December 23, 2021

Shopping – A Physical or On Line Shop?

Lets face it we all like to shop at some point but which do we prefer? A Physical or On Line Shop?

There is a huge discussion about the high street shops disappearing but the solution appears to be complicated.

One argument is that you can get just about anything on line but not in a high street or even out of town shopping centres. For those of us who like to sew this is particularly true. But, the difficulty for us is that we like to see and feel what we are buying. Particularly when it comes to fabrics.

So many times in the past I have purchased fabric on line and been very disappointed with the quality of it. And that is why I started to sell fabrics from the studio and then moved them into the shop. Now I have a lovely collection from Lewis and Irene which are fabulous quality and lovely prints. The best thing about them is that in a collection you can mix and match all the fabrics and your project will look lovely.

With this in mind in the coming year I am going to be teaching cushion making using these fabrics. Now you may be thinking once you have learnt how to make a cushion you do not need to go again. But I am going to teach you how to make a pieced square which we will make into a cushion and each month the pattern will be different. Then at the end of the year you will have the patterns for twelve squares and can use them to make quilts and other home items.

Going back to the high street I have to admit that I do avoid going into town centres if I can. Writing this made me think about why that is and here are my thoughts.

The parking is far too expensive especially if your just nipping in for something quick. The town where I live has no department store other than M&S but it is very old fashioned and small. The rest of the town is made up of empty shops, charity shops, pubs and cafe’s other than Boots. There is one clothing shop I do shop at and a haberdashery shop that never has what I want. There is a great veg shop but it is always so busy you can’t get  in it.

I have approached the council and the company that runs the centre of the town to see if I can have a pop up shop in one of the empty shops and they are not at all keen for me to do this unless I pay full rent and rates as well as taking out a small lease for up to three months.  I only want one for a long weekend now and again. I am assuming that many small businesses would love the opportunity to have a pop up shop in a town centre where they can assess if it would be worth taking on a permanent shop or not. And for the visitors to the town it would be a real bonus to know that when ever they are in town different shops are there for them. There are towns in Norfolk that do this very successfully. Such a shame ours won’t entertain it.

Lets look at why I shop on line. That is an easy question to answer. It is quick to find what I want most of the time. It is easy to purchase and they deliver it sometimes the next day. Though I do like to use click and collect if I can to save the postage.

And guess what ? you can now click and collect when purchasing off my online shop. More and more products will be added over the coming months including art materials that we use for our textiles. So now you have a great choice of shopping in my physical shop, online shop and using click and collect.

With all this choice I have to say I prefer a physical shop so that I can see what I am getting. I like to feel the fabrics to see what they are like. I like to see something made up so I know what it will look like. And I like to talk to someone who has used a product to hopefully get a real idea on its properties.

Eau Brink Studio will be closed for the 24th, 25th and 26th December and if we are permitted after that we will be open except for 1st January 2022.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all who read my blogs, purchase items from me and support the studio by attending workshops and popping in from time to time.

Also thank you ladies of Progression in Textiles for working so hard to ensure our little exhibiting group continues to grow and grow. I for one are looking forward to the coming year and working with you.


December 15, 2021

Four Reasons Why Creating Art can be Hard

Have you ever wondered why creating art can be hard? There are four reasons that I can think of.

There are many thoughts on this subject which so I will just touch on the subject. What did you think of when you read the heading?

Experimental Machine stitchThe first thought for many will be that you have to be able to draw to create art.  This is not at all true. We are all able to create we just need to decide on what we like to do and how we want to do it. Art can be anything from drawing simple sketches to producing the most amazing pictures, sculptures and instillations. And they can be made using any medium you fancy. Pictures can be drawn, painted, digitally created and stitched. Sculptures can be from wood, ceramics, stone, fabric, threads and yarns. Anything really. And that also goes for instillations.

I think art is just the term used for creating something pleasing and perfecting the use of a medium. In my case fabric and threads. For many it is mastering the use of colour and texture or line drawing. It really can be anything you want it to be.

So why do we find it so hard?

