August 11, 2021

Turning A Disappointment into a Positive

Well the last week was an exciting week with many disappointments and many positives. And after a great deal of discussion with my son we decided we would look for 5 positive things in our day on a daily basis.

But before I go into this I just want to share with you a great weekend we had with Jenny O’Leary.

The workshop was great fun with lots of laughter and amazing work. Yes I was challenged because it involved me drawing lots and as many of you are aware I do not enjoy this part of my work. But I am getting more and more comfortable with it.

It is good to be pushed out of your comfort zone and this workshop certainly did that for us all.

Getting to grips with hot wax and using it as a resist in layers was a challenge but once you understand how it works it is a great technique.

We all have several finished items ready to stitch into.

Some fabric and some paper.

Jenny is a great teacher with a lot a patience. We look forward to seeing Jenny again in May .

Now getting back to turning a disappointment into a positive.

As many of you know I have been struggling with getting videos and live streams on line due to the rubbish internet in the studio. BT were coming to the rescue with a new package including fibre and going digital. The exciting boxes arrived and the engineers also arrived on Monday to install it all. Then the disappointment. The engineers had to wait for a platform to arrive and toddled off to do another job. Promising to keep us informed on the delivery of the platform. So far nothing. No platform and no information. A massive disappointment. So how do you turn that into a positive?

Easy my son says. Just look at what you can get done whilst you are waiting. So planning started. I now have enough content for a lot of live streams and videos written out and have started to get the materials ready for when we can go for it. This will save me time as all will be prepped .

The next disappointment of the week came when I almost got my new super sewing machine. Unfortunately it does not look like the funds are going be available in the time scale I wanted. But again I know that I can wait and whilst waiting for this I can plan how I will use the machine for my work and look into the costs for materials so that I am ready for when it does become a reality.

Whilst thinking about this and what I am going to do I cleaned out my shed. I am sure the mice were watching and getting excited as their winter home is now clean and tidy. But dear mice you will be disappointed as I have removed anything that I think you will be trying to nest in. I will also be looking to block any holes to stop you getting in. Also the spiders are gone too.

Each day we now look for at least 5 small things that make our day a positive day.  Yesterday started with my dogs greeting with gusto as I came down the stairs. They are so loving. the next thing was the postman bringing me fabulous unexpected post from a friend. I then got to eat breakfast with both my son and partner which is rare. Then met with another tutor and planned her 6 week card making workshop .The sun came out, so there are the first five happy things. There were more and as i look for the nice things in life no matter how small I am finding that the bigger irritating things like BT are not quite so irritating. Especially as I have decided not to talk to them and leave it all up to John to deal with. See all positives.

And now I am positively going to get on with some sewing as we have our Progression in Textiles exhibition this weekend at Brancaster. Saturday 14th August and Sunday 15th August  if your in the area pop in and say hello. Browse our art, take a look at the sales tables and perhaps stop for a cup of tea and cake.

Each member will be displaying their art in their own way. Members will be available to answer questions to their best ability.

Just look for the Progression in Textiles flags if your not sure where the hall is. The address and postcode is Main Road, Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk, PE31 8BZ

The next workshop is Experimental Wednesday on the 18th August where we will be working with our sewing machines to layer up man made fabrics and making grids with soluble film.

Ruth will be with us on the 19th August teaching her transfer and stitch workshop which involves using the heat press and transfer paints.

Then on the 21st August we have Pauline Wrighton teaching her fabulous Sewing Machine workshop where you get to use all the feet on your machine. Learning how to use them to their maximum and will go home with a made item. To book just go to

Take Care Everyone





August 1, 2021

5 Advantages of Our Good News


There are 5 advantages to our good news, which will make us more efficient and it means that we can very soon restart the videos and streaming.

And here it is. The best news for a while. BT have sorted out our problems with our connections and we are going digital .

The engineer arrives on the 9th of August to connect everything for me including lovely fast fibre.

The phone number will change as it is a digital phone they are sending .

So beside the obvious what will this mean ?

Firstly We should not have any more crackly phone calls. There are times when I answer the phone I cannot hear the other person on the phone. Also when the caller leaves a message it is difficult for them to be heard if they current phone permits them to leave a message. It is getting on a bit that phone so retirement is probably a good idea. The new number will be sent out on email to all our subscribers and then added to the website.

