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March 3, 2021

Any Old Scrap

Experimental mixed Media

ANY OLD SCRAP is the challenge for March.
This months Challenge is to create a piece of art using only scraps. So what is art? This is from Wikidpedia.
Art is a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory or performing artefacts (artworks), which express the creator’s imaginationconceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
You can use fabrics, lace, wool, embellishment’s, zips, beads, old threads or ends of reels but nothing new.
If you do not have any scraps then ask friends who sew if you can delve into their scrap bags.
You can also use paper, card, old stamps, postcards, maps and pages from old damaged books.
There is no limit to size, colour or shape. It can be abstract or traditional.
The piece does have to be a piece of art. How you interpret that is up to you.
It can be 3d, framed or unframed.
Enjoy the process but do not over think it.
Anita always starts her projects with a pile of materials and then plays to see what comes out of them. No plan means no anxiety. Look at colour ways, how the materials you are using will work together, do you want your piece to be distorted, manipulated? What will it represent if anything? Will it have pockets and layers? What about sheer fabrics and using plastic? Will you pad it or areas of it?
If stitching will it be hand or machine stitch?
If not stitching how will you hold it together? Glue, tape?
Felting can mean using up old wool or wool given to you that so far you have not found a purpose for it.
The ideas keep coming so give it some thought and join in.
What about a Powertex piece? Powertex is perfect for using up old scraps of anything.
You can make your art piece as a picture, a useful item, or to upcycle an old tired piece.
There will be videos on my YouTube channel to help with ideas and techniques for this challenge. Including the use of Powertex.

February 21, 2021

The Last Week for Time for Tea

Well I do not know where February has gone but apparently it has. We are now in the last week for Time for Tea.  So still time to have a go if you fancy it.

We have had a great response and some have already sent in their finished items. They are on the Facebook page.  I have been working on a book of samples until I finish my end piece. I have to admit I have still to decide what to make but am enjoying revisiting processes and generally exploring. Though the studio looks like a bomb has hit it.

Here is a little picture of one of my finished samples. It is teabag paper dyed with tea and Bister. Then I stamped the design onto it and machine stitched and hand stitched into it. Then the final finish was painting the sky.

I am thinking it would make a nice bag with a bit of acrylic wax added to help reinforce it. Or a book cover. who knows .

The threads are variegated as I like to see where the colours end up.

The next one is in March where we will be working with Any Old Scrap.


As everyone I am waiting eagerly for the Government announcement to see when we can reopen. I just hope that this will be the last time we have to close. I really do miss having people in the studio. The interaction between friends and visitors is amazing and something I dearly miss.

I also miss the baking and have been baking for the workers in the hospital. I have key workers staying in our BNB rooms so send it in at weekends with them.  The day we can open I am inviting you all over for a catch up with tea and cake.

Many of you know that John infiltrated the studio with the 3d printer but now has his own space in the house so I have my glorious space with the heating blasting when I want it and my music up as high as I want it. Though I have to say he has left loads of mess for me to clear up.

Extra News

So what is planned now that the sheep have gone? Well we are currently planting a bee meadow for our bees the only problem we have had is the rotavator has a flat and John cannot get the wheel off but I am sure he will fix it.

Another area of the garden to get the rotavator treatment will be beside the shed next to the studio. I am going to plant it full of dye plants. I will be offering pick your own dyes.

This is still in the planning stage but fancy offering this by the weight of each plant matter picked but will be harvesting roots in advance if they are needed so as not to damage the main plants. But leaves, stems and flowers can be picked as required.

I already sell the mordants but will be offering help where I can with this and of course there will be workshops for it too.

Another new idea that is getting off the ground is a patio extension to the side of the studio where the pond is. This will have a roof and I will make sale curtain sides for the inclement days too. This means that we can work outside as well as in without the gazebo ending in the pond..


It is hoped we can open bookings again once the schools fully open. With this in mind the first one may be with Ruth Holmes in

March where she will be teaching Hand Applique flower pictures. It will be nice for Ruth to have a full house but of course we may have to move it to another month. We will see.

In April we have a two day course with Melanie Missin as well as two days with Amanda Hislop.