Well the worse thing of all is when you hear someone who does not like your work picking it to pieces. They either do not like the colours, or the textures. Maybe they think it is not well made or too complicated. At first this is a challenge as being only human we get hurt when we have spent many hours making something to hear someone rubbishing it within minutes of seeing it. But we have to get over that and I like it when I hear someone critiquing my work so I can join in the conversation. I usually introduce myself and then ask them why they think the colours are wrong. Many times individuals think I put the wrong colours together because they would not do that. But that’s okay I know what I like and who’s to say if its right or wrong? Many of the individuals cannot justify why they are pulling my work apart so I tell them its okay for them to have an opinion.

The next thing that we can worry about is what the finished item looks like. Should it look like the inspiration? I say no. The inspiration is just the start. If you take a picture why would you recreate it exactly as it is?  you already have the picture. Move it around, change the colours, just use one part of it and see where that takes you.  It takes many years to feel comfortable with your own art and there is always something you can change but I think that is all part of the learn curve.

One more thing we find hard it finding our own way within our field. Of course we have to learn all we can about the subject and to do that we look at others, read books, attend classes and look on the internet to see what is trending. But after a while you have to go your own way. I find that I like to problem solve so I will get some materials out and then start to play with them. Use colour and texture in different ways, use the materials in different ways. If I don’t like it rip it up and reuse it. Dye it or paint it.  Stitch all over it.  The possibilities are endless.

And lastly we need to think about how we look at the world around us. When looking at a tree tell yourself that your not looking at a tree but a lot of lines, textures and colour. The tree will have many colours during the different seasons, in different light, and when wet as well as dry.  This applies to everything we look at. We just need to think of the world in a different way.


So you see the four things that we find hard are:- Others perceptions of our work, what it should look like,  finding our own way in our art and how we see the world around us.

You may or may not agree with this and feel that there is more to it. Of course I can think of a lot more that will stop you from producing a piece of art but the real thing that stops us is ourselves. There are days when I can find many excuses not to start a project or to finish a piece. But eventually I will get on with it.

There are no more workshops this year but we have a very exciting programme for 2022 starting with a one day lantern making workshop with Anita and then a  lino cutting and printing workshop with Rachel Collier-wood in January.

Take care




December 7, 2021

Getting Ready for the Festive Season and Beyond

As with everyone getting ready for the festive season and beyond  is a busy time for us at Eau Brink Studio. Not only do we have to think about our own celebrations over the coming weeks but also decorating the shop and the studio.

Not being one for  a lot of glitter and blingy decorations I tend to try and keep things simple and traditional. In the shop we have a little artificial tree which will go up this weekend. The decorations are simple and have been up for a couple of weeks now.

The studio will not be decorated at all as I need a safe haven from all the madness that goes on at this time of the year.

My house does not get decorated until the weekend before the 25th December and we have a real tree with decorations we have had for many years. Though some did get broken the year before last when the tree fell over. I like glass baubles. Lights and Lametta or what ever its called. If I could get away with it I would fill my home with real holly and evergreens but with dogs and men its not a good idea.

Getting ready for the shop means starting early in the year making enough decorations to sell. How can we do that ? its not easy because we have no idea what customers want. Purchasing in fabrics and making lovely cushions is the start of it. But if we have a run on things Anita just gets another batch made and keeps going as what does not sell will keep for next year.

In the studio it is a little bit more difficult as some years many of our regular customers want to keep visiting and other keep December for family and friends. So getting the balance right is tricky. This year we have put on a couple of extra workshops with Ruth Holmes. Making Christmas Decorations using your sewing machine or by hand. Click on here for the first one.       And here for the second .

After that we will close until the 5th of January when we start our new years programme. In January we have some new workshops for one day. We have lantern making with Anita O’Neill.     Lino Cutting printing with Rachel.     and a beginners workshop for patchwork with Anita Again. Each month Anita will be teaching a new square pattern for patchwork and quilting which will be made into a cushion. The skills learnt will enable you to make a full quilt if you wish.