The second advantage is that all the calls can be diverted to my mobile phone as well so I am hopeful that I will not miss any calls. Of course any cold callers and sales persons will still be ignored. As I prefer it if companies emailed me.

Advantage number 3, we will have the most fastest fibre we can get. I am told it will be pretty good as the pole it is on, is outside our house and the line coming into the house is brilliant so it should also be in the studio.

The fourth advantage is fast fibre means faster downloads and we will not have to wait for the items we are looking at to load in slow motion.

And the fifth advantage is that we can stream without it cutting out and getting stuck.

All in all we are going to go full steam ahead with plans that were going to be put in place a little at a time.

What does that mean ?

All five advantages mean we will start the new streaming as soon as the engineer leaves the premises. Starting with a test stream.

Then we will catch up on all the monthly challenges with live streaming on a weekly basis. To go with the live streams there will be kits which can be bought in advance so you can create along with Anita. the kits will include card making as well as stitching in the same kit. It would be great if you could do both and Anita will demonstrate how.

Once we get into the routine of our weekly evenings sewing we will sort out a new sewing club which will be subscription based. The price will include a kit and access to the YouTube video that goes with it.

I am aware that at times life gets in the way of creating so, there will not be a set time for you to subscribe for, you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time and restart it when you want to.

There will be further information in coming blogs.

Well that’s my news for this week but I do have a couple of reminders for you .

We still have space on Jenny O’Leary workshop on the 7th and 8th August. You can book for just one of the days or both. For more information just go to

And Progression in Textiles are having an exhibition at Brancaster the weekend of 14th and 15th August. For more information just go to

Experimental Wednesday this month is all about grids. We will be layering up sheer fabrics and creating grids so we can use the soldering iron to burn back the layers. The top layer will be machine stitched with metallic threads on soluble film. I will get the website updated tomorrow with pictures of samples I am making for this workshop. There will be a kit available if you like this process but on the day the cost of materials is £5.00

A materials list will be added to the website so you can bring your own if you wish.

Take Care








July 25, 2021

All You Need To Know About Our Week.

All you need to know about our week can be summed up in one word. And that work is Fabulous.

Unfortunately there is one cloud on the horizon but we cannot always have everything going our way. Or so I am told.

The week started with me dyeing fibres using Procion dyes. They could not have come out any better if I tried.

First I soaked the fibres in Soda Ash over night and then dripped the dyes onto the fibres and again left them over night to cure.

After a great deal of rinsing I popped them into the microwave to cook and set the dyes. Brilliant colours and muted where the fibres were brown before dyeing. And that’s all you need to know about how to dye using Procion dyes.

On Tuesday I spent the morning extracting honey from our hives. We did give the girls back the comb so they can use what was left for the stores they still had. We do not take all of it.

It tastes amazing and I am convinced that is because we planted a wild flower meadow in front of the hives.

A teaspoon a day is my medicine now before I even have a drink. Though it is tempting to have more.


Experimental Wednesday was all about the bling. We spend the day using foils with stamps, screens and stencils.

The results were fabulous and very different with each of the participants. Do you know you can use foils in this way? and not just on fabric but on paper and card too.

And of course the we did have honey cake to keep us going.

Thursday and Friday were spent in the shop. Cutting the new fabrics and moving a few items around. Also talking to Zena about her teaching card making at Eau Brink which she has agreed to do. So in September a new card making class will begin on Friday the 10th. The class will be from 10 am until 12 noon fortnightly unless you want it weekly.

The cost of the class is £15.00 and that include materials , tea and coffee.  Booking can be taken through calling Zena on 07802437575 or Anita on 01553 762115. or Email Anita on to book.  If we do not answer the phone leave us a message and we will get back to you to confirm your place.

And the Week has ended on a high note at Little Massingham where we were attending the church first art and craft fair to raise funds for the church.

We met so many lovely people who were all very friendly and chatty.

I am looking forward to the next one.


Another good thing that has happened this week is that BT are sorting our the fibre for the studio. They have made the changes they needed to make and now we are waiting for confirmation of the date they can put it in. Hurrah.

That of course will mean lots of video content live hopefully very soon.