If you are interested in booking pleas do book in but only pay a deposit of £10.00 per day. This will ensure your place on the workshop and I will let you know when to pay the remainder.

When going into the booking site and it asks you to pay change the amount in the box. It does let you. Any issues just email me.

On another note about payments we now have a QR Code for PayPal which you can use by scanning it with your up to date phones.


I am so excited as I have been purchasing fabrics for the shop and they have started to arrive. They are lovely and of course I will have to test them all.

I have also been purchasing quilting items and haberdashery items to fill the shelves in anticipation of opening. I will endeavour to get it all on the website. Some of the fabrics are on now.

As more arrive I will add them. The price is not too bad. This one is only £7.00 per metre and it is 100% cotton. Love this colour.

And Now

And now to get on with some more Time for Tea. I look forward to seeing your work

Take Care







January 30, 2021

Are you ready ?

All you need is a few tea bags and a little bit of your own flair.

Make a cup or pot of tea using tea bags. Squash and squeeze them and leave them to dry.

Once dry open them up and draw, paint to dye them.

You can add them to Bondaweb and use them to bond onto paper, card and fabric.

Make a 3d item.

It can be anything from a simple card to huge piece of art. And anything in between but must be a 3d item so make sure you art piece is either free standing or has 3d elements on it.

If you are unsure about how to start processing your teabags go to

At the time of sending this blog out there are two videos showing you how to prepare your tea bags and another to go on. Throughout the Month of February there will be more videos showing you how Anita is progressing with her piece.

If you have any problems or questions just email Anita or message on the Eau Brink Studio Facebook page.

There is no charge. So give it a go and see what you come up with.

January 25, 2021



Sipping my favourite tea with a head bursting with ideas usually results with me just putting one into action and the forgetting the rest.

But with all this extra time we now have on our hands my head is bursting with even more ideas and I am getting them down in a little book. Not only am I getting them documented I am planning how to make them a reality.

Bursting into your life now

The first one to be thrown out into Eau Brink World is a monthly challenge. Starting in February. I will run it along the lines of our Experimental Wednesdays. Each month we will work towards making a piece which can be adapted to most disciplines. This means that it dose not only have to be sewing related. It can be a piece of fabulous art, a Craft, a stitched item or glued. The aim is to get us all exploring what we can do with the subject. The only rule is that you follow the guidelines but you can be as experimental as you wish.

Each month I will post on social media and send out the challenge by email . I will be converting a page on the website for your information and to show the finished items. They will also be posted on social media and added to the news letters.

You do not have to pay to join in and I am going to try and keep the cost of making very low by encouraging you to use what you already may have or can beg off others. Though of course I will be putting kits onto the website shop just in case you fancy purchasing one for someone else to have a go.

I do not want to bombard you with all my ideas in one go so as I organise each thing I will let you know what to look out for.

It is funny how my head only has ideas about my lovely studio and not about such mundane things as food shopping. Mind you that is just how I like it.

Smallholding News

Now for some very sad news. We have had to send our sheep to a lovely big farm. It was a hard decision to make but for their health and John’s safety we really had no choice. We have been told that they settled in well and are with a Tup so hopefully they will be producing lambs for the farmer.

We will keep our birds and really get going with the bees this year. Hopefully lots of honey to bake with at the end of the season and plenty to eat on my porridge too.

Covid update

As the lockdown continues and the schools are closed we also cannot open for groups or to teach. It is very frustrating but we need to make sure it is safe for everyone who visits Eau Brink Studio as well as for ourselves.

Of course as soon as we are given the green light we will get going again. If you have booked into a workshop and we have to move it or cancel it of course you can have a refund. If you have paid through paypal the refund will be returned through them. I am not sure what fees they take off it but you can challenge them if they do charge you. Any monies paid directly into my account will be fully refunded.

Most of our visiting artists are happy to move the workshop to a later date so you can still attend. I am offering you a way to secure your places by asking you to pay a deposit of just £10.00 per day. My booking system will permit you to pay smaller amounts until the full fee is paid. The box that has the fee in it can be changed to how much you are paying. If you wish you can just send me a cheque for the deposit and I will add it to the workshop for you.