So back to December. Tuesdays will remain the evening where I go live. This week I am going to show you how to print using soy wax and a screen with procion dyes. This is what we are going to be doing for Experimental Wednesday this month. 

This technique can be used on fabric and papers so is very versatile. If you fancy joining us just click on the link above and book in or email  and request to be added to the list. We are limited to 8 for this workshop as we are working with hot wax and procion dyes and need the room for all your lovely work to dry. You will learn how to mix manutex, chemical water and procion dyes as well as how to use the wax as a resist for the dyes. This is not silk painting but we can put that in if you want to have a go. There is a £5. fee for materials including the fabric if you need it. A small amount of silk is included but larger pieces will have to be purchased if required.

The end of November and the beginning of December finds me in the kitchen cooking Christmas puddings and sweet mince for mince pies. Both are delicious. Some of you may think that it is a little late to be cooking these things but I do not like stodgy puddings. I like them to be fresh and falling apart as you eat them so that you can taste all the ingredients. From the fruit and nuts to the alcohol too.  The house smells amazing and it kick starts the season off for me.

I hope all your preparations for the season and beyond are all going as you wish.








November 28, 2021

What am I? A Artist? Maker or Crafter?

Hand stitch is required

For far too many years that I care to remember I have been making things using fabrics, papers and threads. So the question is What am ? A Artist? Maker or Crafter?

The answer will depend on who is reading this and who knows me enough to know what I love doing most. A complicated question that requires a complicated answer.

My first love is making textile art. That is easy enough making me an artist?  Yes is the answer if your reading this as a textile artist yourself. Here comes the controversy. Many artists who do not use fabrics and threads do not consider textiles as an art form. It is either sewing, embroidery, a craft or I am a maker. I often wonder why that is. Textile artists use a needle and thread instead of paint and ink. Why is it classed differently?  I create pictures using the needle and thread, I create abstract art using the same materials there are other Textile Artists who’s work is so amazing you cannot fail be in awe of them.

I recently discovered that if I get my art professionally framed it is then called art and not sewing or a craft. Why does a frame have to make a difference? I feel that to have a piece accepted by the art community it has to look the part. No raggedy edges, no loose ends as that is sewing.

To show case fabrics and because I cannot help myself I make items to sell in my little shop. Now that makes me a maker or crafter. I listen to individuals walking past my shop saying things like “oh that’s a craft shop” when technically speaking it is a haberdashery shop.

But of course I do not help myself when I attend a local craft fair with the items I have made. Except I do not appear to fit into them either. It is a conundrum.

Personally I do not care for labels and being put in a compartment. The fact is I love fabric, threads, paint and many other items that I can sew into. For me the main element is sewing. It could be by hand or by machine. A combination of both. Chuck on a few beads and a bit of bling sometimes too.

When in the creative mood (which is quite often) I love to get out a few materials and paints and then see what develops. I rarely plan anything as that takes the fun out of it. Sometimes it doesn’t work out to be anything but I do not throw it away as I may use it for something else at a later date.

So the question remains, What am I?

On days when I am teaching workshops in the studio I am known as a facilitator or learning. Sound very posh. At craft fairs I am a crafter or maker and the rest of the time a shop keeper, maker, artist.

So the answer to the question is I Am Anita. An individual who loves to play with fabrics, paints, inks and threads. And if you want to join me just pop over to the website and take a look at the workshops we have for 2022.

Unfortunately I am in the position where I have to increase the prices in 2022 due to everything going up so much. But if you want to book into a workshop for 2022 now send me a email with the details of the workshop and I will send you an invoice with this years prices on. The exception to this is the lantern workshop, Ruth’s Wednesdays and Alison Hulme’s three days if your booking the three together. They will remain at the old price. The prices will be increased from 1st January 2022.

Tuesday night live is at 7pm where you can tune into Facebook or YouTube and watch me creating something. I announce what it will be on Monday’s on Facebook. If your not free on a Tuesday evening you can watch later at your leisure.