The one down side of this week is that we may have to cancel the workshop with Jenny O’Leary. We do not at this time have enough to run it. This is very surprising as last time we were full and other wanted to join in. I would like to understand why the bookings are down on it. Is it the dates? timing? costs? or content?

Jenny has agreed that we can make it two one day workshops now. Day one is working onto paper and day two is working on fabric. The costs is £60.00 per day. Just go to 

It would be a real shame if we cannot run it. The last time Jenny came we had a great time. She is a very generous tutor and full of knowledge. This workshop is excellent for beginners as well as more advanced students. You can book for one day or the two. If your not sure just ping me an email and I will answer as soon as I see it or give me a call on 01553 762115 If I do not answer leave a message and I will call you back.

Don’t forget that next week is Alex Waylett on Monday and Tuesday and it is Festival of Quilts week too. So exciting.

Take care everyone.



July 18, 2021

Moving Forward

Well the thing is still not resolved but we are moving forward with it now. Thanks to a lovely lady at Open Reach we appear to have found a way to get the fibre into the studio at last. Mind you we are not sure how long it will take so please bare with as they say. Once it is resolved we will sort out the monthly challenges once again and put our live instructions on a weekly basis if not even more than once a week. We will see how we can progress.

With the lifting of the restrictions we can now look forward to moving around with care but attending fairs and shows. This is exciting. Of course I do plan on taking a mask with me everywhere and if it is busy will wear it.

Our first outing is at on Saturday 24th July – The Friends of St Andrew’s Church Little Massingham – will launch their new Charity with an Art and Crafts Exhibition. 

On sale will be paintings, sketches, cards, textiles, needlework and books about Norfolk. For sale, locally spun wool and spinning demonstrations will take place during the day. 
Whilst at the church stop for refreshments, buy a scrumptious cake from the cake stall or try your luck at the raffle. 
Join us at Little Massingham Church on Saturday 24th July 
Free entry from 11.30 until 3.30 pm.
The event will follow Covid-19 Government Guidelines
Not only will Eau Brink Studio be there Also Progression in Textiles will be exhibiting too. Sales table will also be available for many items for you to use for future projects.
On this note I would like to thank the ladies who attended our social Wednesday this last week who helped Ruth set up the kits, price and pack them into the bags and boxes ready for the weekend event.
EBS Retail

The shop is always moving around and adding more stock of many different items. This week we have added more fabrics and cutting mats.

The mats start at £12.00 for a 18 inch by 12 inch. Going up to £37.00 for the larger size of 36 inches by 24 inches.

These mats are double sided and excellent quality for the price. We do have others in stock too.

You will also be pleased no doubt to know that the Festive Season fabrics are arriving and some are already in stock. The seasonal items are all at the front of the shop behind the door as you entre.


update on the workshops is as follows:

Experimental Wednesday on the 21st of this month as room for 4 more learners. We are working with foils this month. Learning to add them to exiting work and using stencils and screens to create new work.

Alex Waylett on the 26th and 27th of July has two spaces available at this time.

Jenny O’Leary on the 6th and 7th of August has room for more as we have had a number of cancellations due to people going on holiday or looking after family members so others can go on holiday.  Jenny and I have decided that we can split this into two one day workshops if you would prefer. So day one is working with papers and day two is working with fabrics.

To book just call Anita on 01553 762115 If I do not answer please leave a message and I will return your call. Please speak slowly and clearly when leaving your message. Or email me on so that I can send you the relevant information for booking. To see what we will be up to just go to

For one day it is £60.00 plus a small cost for materials to give to Jenny on the day.

I do love this workshop. Jenny is a great tutor and very generous with her time and materials too. You do learn a great deal about controlling the wax and the different ways you can use it.

Your support means a great deal to me especially through the difficult times and I thank you all for it.

To show you how much I do appreciate it I am planning a open day in December where you can come along for free and enjoy a drink and cakes whilst having a go at something new or rediscovering old skills. More on this after the summer.

Take care everyone







July 13, 2021

The Next Steps

The next steps to get the fibre in the studio are not going as well as I would like. John has been onto Openreach and so far passed form one person to another without any results. This is not at all helpful when I want to get the videos out to you live as the quality will be far better and you can ask me questions as we stream. This is not the first battle we have had with them and we do tend to win in the end. I am told to be patient but it is very frustrating.

