Starter Gift Pack

Starter Gift Pack

Starter Gift Pack

Starter Gift Pack

Powertex Gift Pack


Product Description

Starter Gift Pack

Powertex Gift Pack.

 This is an  Ideal pack for beginning your journey into the magical world of Powertex.

Each pigment is used in conjunction with easy varnish to enable you to dry brush colour onto the Powertex object.  Highlighting  the textures and contours of the piece bringing it alive.

The pack includes 250 g of Powertex Black Medium and  12 pigments with varnish. Also the medium is available in other colours.

This Powertex gift Pack is an excellent present for , birthdays, to say thank you or just to show how much you love someone. But is also the perfect present for yourself.

Other colours are available on request subject to availability as well as Larger sizes available in 500 g and 1 litre packs.

What is Powertex?

Powertex: the versatile, environmentally friendly, acid free, water based textile hardener. Powertex air dries and becomes rock hard.

How do you use it?

Dip textile in Powertex, wring it out well and wrap or drape it around a frame or object to create amazing artworks and crafts. Once dry, pieces can be decorated with paint or pigments. Once finished, Powertex creates unique pieces of artwork for inside or outside display. And this is why it the Powertex gift pack is an ideal for beginning your journey into the creative world of Powertex. And if your not sure just book into a workshop at Eau Brink Studio and give it a try.

For outdoor use Powertex can be weather proofed with two layers of Easy Varnish.

The 500g bottle of Powertex is ideal to test the product or to make a small piece.

For more information contact Anita using our contact form or email at [email protected]