of dungarees using the scarecrow fabric.

And of course we have spent time in the shop and getting ready for the exhibitions.

The first exhibition is currently in The Forum, Norwich. Running until the 11th June. This exhibition if free to attend. We have booklets printed for anyone who wants one just let email in and we will send you one. The information in there is about the artists involved in Progression in Textiles and where we are exhibiting.  We would love to see you and see what you think of our work.

And with June already upon us we are moving forward with our next exhibitions. And more workshops.

There is NO Social Wednesday on the 9th of June due to my family visiting and an appointment. But Experimental Wednesday is going ahead on the 16th of June and Social Wednesday on the 23rd will be going ahead.  Alison Hulme is full still. If you want to reserve a place for next year please let me know and I will email you as soon as Alison confirms she is returning.

We are planning a new series of Eco Printing workshops starting at the beginning for a basic one day workshop building up to some two day workshops making all sorts of things including hand made books and using the scraps for landscapes. I am really excited about this and cannot wait to get the dates confirmed. The tutor is called Fiona Balding.  If this is something you would be interested in please do let me know so I can build a list ready for when we can go live and you will be emailed a few days before the adverts go out giving you the chance to get a place in advance.

And as we are already half way through the year I will be now looking at the plans for 2022 and what workshops we will be adding to the programme. If you would like someone to be added please to let me know and I will approach them to see how they feel about teaching in West Norfolk.

And lastly I have no plans to increase prices this year for the workshops which may help and to help further you can spread the cost by paying a deposit of £10.00 per day and then you can pay as you go up to the last 4 weeks before the workshop. All you need to do is go to the booking site and change the amount your paying in the pay box. The system will take it off the amount owing. Of course I will keep a check on this for you. All deposits are none refundable. If you are unable to attend we will try and resell your place as soon as we can.

Thank you all for your support.




The Ups and Downs of May

May the season of new beginnings and lovely weather. Long days returning and we are all happy to be back out and about. Conjures up a lovely picture of happiness.

The reality for us all has been a little different. The weather playing a huge part in our getting out and about as well as the Covid situation. Also Anita has been a little bit poorly and had to have an unscheduled stay in hospital. Which is why everything is a little late. Only the scheduled emails and social media has been going out. But we are all back to normal at Eau Brink Studio now and hopefully the weather will improve. So it remains to be seen if we can now have more ups and than downs for the remainder of May.

For the smallholding side of things we are having a little reshuffle due to the fox situation so the chickens will all be kept in the top field and unfortunately shut in their own enclosure for a while.

The bees are doing well so far this year despite the weather and the ducks are just being themselves. Though we do need to get some more girls for the boys as the ladies are looking a little ragged at the moment.

This weather has meant that we have not been able to plant our dyers garden so far and it may be delayed whilst we try and source new plants. The seedlings have not gown as well as planned and of course we couldn’t get them in the ground. If the wind had not taken the cover off the polytunnel we could have put more in there. We have some we kept going and potted into larger pots so all is not lost.


Talking of dyeing we do have space on Saturday for the rescheduled Procion Shibori Dye Day. If you fancy having a go we are also going to be working into some reverse Shibori dyeing using denim. Just to mix it up a bit. Here is the link to book 

All dyes and equipment are supplied as well as some fabrics.


We also have space on Ruth’s bead loom day on Thursday if you fancy something a little different. Ruth Holmes will be teaching us how to create lovely beaded bands using basic equipment . All equipment including the beads and needles are supplied. Ruth will also show us how to use a bead loom and there are looms available to buy if you want them. Here is the link for booking.

Besides Social Wednesday that is all we have time for this May and we are looking forward to June.

But before May goes away we do have the challenges to complete. The outstanding videos will be uploaded over the next few days. There will be instruction on how to make the pocket to keep your found treasure in. Also variations on decorating it. An there is a planned paper version for a keepsake book. Though this is still at the planning stage.

Please remember to send me your pictures so that I can upload them onto the website and everyone can see you lovely work.


Thank you all for your help and support over this past few weeks it has been amazing and Anita cannot thank you enough.