And now my brain is bursting with the idea that I need more tea.

Stay safe everyone






January 16, 2021

January 2021

Here we are January 2021 and we are in another lockdown due to the Covid-19. For each of us this means something different.

For us at Eau Brink Studio is means we have to close our doors to workshops until the schools are open again or maybe even longer. It all depends on the R rate of course. A number of people have contacted me asking if we are still putting on workshops but I am afraid not at the moment. We follow the Governments guidelines.

This means that there are no social Wednesdays, No Experimental Wednesday or Kids Art Club this month. however, we are looking forward to the rest of the year and have decided to move Suzette Smart from the beginning of March to October just to be optimistic we can go ahead further on.

Other workshops to be moved but as yet not confirmed for new dates are the Shibori style procion workshop and the Loom Beading in February. New dates will be added to the website as soon as we can.

So what have we been up to in the studio then?

Accounts of course have to be finalised by the end of this month so that’s ongoing.

Anita has been making loads of stock for the shop including cushions, bags and fabric boxes. the fabric boxes are pretty but take an age due to the cutting out.

Also writing up a notebook and sampling for a new project. Most enjoyable.

John has been getting to grips with the 3d printer and started to print out a few things including items to be made into pincushions.


A number of you have asked about booking and the system to spread the costs.

when booking go to the booking site as normal and in the little box with the price change it to what you are paying. In the notes box put something like deposit if its the first payment and then payment 2 or 3 which ever it is. you will see a running total going down on what is left to be paid.

A deposit secures your place on the workshop.


It is with deep regret and sadness that I have to report that we are selling our sheep. As John’s condition deteriorates he is unable to help me care for them to a high standard. It takes 3 of us to turn them just to clean and trim hooves. Also they keep escaping their enclosure and the fencing now needs to be replaced to keep them in. This is a big job and John will struggle to complete it so the decision was made to sell them on. They are going to a good home where they will be introduced to a flock and a Ram.

Once they sheep have left we will look at replanting the orchard and I look forward to sipping Gin under the trees. Bring on the summer sun.

We will concentrate on the bees, chickens, ducks, geese and dogs now as they are easier to care for.

It also means that I can replant the garden with herbs, dyers plants and maybe the odd flower too.

The pond may get a fountain or waterfall and perhaps a island to help keep the fox from the ducks and geese.

All in All

All in all we are planning and looking forward to the end of the Covid situation so we can sit in our lovely garden with friends, family and anyone else who fancies dropping in. We will always have refreshments on the go but cannot always promise it will contain alcohol.

Take care everyone.









January 3, 2021


New Year 2021

The New Year of 2021 has arrived and we are once again kept in our homes to try and stop the spread of the Virus. Luckily we now have the vaccine to help combat it. We are told that by Easter we should have some sort of normality return to our lives.

A Huge Thank You

I want to thank you all for your support during the last year. Just knowing you read my little blog helps me keep  motivated.  I know I am very lucky to still be in business in this New Year of 2021 as many are now closing their doors.


At this moment in time Eau Brink studio is open for Children’s after school workshops as per Government Guidelines and the numbers are restricted to a maximum of 8. For more information on the new terms workshop just go to   

It is hoped that the Government review will enable us to open our doors again for the other workshops fairly quickly. Until then I am putting videos onto YouTube again. The latest is a quick one on how to make box pleats. The next one will be how to dye fabric using Shibori folding Techniques and Procion Dyes.

Our first Progression meeting of 2021 will be a zoom meeting at 11 am on the 6th January.

Bookings are open for all our planned workshops throughout the new year and as you can imagine the popular workshops are getting booked. Such as Amanda Hislop where we only have 2 spaces now available.

The first big workshop of the year is with Suzette Smart making these fabulous Embroidered Bird Boxes which make a lovely gift for anyone to use in their homes for little storage boxes. Once you have learnt the technique you can apply it to any shape box.

I am looking forward to this one as I plan to use the technique during 2021 as a way of packaging gifts for family and close friends. Saving purchasing wrapping paper which just gets thrown away. What better way than to give a gift with a pretty reusable box?