Stay Safe




November 22, 2021

Seeing Light and Reflections Everywhere

As we go through our days we see light and reflections everywhere. And I find it fascinating.

A great example is this picture of our pond. The way the light reflects in the water is stunning. but I love the way the colours change in the reflections as well.

This picture can be used in so many ways for art. Looking at the colours, the textures and lines but also the added depth of the shadows.

Simplifying it by taking out elements can change it.  Extending some of the lines changes it even more. And what about taking just one colour and using that as the main colour and then adding a contrast? For example that lovely peachy stripe through the water. This is the reflection of the sun going down on the water.

I chose this picture to talk about this week as It is a easy subject for anyone to use for any type of art project.  John thinks it a lovely picture but like anyone who does not see the world as I do he cannot see it as art. I look at it and see a piece of abstract textile art, a quilt or even a hanging of line and colour.

It is interesting how we all see things and how we interpret what we see. That is what I love about experimental workshops and workshops that are not prescriptive.

When teaching a workshop that is a technique or just playing you can give the learners the same materials but by giving them the freedom to go in any direction they want the room become alive and each learner will bounce off their neighbour. This in turn gives me a buzz and makes me think even further about how that technique can be developed. Sharing what I think in turn helps the learners to experiment even further.  The results can be spectacular.

But we all have to start out at the beginning. Learning the basics of stitch, colour and what the materials can do. We also need to learn how to see the light and shadows. The lines and textures and once we do it becomes very addictive.

Our next workshop is with Ruth Holmes who is teaching us how to create landscapes using sheer fabrics and stitch. For more information just follow this link


When you are out and about just take a moment to look around you and try and see something where the light is bright and reflecting on another surface. Could be something shiny such as water or something translucent like the leaves that are changing at the moment. The light on them is fascinating when they have changed colour and the sun hits them.

Tale Care



November 15, 2021

Anita O’Neill – What Excites Me In My Work ?

You may be thinking what an odd question for Anita to discuss but it is not.

Like many self employed individuals it is hard to switch off and relax but for me I find it hard to switch off as an artist.

Let me explain. What excites me on a daily basis is colour, texture and line. Driving along a road near Downham Market today I saw a old wall with lots of trees growing above it. Each tree was a different colour as the leaves die off. The grey wall had a big patch of dark green on in I assume from some ivy. My poor son was made to take a picture of it as we drove past so I can use it for inspiration.

I may just use the colours, or look at the textures in it. So many options. This picture was taken at 10am and here I am writing this at 8.50pm still thinking of that picture.

There is a whole sketchbook of work just waiting to be completed from just this one picture.

What can I do with it? A colour study is one option, take some line drawings from it is another, Scan it into my sublimination printer and print it onto fabric and stitch it? or simplify it and stitch it with free motion embroidery? Using the colours make a background for stich and then make a whole new piece that does not show any relation to the picture is another option.

Excitingly I have some fabulous fabrics in my shop in these colours so I may use them to create something new. Maybe a little bit of patchwork or a quilted piece? A box or bag who knows.

Tomorrow I may still be excited by this picture but it is likely that I will see something else that gets my  brain working in a very different direction. It could be a fabric delivery. I can tell you that if a box of fabrics arrives I cannot wait to open it and start looking at the fabrics to see what comes into my head just from looking at them.

Or I may be in a shop and see something that makes me think why did they use that colour or fabric or texture for that what would I have made it from? That leads me to thinking of the object in more detail and I have to admit I will look at it from all angles including inside if possible. There are always questions to be answered. Supermarkets are hell for me as I do not think there is any logic to them at all but I have found myself looking at a shelf of goods and seeing pattern and texture there ready to be brought to life in a piece of textile are.

Equally I have been laughed at when looking at pipes in water and seeing how the light plays on the pipes and changes them. Others see pipes I see light, shadow and lines broken in different ways. It all excites me.

Windows and the light they throw onto the walls is another thing I find exciting.

I have been taking pictures from a number of windows in different places over the years.

Recently in my own home. And I plan to complete a set of work using them as inspiration with free motion embroidery, hand stitch and soluble film.