We are told the issue is that we have a fibre box in the house which means we cannot have one for the studio as Openreach only put one per address? I have questioned this where there are multiple homes or companies at one address. How do they all get connected? All I want is it extended to the studio. So far no answer to that one.

Oh well what have I been up to other than that?

Beside making items for the shop and bringing in more fabrics I have been making kits. I am aiming for people who want to learn to sew . This has come about from many people coming to the studio wanting to learn how to use their sewing machines to sew items for their homes and dressmaking. The first thing I usually get someone to make is a basic cushion, with a zip.  And this is the first kit. Of course I will still teach this at the studio if anyone wants help with it.

Fabrics and colours will vary from simple cottons to denim. Some will also have a bit of embroidery on the plan fabrics too.

Besides these and working on my own art for show I have been making up inspiration packs  with ideas on what to do with them.  Each pack has fabric, papers and threads with an ideas page in them. The are colour co-ordinated to help you with your ideas.

What workshops have we coming up?

Machine Appliqué with Ruth Holmes on the 22nd of July. A lovely day with Ruth getting us to  work with our machines to create postcard size Applique. For more information just follow the link

You do not have to make postcards out of the days work but they are lovely to send to friends and family. Like a little handmade gift.



We still have 2 spaces on Alex Waylett on the 26th and 27th of July. This is a Monday and Tuesday. More information can be found on

I am really looking forward to this workshop as I have been taking photographs of the meadow and some of the flowers will work very well for this workshop.


Then in August we have Jenny O’Leary coming for two days of Batik creating landscapes as follows. Using the exciting art of batik – hot wax resist – on paper and tissue paper and using traditional and non traditional tools to create interesting marks and textures. We will then cut and tear the papers we make  to create collages, landscape being our inspiration. These will then be used as  our  starting point on day two to create work on cotton fabric. Having never used hot wax on tissue paper before this will be a new discovery for me and I am quite excited about the workshop.

To book just follow this link

Of course we still have our social Wednesdays and our Experimental Wednesdays to look forward to as well. To join us for the social Wednesdays this link will take you to the booking page

This month we are playing with foils and the heat press for Exerimental Wednesday. Materials are included for this one but of course you are welcome to bring along any you have .

As we move out of our restrictions I have decided to keep them for the time being. So I ask you to still use the QR code to register when you arrive and to use the gels for your hands. I will also keep the numbers at a maximum of 10 as I like the interactions we get without too many people in the room at one time. We will be utilising the outside space more too. We did have a gazebo up attached to the studio where the patio will be going but unfortunately as expected it has blown down in the wind. Still it was a great space when up.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in the studio soon




The Thing is Still Not Working

And it is driving me mad. We have been onto the powers that control our internet and have been told that we cannot have fibre in the studio. But we have it in the house so why not? We are being passed up the chain of command to find an answer to this mind boggling question.

In the mean time it looks like we have two options. The first is to abandon all live streaming…… Not really an option when I have spent so much resources on trying to get the thing to work. The second is to stream from the house… This may be the solution short term but the others in the house are not at all happy as it will interrupt their sport watching. Still, I do not have a problem with that.

I ask you to bear with me for a day or two more whilst I try and sort this out and then I will be live streaming or recording the videos until we can get the powers to be to organise the fibre in the studio.

With the announcement yesterday from our government it means we can go back to being fully functioning if we wish. I have quite gotten used to restricting numbers and space so may continue to work in this way. We will see. Though I will ask you to continue to scan in the QR code on entry and use the gels please.


I have some spaces on the following workshops if you fancy them? The first in line is with Ruth Holmes working on machine applique post card size pieces.

The we have a couple of spaces on Alex Waylett  this month making a 3d triptych piece

And in august we have Jenny O’Leary coming for two days of fun with wax resists.

There are many more things going on of course just go to the website and look at the events pages the calendar has it all on and is regularly updated with new workshops as they are confirmed.

I am in negotiation with a card making tutor at the moment who is keen to start a group to meet regularly at Eau Brink Studio.

Once we are sure of what the plan is I will advertise it and put our the information as a stand along news letter.


We are also looking for a regular wool craft workshop. But so far I have not found a tutor to do this though many think it a great idea if I advertise their shops to buy the yarn from. So with that in mind when we find a tutor if they do not have a shop I will ask who they recommend and see if we can negotiate a deal of some sort from the shop.


