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100 – Mls Easy Varnish


Easy Varnish -100 Mls is Available on line  at Eau Brink Studio or at EBS Retail in the Long Sutton Emporium.

The product is a water based varnish for all surfaces.

Easy Varnish makes artwork waterproof and weatherproof using a wax component. Combine Easy Varnish with pigments for painting and dry-brushing.

There are no solvents in Easy Varnish making it perfect for  styrofoam. Which is ideal for making baubles as well as using it for children’s crafts.

Mixing Easy Varnish with small amounts of pigment used for dry-brushing colours onto projects. This brings out the beauty of the textures of the piece. To be used as a varnish this product can by used in thin layers to ensure the piece is weatherproof for outside use.

When using acrylic colours you  still use easy varnish once the acrylics dry. I use Easy Varnish over fabric paints to seal them on many surfaces.

This varnish is as an excellent glue. From sticking layers of papers to beads to class and wood.

Once dry the varnish is clear which is ideal when wanting to see the beauty of your piece and its embellishments.

Want to know more?

For more information just contact Anita on admin@eaubrinkstudio.co.uk

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Eau Brink Studio:

It is set in a lovely rural situation just off the A47 and you can join Anita there where she will teach you to make all kinds of textile art in safe regulated conditions that include:

Restricted numbers to ensure safe social distancing.

Track and trace is in place.

Face masks are worn if demonstrations are taking place.

Hand sanitizers are situated at the entrance and in the bathroom facilities,

Disposable aprons and gloves.

The studio is light and airy and there are all sorts of hand and machine stitch workshops, Powertex and Eco dying.
Experimental Wednesdays takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, where you are more than welcome to explore stitch and other textile art skills.
Anita will make you welcome and there might be other visitors there to chat with and share the experience . Cake and hot and cold drinks are available on tap through out the day.  You will also find lots of other items for sale. Die Cut Kits can be collected from the Studio if preferred.

Long Sutton Emporium:

EBS Retail is the name of Anita’s shop at Long Sutton Emporium where you can get the No Sew Bauble kits amongst many other items that Anita makes.
The long Sutton Emporium is situated on the A17 .look out for the bright orange signs.


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