June is going to be a fabulous month. Alison Hulme is fully booked with a short waiting list and Progression in Textiles are exhibiting at the Forum In Norwich from the 1st to the 11th. This is a free exhibition so please do come and see our work.





Confession Time for Eau Brink Studio

Oh dear I am sorry to say we have got a little behind during April. I have no idea where the month went to. One day I am putting out emails announcing the months programme and then it is the end of the month. Where on earth did the middle go?

So to put things right I am going to spend a fair bit of time in the studio over the next few days catching up with emails, bookings and the shop items.

I also need to spend a little time in the shop as the fabrics need to be cut and packaged ready to grab off the shelves if you want a metre or less. Not to mention unpack the latest arrivals of threads and needles.

On top of this I have to finish items for the shop such as bags , peg bags, pin cushions, cushions and kiddies clothes so you can see how the fabrics look made into lovely items and of course needle cases as well as scissor holders.

Luckily the 3d printers are going full time and we are managing to keep up with the stock and orders for dinosaurs as well as dragons and cookie cutters.

The videos will be uploaded for April and the first for May’s challenge in the next day or two.

So that’s the end of my confession time and moving onto this month.

What is Eau Brink’s May challenge? It is called Finders Keepers.

This challenge is all about finding something you want to keep or have already found and want to keep. It can be anything that you can fit into a pocket. Not just any pocket but one that you have made using a pattern from the V&A. Here is the link to help you  

This link takes you to a 1838 guide on how to make a tied pocket to the size of the item your keeping. These pockets can be as basic or elaborate as you want to make them.

Traditionally made from linen and embroidered as your need. However silk and wool were also used depending on what you needed to carry in it.

The Victoria and Albert museum has a good collection of pockets to see on your next visit.

First spend a little time looking at your found item making a note of the shape, size, colour  and pattern. Think about what it is made of so you can decide what fabric to use for your pocket.

Of course you do not have to make your pocket from fabric it can be paper or card or even materials you have made yourself by melting packaging to form a new material.

What else is going on at Eau Brink Studio then?

We do have room on our Shibori workshop on Saturday 15th May if you would like to have a go at this brilliant workshop with Anita just click on this link

There is also room on the Beginners Loom Bead Weaving with Ruth Holmes. This workshop is on Thursday 27th May . 10 am till 4pm. To know more just go to

And of course we welcome anyone who wants to drop in on Wednesdays for a day of crafts on our social Wednesdays

Or join us for Experimental Wednesday on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Take Care Everyone











April 27, 2021

Great Workshops mean Great Fun

What a fabulous weekend we have just had with Amanda Hislop.  A great workshop full of fun as well as stretching our skills.

The concertina sketchbooks were a bit daunting at first but once we got going we sped along the first side on the first day. It was fun sloshing paint, inks and glue over the pages to create a landscape.

Day two was a little bit more of a challenge as we had to work on side two and had to be mindful of side one. We also had to draw into the first side to add detail.

This workshop really makes you think about the landscape around us and makes you look at the detail of every tree, bush, blade of grass and the water.

It is fascinating to see things with this much detail.

Amanda will be back next year in April. Teaching us how to use our sketchbooks to create a piece of art. Anyone can join in all you need is a sketchbook completed with studies of landscapes. But if you want to join in be quick because although we do not have all the details yet we are half full already.

Next months workshops include Nodeen Salmon on the 8th and 9th May. We do still have space if you have been thinking of booking.

A great two days of learning how to create fabulous trees with Nodeen guiding you to your finished piece. Lots of help and demonstrations with this one to ensure beginners can complete a great piece of art.


fantastic patterns

May the 15th we are Shirbori style dyeing with Procion dyes. Anita will be demonstrating how to mix the dyes and use them on folded fabric to create lovely designs for future use. This is a modern twist on a traditional technique. Places are limited but if the weather permits we can also work outside to give us more space for larger pieces.

Dyes and some fabric provided along with refreshments.


on May the 27th we have beginners bead loom weaving with Ruth Holmes.  A lovely workshop full of glistening beads to create great designs for you to use in your work to to make bracelets. Basic kit provided with the option to purchase a loom of your own. Refreshments provided.