If you have any ideas about workshops for the future please do let me know and I will see what I can do about getting new tutors in.

Setting aside the new tutors and the thing for now what have we been up to?

Plenty of course.

Melanie Missin has been here teaching us how to use Vilene’s to create a book and embellishments.

We first printed off our pictures onto the vilene which had been dyed using tea.

We added colour to our pages by painting various bonding fibres so that we could add layers and burnt back edges to create lovely books about our favourite things.

This was a lovely two day workshop with of course lots of cake and scones.

Ruth Holmes came and got us all hand stitching applique with surprising results.

I did a thing that was totally outside of my normal and am quite pleased with the results.

Using soft pinks and a mixture of hand and machine stitch created a little picture of a flower. Not sure what type of flower it is but I quite like it.



A few of us from the group visited Brancaster to take a look at the hall and we now have planned our exhibition to be held on the 14th and 15th August. Please do come along and say hello. We will have home made cakes and hot drinks too.

But before that we will be at Little Massingham Church on the 24th July from 11.30 to 3.30.  This is a joint effort with others to help with the fund raising for the church. If your in the area do come along and see us.

After that we will be exhibiting at Open Studios at the end of summer this year.

July Challenge

This months challenge is called Sun Seekers.

How you interpret this is up to you. For me I think of the flowers in the garden that follow the sun during the day and open and close at sun up and sun down.  There are many. But you may think of other things such as holidays, sunbathing, reptiles and other cold blooded animals who like to warm up in the sun. Anything goes and I am looking forward to seeing what you can produce.

I am aiming to get the live streams up and running in the next few days one way or another so I will let you know how I get on and we will catch up with the pocket that didn’t play properly as well as sun seekers flowers using soluble film.

Take Care



June 29, 2021


You know when your trying to do a thing and it is becomes hard work? Well that is what is happening to me.

My thing I am trying to do is videos. First I was uploading them and spending hours and hours trying to get it right to find I am not succeeding. I gave up with editing and surprisingly the feedback was good. As you liked the warts and all approach.

Then it still took a while to get them to upload onto an editor and slice all the elements together. When it comes to technology I am not the most patient person. In my mind it should work because that is its job. So when it does not work I get very frustrated. And when it takes ages I get even more frustrated.

So my new thing is to live stream. Well so far that thing has not happened at all. Last week it would not work for no reason I could see but it did record so I set it to upload and found out today it did not work.

Todays live stream turned out to be a stop and start load of confused rubbish.  Oh the thing is not working I shout at my son. Who comes to my rescue to inform me that my internet in the studio is rubbish and needs to be upgraded.

Well I am not giving up. I will conquer it. John will get onto Bt and get my internet upgraded with a great deal. I do not speak to them as the long wait to talk to 5 different people drives me mad. But John is very good at getting through to them and getting me a great deal.

Hopefully they will switch it over quite quickly. In the mean time I will just go over what I tried to show you today.

Firstly thank you for looking in on my YouTube. It does show me when someone is watching and that did make me feel a little better about doing the thing.

I was demonstrating how to make a tied pocket. They are simple to make and you can make them any size or shape you wish. You can decorate them with hand or machine stitch and then sew them together either by hand or on the machine.

I will record it again and hope fully upload it properly by the weekend.

I decided to write off Junes challenge due to being so behind on the videos and go straight to July. July’s challenge is called Sun Worshipers. You can interpret that how ever you want. For me it makes me think of the flowers that follow the sun or close at the end of the day. Sunflowers of course and buttercups. I know of someone who would interpret this theme with a host of reptiles. And others would perhaps look to the beaches.

Any media can be used to make a piece of art. The art can be a picture, a 3d piece. On a cushion or card. However you decide it will look lovely.

What’s coming up ?

On the 1st July we still have a little space on Ruth’s workshop so if your interested just click on this link for more information.

Also at the weekend we have Melanie Missin getting us to make one of her fabulous books and we do have a couple of spaces available if you want to join us.

You do not have to work into your book using Mels designs but can use any of your own including any of your own stamps and stencils. Chose your subject and go for it.

If your thinking of joining us for Alex Waylett then do book as it is almost full now so don’t delay and book today as they say.

I will plod on with my thing and hope to see you all at some point so we can all do a thing together.