It is not just the patterns I see but find the colours fascinating. Looking at this picture initially you would think it black and white but look closely and you will see colour there too.

Blues, browns, creams, rust and maybe a tint of red? What colours can you see?

My work evolves as I get engrossed in it. Looking at this picture I am thinking of taking the subtle colours and the shapes and rearranging them.  It would make a lovely hanging in machine embroidery, or as a quilted piece. even a paper collage with a little bit of stitch in there. I keep thinking fragmentation, so a fragmented hanging would probably be the end result. But who knows? I may change my mind.

I have written this piece so that you understand my world a little bit. And it will help you understand why I love Experimental Wednesdays so much. It is not just the days teaching and encouraging learners that I love but also the preparation for the day. Sometimes I have to remember to hold back a bit but there are the odd ones that I do have to push myself further as I feel there is not enough in the subject to get me excited to want to work into it further.

Why not try looking at your world for a day in a different way? look at the lines, colours and textures of the day. You can find it anything from a cupboard full of food to a pile of ironing.

Be inspired by what ever you see.

Stay Safe





November 9, 2021

Sometimes Life is Not What We Expect

Well for the past couple of weeks I have found that life is not what I expect at all.

My life is planned in advance. Of course I can change my plans at times and do take into consideration outside influences. But sometimes when we are feeling under the weather life is not what we expect at all.

Last week I had to cancel everything due to a heavy cold setting in. At first I felt fine just a little cough or sneeze here and there. Covid test done and fine so went ahead with a meeting for Progression in Textiles. That evening the cold suddenly took a turn for the worse and talk about being knocked off my feet. More covid testing just in case.

I think Microban should give me shares now for the amount of the stuff I have been spraying in the studio, car and my home.

So you see sometimes life is not what we expect. But now the turning point has arrived and I am feeling more human again. Stopped taking expensive medicines to help me get through the days as well.

This time though, has not been wasted. Through the fog my brain has been working on what I want to do and what I need to do for the year of 2022.

Experimental Wednesday

Also some lovely ideas have emerged for my own work and how I can move it on. With this in mind I am going to restart the Tuesday evening Go Lives. This evening I will be demonstrating backgrounds. Our Experimental Wednesday this month is all about creating your own backgrounds using mixed media. Why? Well, one of the days of floating around doing nothing in particular I remembered a conversation with some of you about creating backgrounds and wanting to spend the day working on getting a few ready for your next works. We talked about making Muslin papers. We can make many more than that. Such as using paints in plastic bags, layering up sheer fabrics over papers, spending time using Angelina to create interest in our papers and then of course when they are dry sewing into them.

Wednesday 10th of November is our Social day. If you fancy popping in for the day to spend time with like minded others then do so from 10am till 4pm. Of course there will be cake and refreshments but remember to bring your lunch. Here is the link 

It is best to book into the workshops as I am keeping the restricted numbers and do not want to have to turn anyone away on the day. If you do not want to book through the website just send me an email or message and I will add you to the site. A none returnable deposit is required for the bigger workshops at the time of booking.

Ruth will be with us on 24th November teaching us how to stitch layered landscapes. All materials are supplied for this workshop you just need to bring your basic sewing kit and machine. Of and your lunch of course.

Layered Landscape

This was just a quick update so I will leave you in peace for now.

If you are thinking of watching me tonight please remember to say hello.

Take Care





November 1, 2021

How is it November Already?

I have no idea where October went but we are very busy at Eau Brink Studio so it is not surprising that it is November already.

Many of you reading this are still nervous about attending workshops and going shopping but so long as we keep on using the masks in crowded areas and wash our hands we should be okay. And of course there is a vaccine. I have had all three as well as the flu one this year already. Doing my bit to try and keep us safe.

With safety in mind I have decided to keep the numbers in the studio to 10. This number works well with the tutors and us learners and it feels comfortable. We will also be keeping the need to wear masks during the workshops when the tutor is demonstrating or in close proximity for a while longer. Who would have thought that we were still trying to keep this thing at bay in November?