3D Printer

As John and I could not workout what to purchase each other as gifts for the festive season we decided to purchase a 3D Printer for the studio. John being an excellent engineer is in charge of it. That means he has to work out how to work it and I just tell him what I need printing. Of course it also means that you can discuss with John any needs you may have for replacement parts for any equipment or new equipment you may need. Also I have discovered you can print stencils which will be more robust that the commercial types so should last longer.  That means you can send in your designs and get them printed. I will keep you informed on his progress. But if you fancy coming to see it working please get in contact so we can arrange it with all Covid safety guidelines in place.


It is not just us humans who are currently being kept in. Once again Bird Flu has arrived and we have to keep our chickens ducks and geese in.  The problem with keeping chickens in is they get bored and start to pick on each other. With this in mind we put bark down for them to scrape through to get the bugs that have wondered into the enclosure and I spend time making they special cakes with yummy vegetables and rice to eat. Along with strings of vegetables and fruit hanging around the enclosure for them to find. We also put in food containers for their normal food which makes them stand onto a plate to get the food. Once the growing season starts we will grow plants around the enclosures and over them so they grow into the fencing and they can enjoy them too.

The ducks and geese are another story. We have purchased a new polytunnel for them and as soon as we can get it up we will put them into it. In the  hope they do not escape. They are very good at escaping any enclosure we have tried so far.

Talking about escaping they sheep have managed to get out of their part of the garden again so we have now decided to leave them out until we can get new stock fencing. It is easier. With their winter coats they are huge and nothing gets in their way when they want to go somewhere.


These little loves are now 6 months old and full of  mischief.  They have also found their voices and like to bark at everything and everyone. So that is another part of their training to be quiet. They have learnt a lot so far……… How to pinch clean washing as it is folded into the basket and run off with it. How to come when called as this means a nice treat. How to sit when told. But the biggest achievement is how to ask to go out when needed.  They still like to be sitting on a lap and given lots of attention.

Thank you all once again for your support over the last year and in anticipation for the new year of 2021.

Wishing you all a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Stay Safe.



December 21, 2020

The Christmas Season

As the Christmas Holidays start and we are all wondering what we are permitted or not permitted to do life  still goes on.

Here at Eau Brink Studio we will close at 4pm on the 24th December and reopen for the 28th, 29th and 30th if you want anything or to call for a chat. Anita will be in the studio from 10am till 4pm. The number to call is 01553 762115. Mind you I may talk gibberish due to the excess consuming of foods.

Being the eternal optimist next years programme is up and running with the hope that we can continue to run them even with reduced numbers. All health and safety is in place including track and trace.

Our Smallholding

It is not just us that has to be careful or stay in our birds also have been put inside. Our chickens are in two large runs for their safety and we are currently constructing a polytunnel for the ducks and geese.

Poor geese have never been indoors shut up before. But as Bird Flu is on the rise we have no choice.

The sheep are not happy about this of course because it means they cannot pinch the birds food. They are rather keen on it. But they will also be curtailed ready for the new growing season as I want to get the fruit and veg plot going again with greedy sheep raiding it.


As this year closed and before the new starts I will be spending time reflecting and evaluating ready to start the new year with a blast.  If you want to put anything onto our workshop programme or would like to see something new in the shop let me know and I will happily discuss it with you.

Who knows what will happen but hopefully we will all be thriving this time next year.

Good Luck everyone and thank you for all you support and assistance over this challenging year.






December 15, 2020

2021 Workshops

The 2021 workshops are now live and ready for you to take a look at.

We have some new workshops to mix in with the old and there are more to be added. So why not take a look the the events calendar and see what we are up to at Eau Brink Studio?

We do work within the Covid-19 guidelines and if we have to close for any reason all workshops will be  moved to the next available date.

So what is planned would take up a lot of space on your emails so I will just give you a quick heads up as follows:

Each month we will be in the studio on a Wednesday for the following:

Every 1st Wednesday is Progression in Textiles.