Take Care

June 17, 2021

It Is a Busy Time at Eau Brink Studio

So much is happening my head is in a whirl.

Firstly we had the Exhibition at The Forum in Norwich for the Progression Group. The feedback we had was amazing and the most popular piece we had on show was made be Katherine White. Her fox in a bin is hand stitched with a needle felted fox tail so it looks like the fox is bin raiding. It is a lovely piece.  We will be there again next year and hopefully we will be able to offer make and take too. Our next exhibition is at Little Massingham church in August.


Wednesdays are getting to be busy with our social days and Experimental Wednesday too. This month Mel came to get us to transfer images using natural dyes and the heat press in the way that she works. Mel and I have spent many hours happily working with our heat presses to see what we can do with them and how we can push the experimenting with them including using flora and fauna. It is great fun. We have created some fantastic images and made jams without wanting to as we put fruits and veg under the press too.

Of course Mel likes to use Vilene with her work so it is a little different from mine as I prefer cotton fabric. It is nice to be able to work with someone who has similar ideas but uses different substrates.

The children’s Art club is also a busy with the kids working on their sketch books. This year for them is almost over as we only have a couple of workshops left until the summer break. Next years workshops will be concentrating on drawing skills with a little bit of extra fun added to it of course.

colour and texture

With all this going on I have now caught up on most of the work I had outstanding but not the videos. With this in mind my son came up with the idea that I live stream them and then tell YouTube to upload them once the live stream has finished. This will save loads of time. It will mean no editing so you will get to either join in at the live stream or you can watch it later when the video is uploaded. I have set aside a Tuesday evening for this starting on  Tuesday 22nd June. Each week I will be there working on something different. I am going to start with the outstanding videos that are not edited. Going back so you can watch at the same time as I am working and ask questions as I go. This is a very new thing for me and I am expecting it to not be perfect but who wants perfection when creating?


This weekend we have Alison Hulme arriving for a weekend of printing and making pinnies, bags and canvases. the only problem we may have is it is not going to be sunny and warm but a bit rainy. Hopefully we can still get things dry. I love this workshop with Alison we have loads of fun and get so much work finished in the two days.

It is a lot of work that goes into these workshops by everyone involved but so worth it when you see the end results.

On top of all this we still have the shop to keep stocked so making for that and Eau Brink Studio will be at a number of other events in the year such as Little Massingham, Brancaster and Wymondham. So again more items to be made and kits too.

I have decided to make up kits for cushions and some of the other items I make so more work to keep me busy. These kits will be for beginners to work at first and then I may look towards something more advanced for next year. Starting slow and building up maybe.

Next years programme is being planned too so if you want me to ask someone to come and teach or if you want me to put on a specific workshop please do let me know sooner rather than later as many other artists are already taking bookings for next year and we do not want to miss out here in West Norfolk do we?

One last thing to mention is I was interviewed on Radio Norfolk. Talk about being pushed out of your comfort zone. But in the end it was okay and not a scary as I thought it would be. I was stunned when they called and asked me to to the interview and it was aired live too. I did remember not to swear and I hope minded my manners like a good girl.

Take care everyone









What on earth has happened to the first half of 2021? June already and only just getting back into the swing of things.

So what have we been up to then? The workshops are going full pelt again. It is so lovely to see everyone again and being able to speak face to face. sharing ideas and helping each other in the groups is a great way to spend a day.

Ruth’s workshops are going well and her loom beading one even got me working on making some bracelets. An who knows if I can find the patience to get past the first two rows I may even make something else.

Our Shibori and reverse Shibori dye day was great fun making loads of mess and getting frustrated with hand stitch and wrapping fabrics to dye. Also pulling threads on denim. That was a challenge on the black one. But how lovely to sit in the garden and work on our fabrics. The results have been stunning on the denim and we are all very pleased with them. One of mine looks like people in the mist so a bit of stitch into that and we will have a finished picture.


And I have been busy making some little clothing to show off the lovely fabrics we have in the shop. this one is so pretty and the dress turned out beautifully.

I picked this pattern because of the box pleats which show off the fabric with movement as well as how well it hangs. There are more on the way. At the moment I am making a set of dungarees using the scarecrow fabric.

And of course we have spent time in the shop and getting ready for the exhibitions.