We still have space for you to join in.

Well besides Experimental Wednesday and Social Wednesdays that the plan for May. I hope to see you soon




April 19, 2021

A Brilliant Re-Start At Eau Brink Studio

Wow what a time we have had. Just like to thank everyone who has visited and supported us opening again.

We started with Progression in Textiles. It was so lovely to meet everyone again in person and not on a screen. Cake and hot drinks were the order of the day with a little bit of business thrown in too.

Fabulous items stitched by our members ready for our exhibitions. So looking forward to them. The first being in June at the Forum in Norwich. Then excitingly the NEC also in June.

We then had a social Wednesday which was just lovely to sit, Sew and chat. The next one is Wednesday 28th April from 10 am. You do not have to sew you can do anything you want just bring your work along with you.

Making friends and learning new skills is what we are about so come and join in.


Thursday the children’s art club started again and we had a great time over hot chocolate and cake practicing our drawing skills using shading. Next week we will be planning what we are going to put into our concertina sketch books. All materials are supplied for this group.

The weekend we spent with Melanie Missin from Mellymade designs learning how to make a tree hanging using machine stitch and transfer paints. It was a great weekend full of fun and even those who have never used their sewing machines for embroidery produced great results. Mel will be returning to Eau Brink in the near future for another great two day workshop.

Of course I decided not to make a hanging with  mine but to put them in frames.

So what’s next then?

This Wednesday (21st) we have Experimental Wednesday where we are pressing fruit and veg using a heat press so we get fabulous designs on our fabrics. We do still have space in you fancy giving this a go.

Just click onto the link above for more information.

Then the weekend is going to be spent with Amanda Hislop working in Concertina sketchbooks but not necessarily with drawing. This workshop was full but unfortunately two ladies have had to isolate from today so will not be able to join us.  That means we have two spaces available now.


We have another social Wednesday on the 28th and that is it for this month. Our next big workshop is with Nodeen Salmon on may the 8th and 9th.

Nodeen will be showing us how to stitch trees with our sewing machines. You can be a complete beginner and Nodeen will help you achieve a great picture and learn a new skill. Two days learning and making new friends with refreshments thrown in.

To book just follow this link

What Else?

The seeds set for the dyers garden are growing well but are still too tender to go in yet.

The wild bee meadow is starting to grow too. I have also planted a fig tree in the hope that the figs are lovely and we can get some sort of dye out of the leaves.

The puppies are of course naughty which is expected and growing well. They are a lot bigger than this now.


John has started the PAT Testing year off with the studio items and can fit anyone in if they want their items tested just bring them along. He is very reasonable. John is also happy travel to you if it is easier.

The shop in the Emporium at Long Sutton is open again and the fabric is a hit not to mention other items in there. Including Johns 3d printed animals and dinosaurs.

Take Care Everyone and thank you once again for your support.








April 2, 2021

April Holds So Much Promise

We are able to visit others, shop and eat outside in other venues. The pubs are opening , The chickens are free to roam as well as us. And of course it is spring. All good.

At Eau Brink Studio we are planting many plants including the dyers garden, vegetable patch, fruit trees, wild flower meadow and flowers. Although I am very sad we no longer have our sheep I am very happy we can have our garden back. though the chickens are very interested in all we are doing. We are looking at increasing hives this year too hopefully to four. Lots of fabulous honey.

What’s this got to do with stitching and creating I hear you ask? April is the time we can open our doors again with limited numbers. If the weather permits we can all stroll around the grounds and take a look at everything growing.  And many of us will be thinking of the promise of dyes from everything. Any flower, leaf, fruit or vegetable will be viewed as potential dyers material as far as I am concerned. The dyers garden may take a year to fully mature but other items growing can produce great results too.

With this in mind we are experimenting with this on Experimental Wednesday on the third Wednesday of April. Using the heat press so we will have to take it in turns.

This picture is using Cherries. Sliced and placed under the heat press between two pieces of cotton fabric. No mordant. Also two pieces of parchment paper to protect the heat press. I have to say I love it. I will also try with different mordants and we will see what comes of it. I am excited to try the iron as that will bring black into it I hope.