2nd and 4th Wednesdays are Social Wednesdays where you can pop in or stay all day for a chat and sew. For more information just go to

The 3rd Wednesday is Experimental Wednesday where we experiment and try new things or ways of working. If you want to join us just go to

Each month on a Thursday Evening :

During term times we will be working with younger people from the age of 11 every 1st and 3rd Thursday evening. From 6pm till 8pm.

This is an art club where we go through the basics of art techniques. Drawing is not a vital part of this but drawing practice is encouraged. The younger persons will be filling sketchbooks during each term .

For more information please go to

Visiting Artists –

March – Suzette Smart and Melanie Missin.

April – Amanda Hislop

May – Pauline Wrighton

June – Alison Hulme

July – Alexander Waylett

August – Jenny O’Leary

September – Anne Hellyer

October –

November – Cas Holmes

Dates and times for the above may change depending on government guidelines at the times. I will of course keep you informed on all changes as they occur. 

For further information on the above and for other workshops  please take a look at

Gift Vouchers

Did you know we do gift vouchers starting from £10.00?

A gift voucher is available to use for 12 months from the date it was purchased.

Your gift vouchers can be used for any workshop or purchase within the 12 month period. Even as part payment for a workshop.

Why not give a gift voucher to someone who would love to make one of these great little bird houses?

This is Suzett Smarts workshop in March.

If the bird houses are not for you then take a peek at the others we have on offer. For more information just contact Anita on 

Smallholding News

Well we have the mammoth task of keeping in our birds now that the bird flu has hit the region. So we have moved the old polytunnel over and netted it to keep them in. The other were already in a good sized area to protect them from the fox. Now we will put wood chips on the ground for them and string along a few treats to stop them getting bored.

The ducks and geese are the challenge as each time we get them in an enclosure they escape.  But we will see.

When visiting the studio the gates are closed as the sheep keep escaping from their pen. We are looking at new stock fencing for them in the hope it works.

Our puppies are getting along fine though the car journeys still are a challenge for them. Luna is still quite shy and a bit nervous too. But she has come along heaps and bounds. They are learning how to come back when called but still cannot be off the lead outside as they like to chase anything that moves. Well I say anything not the sheep they are too big and intimidating for them.

They do sit when commanded, so we can put on the harness and take it off without all that wriggling. They stop when on a short lead so they can sit by roads too. And they are house trained Hurrah.

Still a bit nervous of other people but they are still very young. So you will be seeing them more and more in the studio now.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon







December 2, 2020

Hello it is December already? What a year we have all had. I for one am looking forward to 2021.

Decembers news starts off with us coming out of lockdown and our Progression in Textiles meeting.  We had a lovely day where we did a small amount of business but then enjoyed the lovely foods everyone bought in and each others company. Also some very nice cards and gifts from Ruth. A lovely end to our first year.

So how are you all feeling about the coming year ? I am excited about it. We have some new workshops being organised. Ruth is going to teach  a few too.

Wednesdays are now all organised as follows. The first Wednesday of the month is Progression in Textiles. This is a closed group for members only.

The 2nd Wednesday of the month is a social day where you can join us for  a bit of stitching of your choice and a day of socialising with like minded others. Just bring along your stitching and lunch. Refreshments are provided. For more information just follow the link.

3rd Wednesday of the month is Experimental Wednesday. These days are organised so that you can either have a go at something you have wanted to try but not wanted to purchase a load of equipment first or you can join in with the organised work with Anita.  Refreshments are provided remember your lunch. There is an extra cost for any materials provided by the studio.

And then the 4th Wednesday again is a social day the same as the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The exception to this is December as the Studio closes at the end of the day on the 17th December for the Christmas break. So the next social Wednesday will be in January 2021

The Progression group  have some great exhibitions lined up and the members are looking forward to getting their work out for everyone to see. Our first is in February at the Forum as part of Makers Festival. This is being organised now and we will  find out the final details soon. Then in March we hope to be at the NEC which we are very excited about. Hopefully that will be able to go ahead. Check out Eau Brink Website for more information on what’s coming with Progression in Textiles.

Powertex is back and there will be a Saturday each month organised for this fabulous day of creating with Powertex.