The first exhibition is currently in The Forum, Norwich. Running until the 11th June. This exhibition if free to attend. We have booklets printed for anyone who wants one just let email in and we will send you one. The information in there is about the artists involved in Progression in Textiles and where we are exhibiting.  We would love to see you and see what you think of our work.

And with June already upon us we are moving forward with our next exhibitions. And more workshops.

There is NO Social Wednesday on the 9th of June due to my family visiting and an appointment. But Experimental Wednesday is going ahead on the 16th of June and Social Wednesday on the 23rd will be going ahead.  Alison Hulme is full still. If you want to reserve a place for next year please let me know and I will email you as soon as Alison confirms she is returning.

We are planning a new series of Eco Printing workshops starting at the beginning for a basic one day workshop building up to some two day workshops making all sorts of things including hand made books and using the scraps for landscapes. I am really excited about this and cannot wait to get the dates confirmed. The tutor is called Fiona Balding.  If this is something you would be interested in please do let me know so I can build a list ready for when we can go live and you will be emailed a few days before the adverts go out giving you the chance to get a place in advance.

And as we are already half way through the year I will be now looking at the plans for 2022 and what workshops we will be adding to the programme. If you would like someone to be added please to let me know and I will approach them to see how they feel about teaching in West Norfolk.

And lastly I have no plans to increase prices this year for the workshops which may help and to help further you can spread the cost by paying a deposit of £10.00 per day and then you can pay as you go up to the last 4 weeks before the workshop. All you need to do is go to the booking site and change the amount your paying in the pay box. The system will take it off the amount owing. Of course I will keep a check on this for you. All deposits are none refundable. If you are unable to attend we will try and resell your place as soon as we can.

Thank you all for your support.




The Ups and Downs of May

May the season of new beginnings and lovely weather. Long days returning and we are all happy to be back out and about. Conjures up a lovely picture of happiness.

The reality for us all has been a little different. The weather playing a huge part in our getting out and about as well as the Covid situation. Also Anita has been a little bit poorly and had to have an unscheduled stay in hospital. Which is why everything is a little late. Only the scheduled emails and social media has been going out. But we are all back to normal at Eau Brink Studio now and hopefully the weather will improve. So it remains to be seen if we can now have more ups and than downs for the remainder of May.

For the smallholding side of things we are having a little reshuffle due to the fox situation so the chickens will all be kept in the top field and unfortunately shut in their own enclosure for a while.

The bees are doing well so far this year despite the weather and the ducks are just being themselves. Though we do need to get some more girls for the boys as the ladies are looking a little ragged at the moment.

This weather has meant that we have not been able to plant our dyers garden so far and it may be delayed whilst we try and source new plants. The seedlings have not gown as well as planned and of course we couldn’t get them in the ground. If the wind had not taken the cover off the polytunnel we could have put more in there. We have some we kept going and potted into larger pots so all is not lost.


Talking of dyeing we do have space on Saturday for the rescheduled Procion Shibori Dye Day. If you fancy having a go we are also going to be working into some reverse Shibori dyeing using denim. Just to mix it up a bit. Here is the link to book 

All dyes and equipment are supplied as well as some fabrics.


We also have space on Ruth’s bead loom day on Thursday if you fancy something a little different. Ruth Holmes will be teaching us how to create lovely beaded bands using basic equipment . All equipment including the beads and needles are supplied. Ruth will also show us how to use a bead loom and there are looms available to buy if you want them. Here is the link for booking.

Besides Social Wednesday that is all we have time for this May and we are looking forward to June.

But before May goes away we do have the challenges to complete. The outstanding videos will be uploaded over the next few days. There will be instruction on how to make the pocket to keep your found treasure in. Also variations on decorating it. An there is a planned paper version for a keepsake book. Though this is still at the planning stage.

Please remember to send me your pictures so that I can upload them onto the website and everyone can see you lovely work.


Thank you all for your help and support over this past few weeks it has been amazing and Anita cannot thank you enough.

June is going to be a fabulous month. Alison Hulme is fully booked with a short waiting list and Progression in Textiles are exhibiting at the Forum In Norwich from the 1st to the 11th. This is a free exhibition so please do come and see our work.




Our Next Workshop is Recycle, Reuse and Stitch with Ruth Holmes Click here to book
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