The fabric was dry and unwashed. Egyptian cotton from Empress Mills. What can I make with it? Well it is asking to be quilted to me or beaded. Or maybe both. Will make nice cushions, book covers, needle cases or if your brave enough a larger quilt. Who knows.

This months challenge is called Reclaiming Memories. How you decide to do this is up to you but here are a few suggestions. Using a favourite piece of costume jewellery that is past its best revamp it into a brooch using Powertex, Use a piece of treasured old linen to make a new item, Use cards sent to you by others to make a collage picture, Repurpose a piece of clothing.

You can only use reclaimed items even threads if sewing and fabrics. Lace, buttons and other embellishments.  Of course where you reclaim it from is up to you so go to your family and friends, even neighbours to raid their saved items. And of course on the 12th of April the charity shops will be opening again.

Please do remember to send me your pictures of what you make and if you want to what memory has been your inspiration.

Stay safe everyone



March 30, 2021

Last days of Scrap Bag Challenge

As we approach the end of the month we are rapidly running out of days to finish our challenge. Many of you have said you will send in your pictures over the next few days and I look forward to seeing what you have manged. I must confess to not finishing mine as yet but will do and get it onto the social medial pages for you to see.

When this idea was first suggested to me I was a little unsure that anyone would want to do these but now I see how it has been helpful to keep us all going whilst housebound. I have also been made aware that it will be something we can all do whilst the Embroiders Guild is morphing into  small groups as it is no longer running. Such as shame.

This months exercise has made me look at how much scrap I have. Far too much as I do not like to throw anything away in case I need it. This means I have a lot of scraps of fabric, paper, specialist papers and pages from old books and maps.  Not to mention wools, fleece and other materials.

The upshot of this has been a major clear out. Being honest and looking at the items and deciding on what really is needed and what can go. Local residential homes have once again received a little gift. This time I have packaged the items up and given them as craft packs for their fund raising.

Amongst the scrap I have found some fabulous packaging from a firm who sell lovely bath products. Each item arrives wrapped in a concertina of thick paper to protect it. When opened out it looks like honeycomb. I have used this for one of my challenge pieces. Just need to add a few beads to finish it. I have to point out that my lucky man of the moment was sitting shaking his head when I became more excited about the packaging than the bath products.

Next months challenge is called Recycled Memories.

March 25, 2021

Ready and Waiting

The studio is ready and waiting for your return. The kettle has been replaced, the cups washed to remove the dust again. The cupboards cleaned out again. And I have been ploughing through  all my unfinished items to get them out of the way.

The studio has had a move around so that the side door is now usable and the plan is to have a big outside space. A covered patio is planned just need to get it done now. This will increase the capacity of the studio during the summer months and on the less cold and wet days too. Depending on what we are doing. I may invest in a heater if needed.

The gardening has started and the first seeds are poking their heads out of the compost for the dyers garden. so excited. Hopefully you will see it growing fairly quickly. The planting area has been rotavated ready for planting.  I have two Aloe Vera plants too but am not sure if we can plant them outside. However if I can I will  try and then we will see what we can do with them. The plan is to also plant a few camomile benches in case we need something calming when things do not go to plan. We have also planted a wild meadow for the bees. And of course I will be encouraging visitors to go and pick the flowers and grasses for their work.

During March we have been working on using our scrap bags in the scrap bag challenge. Already one piece has been finished and the picture uploaded onto the social media sites. As they come in I will post them.

For inspiration pop over to my YouTube channel and take a look at what I have been up to with my scraps.

Assuming all goes well we can open in April and will start with our social Wednesday where you can pop in for refreshments and a chat. Bring along something to do but do book in please on

Children’s art club on a Thursday evening.

Then we have our Experimental Wednesday. This will be a planned day to experiment with fruit and veg under the heat press with man made fibres. We have to hope for a nice day so we can have all the doors and windows open. I have been playing with this and the results are varied. The aim is to get prints from the organic matter and for the man made fibres to shrink to create new shapes. In some cases you will just get the colour from the organic matter which may spread over the fabric.