PAT testing. John will be in the studio one day a month for PAT testing your items. These do not necessarily have to be your sewing machine but anything that will need a test. His rates are very reasonable and he will put new plugs on if you need them. John does a lot of work with Antiques and rewires lamps and other such items to get them safe to use.

And what of the smallholding news for December?

Well the sheep keep escaping from their field and are munching their way through the garden. New and better stock fencing is required so thats probably the next job.  All the chickens are safe and thriving. Big ol cockerel is keeping the girls happy in on pen and when we get the others penned in we will also give them a boyfriend.

The geese and ducks are happy splashing around in the pond with the fish and morhens.

And of course our puppies are growing happily with the aid of the parrot who likes to feed them her chillies. Not a good idea. so no more chillies for her. I wonder what they will make of the snow if we get any.

stay safe everyone





November 17, 2020

Half Way into 2nd Lockdown

So here we are again and now half way through. How are you all feeling? Keeping busy is key for me as it is easy to slip into bad habits and poor health.

With this in mind I make a point of getting up early still and working on my admin before the day really begins. Evenings are spent sewing my own work. To continue to develop and evolve so whilst the boys watch sports I can sew happily in my studio.

We are working hard at moving the shop around and making new stock for it such as new bags and Christmas decorations which will be added onto the online shop very soon. 2021 is now planned and the website will be updated over the next few days.




So  Every alternative Wednesday we have Social Wednesday. From 10 am till 4 pm you are welcome to join us for a day of chatter and sewing. Of course there will be cake to go with the hot drinks. This day will only cost £10.00 unless you purchase materials from the studio.

Just bring along your stitching and machine if you want to use it and your lunch. All machines must be PAT tested. If this is a problem John will PAT test it for you for a small fee.

To book in just go to  Our first one is on the 9th December if we are out of lockdown.  Not 2021 but near enough to get  going.

Every third Wednesday we will continue with Experimental Wednesday as it is a great day of experimenting and moving our own practice on or in different directions.

Visiting Artists

We have booked in a number of visiting artists and we are slowly getting them on the system. Of course it is difficult as we do not know what will happen so I am planning as if we can have a normal life again. Though I think it may be a very different normal to what we are used to. Not all of our visiting artist are will us for two days many are one day workshops and we have quite a varied programme planned for the year.

PAT Testing Days

On the second Wednesday of every month John will be around if you want to have your machines or equipment tested. The charge is £2.50 per item or three items for £5.00. John will also change plugs if need be for a additional cost of £1. per plug.

Progression in Textiles

We are working hard to complete items for exhibition in the new year hopefully starting at the Norfolk Makers Festival in Norwich. It will be a little different next year depending on the restrictions that may be imposed but at least we hopefully will have a great exhibition for you to visit. Some items will be available for sale through contact with the artist.

Our full programme will be uploaded to our Facebook page by the end of November. And onto the Eau Brink Studio Website.

Smallholding News

We are on the look out for a Ram for our girls. A Lincoln Longwool ram so we can have lambs in the spring. the problem we have is Johns mobility is limited and he is not able to fix the trailer on his own so we cannot collect a ram it needs to be delivered. We have put out a plea on Facebook but so far nobody has responded. It may be that I try and help John with fixing the trailer but the gates and back are very heavy and need to come off for repair. Fingers crossed someone can deliver a ram for the girls.

Our fox issue continues but we have outsmarted it for the time being by penning in one house of birds. It looks like we may be doing the same for the rest. such a bind for them but its the only way to keep them safe.

The geese are happy with the ducks flapping around on the pond when the fox visits so there is not a problem for them.

Our puppies are growing daily and growing naughtier daily too. so funny to watch them. Though somethings are not going to be forgiven like wrecking my spinning wheel.

The girls are almost housetrained. One still has not learnt how to hold it for more than 3 hours all the time but she is getting there. They have learnt to sit by the door if they want to got out but do not bark. Though they will run to us and run back to the door sometimes. So daily improvements. Their next challenge is to get used to being in the car. They both get very frightened and need lots of reassurance at the moment.

Stay Safe Everyone.







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