Sharpin Pin Cushion


When your pins and needles need to be cleaned and sharpened then the ideal product is a Sharpin which cleans and sharpens as you use it. A great way to store those items

Product Description

The Sharpin Pin Cushion

The Sharpin Pin Cushion designed and made at Eau Brink Studio to keep your pins and needles clean and sharp

Each Sharpin measures approximately 12 cm wide by 4 cm deep.

Each one is a unique piece which will look great in our workroom or beside your sewing in any room.

Made using cotton fabrics, fully lined and filled with Aluminum Oxide to keep those pins and needles extra sharp.

Sharpins come in many colours so when ordering please let me know what your dominant colour should be. I also make them with different contrasting fabrics so you can turn them upside down for a different view.

The buttons are wooden and give the finished item stability and shape.

Available from Eau Brink Studio and EBS Retail at Long Sutton Emporium.

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Have a day out: If you haven’t had a chance to go to either of these venues it is really worth a visit.

 Eau Brink Studio: Now Open Again

Eau Brink Studio is set in a lovely rural situation just off the A47 where you can join Anita who will teach you to make all kinds of textile art.

The studio is light and airy and there are all sorts of hand and machine stitch workshops, Powertex and Eco dying.

Experimental Wednesdays takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Anything involving textile art could be going on with friendly people and Anita to give you ideas and help.

Long Sutton Emporium: Now Open Again

Anita will make you welcome and sometimes members of her groups will be there to chat with as well. Good company. Cake and hot and cold drinks are available.

At the Long Sutton Emporium you will get to look around lots of different kinds of mini shops. These shops sell things ranging from crafts, antiques, homeware, children’s items and Diamond Art. As well as the Sharpin Pin Cushion you can buy gifts for your friends and family and you can buy all the lovely items from Anita’s shop as well.

There is a lovely tea room with a warm log fire with good food drinks and scrummy cakes and everyone is welcome.

bright coin purse

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 cm