Well on to more nicer things.

What is November bringing us then. We have quite a lot going on.

Firstly Progression in Textiles are meeting on the 3rd. It is planning all the way for next years programme of exhibitions. You will be able to find us at the NEC twice, Possibly in Norwich, King’s Lynn, Brancaster and Wymondham.  Of course we will keep you informed, Once we have organised it all.

We do hope we can get to exhibit in King’s Lynn as that is where we are based so it would be great.


The first workshop of November is the basic cushion making day on Thursday the 4th.  10 am till about 2pm. All materials provided. All you need to do is turn up after booking with your sewing machine and basic sewing kit. We will be using the Lewis and Irene fabrics for this day. You get to chose your fabrics. Beside learning how to put the boarder onto the front panel you will be learning how to top stitch around the entire cushion even the opening after stuffing it.  Refreshments provided. To book just follow this link

This week sees the last week of the fair at Wymondham so if you have not been take a day out. It is lovely in Wymondham and of course the Big C is open and has loads of fabulous items for crafters.

Sunday is the last day to visit the fair in Wymondham but it is also a day I am going to the NEC for a fair they have on to see what goodies I can get for the shop. Looking forward to that one.

Wednesday 10th of November is Social Wednesday. Why not pop in for a little bit of R and R with your craft? You do not have to bring sewing it can be anything. Refreshments provided.

On the 24th of November we will be with Ruth Holmes who is going to get us making landscapes with layers of fabrics. Using a sewing machine or hand stitch. All the materials are provided for this workshop so once again just bring along your basic sewing kit and sewing machine. Oh and lunch of course. Refreshments are provided.

West Norfolk Artists Association will be holding an exhibition at the Fermoy gallery in Kings Lynn from the 27th of November. Hopefully two of my pieces will be there but if not at least one will be.

And lastly Ruth and Anita will be at the Minister on the 27th until 2pm with a stall for their Christmas fair.

EBS Retail

The shop is doing well now that the Emporium is more stable and open for regular hours. The winter hours start from the 1st of November and are 10am till 4pm. The shop has a heater so is nice an cosy. To keep the heat in the door is closed but the shop is definitely open all the time. Even when I am not there.


Well that is all folks as they say for now.

Looking forward to seeing you all over the next few weeks.


October 18, 2021

It Is Monday Again

I have no idea where the days and weeks are going. It is Monday again and I am working hard to get new items ready for Wymondham next week, put new workshops on the systems once I have sorted out the details with the tutors or for myself. And on top of that keep the shop fully stocked. Busy Bee.

So lets start with looking at what I have been working on shall we?

Firstly a series of new workshops that are using pre-cut fabrics which can be stitched together as patchwork and quilting. This new series is starting on Thursday 4th November at 10am till 2pm.

The first one is just your basic cushion. It won’t take too long and you get to choose your fabrics over tea and cake of course. This cushion is made using a 10 inch pre-cut square of Lewis and Irene fabrics with a nice pre-cut boarder that is 2.5 inches wide. Just right for a beginner.

All machine stitched and even top stitched to finish it off and close it after stuffing .

The second is moving it on a little bit to make a cathedral window cushion on the sewing machine again. This series will run for 4 weeks ending on 25th November. At the end of the series you will be able to use the cushion blocks for larger projects such as quilts for you home or to give a gifts.

I have also been working on items for West Norfolk Artists next exhibition. I am currently working on a Cockerel and hope to get it finished and framed in time for the submission at the end of November.

The other thing I am working on is a kit for embroidering. I have dyed the threads and printed the fabric just sewing one so you can see what to expect. Nearly finished it and will post the finished picture on social media.

I have to say I am loving how the threads have turned out and the way the colours look when stitched.

Progression in Textiles

We had a great time as part of Open Studios. Enjoying lots of visitors who stayed and chatted to us about our work and what we will be up to in the coming year. We now do not have any exhibitions until March where we will be at the NEC so we have lots to get on with. Of course we will keep everyone posted on our progress through our social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram. Just look for  Progression in Textiles and if you like what you see please do like our pages.