The First workshop is making a woodland hanging just like the one Melanie has made in this picture. For  more information follow the link

On the following Thursday Ruth Holmes will be here making Machine Applique postcards. To book just go to

The Following weekend we have Amanda Hislop and only two spaces due to cancellations. So if you fancy it just go to


We have moved the Pauline Wrighton workshop to August so if you wanted to book but couldn’t make the date try the new date and see if that fits in with you. Just follow the link on Pauline’s name. This workshop is all about learning how to use the various feet for your sewing machine. This is the second one but it is okay if you missed the first as Pauline will help you.

So we are hopefully at the end of many of the restrictions and have all been at least offered a vaccine if not had them.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.





March 7, 2021

Challenging Times means Challenging work


Our monthly challenge is under way. We are working with our scraps to create a piece of art. This can be a picture, functional piece or anything you want it to be.

Challenging ourselves to move out of our comfort zones is a good thing and as we are confined to our homes we have time to experiment and have a go at new things.

This week after sorting out the scraps to be used I have completed  video’s on YouTube for you about Appliqué using a cutting machine. These shapes can be used on card stock, paper and fabric which means we have a fair amount of choice for our art.

The first video is live now called Any Old Scrap – Machine Applique. As usual I have recorded this in real time. warts and all. It is just one way of using your scraps of course and it is up to you what you do with them. Here is the link for you.

The second video will be using hand stitch for Applique. Demonstrating the Tent Makers way of using scraps of fabric and traditional ways for rolled edges with applique but of course with a little cheat by ironing first.

I am not always a purist when it comes to some techniques and am quite happy to use a machine or cheat to get the results I want. As in this case.

It is good for me to be going over techniques I have not used for some time as it makes me think and at times I could do with the practice of course. Especially Applique as I have not used it for a very long time.

Of course you may not want to use your scraps for this process but do not worry I have other ideas to show you and am recording the video’s all this week. I will not bombard you though they will be uploaded gradually so you have time to think about what you want to make.

One will be a mixed media picture. Using stamps machine stitch maybe a little hand stitch into the scraps to create landscape or other scene. And maybe a bit of abstract too.

This would fit in with the Amanda Hislop workshop which is on the 24th and 25th of April. Of course this will depend on the opening of the next stage in the roadmap on the 12th of April. As numbers are limited we do only have two spaces now available so booking quickly will ensure your place.

This abstract piece was completed at the last Amanda workshop and we will be using a similar technique for the coming workshop. Those of us who attended do have scraps left over from that workshop to use and Amanda will be bringing her pieces for use too.

If you would like to be part of the workshop just go to

Before Amanda’s workshop we have Woodland Art Hanging with Melanie Missin on the weekend of the 17th April. Again it is over two days and we will be able to complete our piece in that time.

With Melanie’s expertise we will learn how to use shear fabrics and a soldering iron to create a hanging with machine stitch. Of course a few embellishments too if you want. I would have to add a bead or two. This is a great workshop for both beginners and the more experienced textile artist. For more information just follow the link

All our workshops commence at 10am and end at 4pm for all day. Bring your own lunch but refreshments are provided with hot and cold drinks, home made cake and a fruit bowl.

We are working on an outside patio area very soon. It would be fabulous if we can get it finished in time for our programme to restart again. Fingers crossed as this will increase our work space when the weather permits.

One last thing is to remind you that we do have a shop in the Long Sutton Emporuim. 59 Wisbech Rd, PE12 9AQ.

The shop is called EBS Retail and stocks many of the items I make but also fabrics, quilting equipment and other haberdashery. Not to mention the items John is printing on his 3d printer. If you cannot make it to the shop then take a look at the on line shop    the fabrics are being uploaded as they come in as with the other stock. If you cannot see what you are looking for just drop us a line or call and we will endeavour to help you with your needs.

The teabag challenge was great fun and I thank you for joining in. We have had a number of requests for the Bister granules in brown. We are still trying to get them so please do be patient but we do have some ready mixed in our online shop.

We will keep you up to date when we have the granules in.

In the mean time please take care.





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