Experimental Wednesday

So this week we have Experimental Wednesday where we will be playing with Gum Arabic transfers. I have to say I am not that good at this process for some reason everyone else gets better results than me. But that’s what we will be revisiting again. so if you fancy joining in just pop over to the events page and book in or email Anita on .

We have everything you need and plenty of time to practice too.


If you want to see the new cushions you can make just go to the Long Sutton Emporium and into my shop which is called EBS Retail and you can see them before they go off to Wymondham on Monday if they have not sold.

There also may be a quilling workshop coming up too. But still working out the details with the tutor. so watch this space.

Just one more thing. We have managed to hatch out one duckling and Luna has decided it is hers to protect so poor Lucy gets growled at, everytime she looks in its direction. We have had to put it in a cage instead of a box because we are not sure if it managed to escape or if Luna took it out of the box.

Take care everyone









October 11, 2021

Bringing New Challenges to Eau Brink Studio

As the new season is upon us I am finding it is bringing new challenges to Eau Brink Studio.  One being keeping warm or cool. I mean the heating is on over night in the studio,  but during the day it is either too hot with it on or too cool with the heating off. The door is being open and closed as the day goes on and the temperature in the studio changes constantly. And what do we wear? As I write this to you I have the heating off, the doors open and the sun is pouring in just like a  mid summers day.

You have to love October. We get to see all weathers as the season changes as well as all colours in the gardens. As many of you know my garden is a huge challenge for me. I am hoping the new gardener will appear very soon to help. In the mean time I will continue to cut grass and do my little bit. I have missed the sheep this year as they did keep everything down.

Another challenge is to upgrade our tables. Whilst we had the tables out of the studio for Open Studios we have decided to put another layer over the top of the wood. John has requested samples from various companies to see what we can use. I would like a non slip layer so that machines do not slip but we will see what we can get.

Talking of Open Studios, I would like to thank all the ladies of Progression in Textiles for all their hard work and support during this last two weeks. We have had some fun and lots of lovely visitors.

All the feedback has been very positive and welcoming. So I would also like to thank all the visitors who have come along to see what we have been up to and to discuss our plans for the coming year.

Progression in Textiles will be meeting on Wednesday 13th October to evaluate and plan the next outing of our work. Which will be in the Spring.

In the mean time at Eau Brink Studio we are working on items for Wymondham in  two weeks time. We will be setting up on Monday 25th October and the Christmas fair will run until Sunday 7th November. So many other Norfolk Makers will be there for the two weeks so worth a visit.

I am planning 2022’s programme and we are going in embrace new workshops. The changes are going to include a 6 week line drawing course with Rachel,  and I am  on the look out for someone to come a teach a short course in Watercolours followed by a short course in Acrylics and then a short course in other painting mediums to bring it all together. So if you are reading this and know of someone who would be interested in teaching please get them to email me on


Another new workshop is with Sarah Hibbert who makes modern quilts using collage to create the initial pattern. The day will start with Sarah showing us how to create our collage  with papers and then in the afternoon will be turn our collage into a quilted block. The challenge here would be to create a big quilt from the block. Really looking forward to this one. I met Sarah at Knit and Stitch last week to discuss what we are looking for and when she has recovered from the show Sarah will send through the information and date. If you like what she is doing maybe we can encourage Sarah to come to us again later in the year.

This weeks live on Tuesday evening at 7pm is going to be how to make a cathedral window quilted block using the sewing machine. It is much quicker than all the hand stitching and the cutting out is also easier. Just straight lines.

You can even use pre cuts for this one.


Experimental Wednesday  on 20th October. We will be playing with ink transfers using gum arabic. If you fancy booking in go to and look for the date its on. Alternatively you can contact Anita on 01553 611009 and request a place. Experimental Wednesdays do get booking up quickly so please reserve you please early to avoid disappointment.

If your booked onto Suzette Smart this coming weekend please look out for an email regarding that workshop.

Take care everyone














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