Procion dyed hand made Lighting

Procion dyed hand made Lighting

Procion dyed hand made Lighting

Procion dyed hand made Lighting

Lampshade, Handmade Lighting, Exclusive Shades


Hand made  Procion dyed lampshades for use in low lighting areas of your home such as bedrooms. Ideal for children’s and quiet areas of the home.

Product Description


Made by Eau Brink Studio. Creating Stunning lighting effects when illuminated.

studding lampshades
Shibori inspired Procion hand dyed lampshade.

15 x 15 cm. Low heat bulbs such as LED recommended for this product.

Made from 100% cotton fabric, hand dyed using vivid colours to enhance the effect once lit up.

I get very involved in making these. The folding technique in the Shibori style process can be both exciting and frustrating, with Procion dyes added into the folds and layers so that no two lampshades are the same. The exciting bit is the unfolding once they are dry and the patterns reveal themselves.
Once ironed the fabric is ready to use for the lampshades. When they are lit up they transform into works of art.

For an unique addition to your home. Can be used in low lighting areas of the home such as bedrooms, hallways, and quiet living areas. No two lampshades are the same due to the folding technique used during the dying process, making them exclusive pieces of art as well as a practical item for your home living space. Excellent for bedrooms in particular teens rooms and for children as they be left on while the children fall asleep with a low lighting LED bulb.

These lampshades can be made to order. With the order the details required are the colours and which colour should be dominant. Also do you want to have bright colours or muted tones such as pastels? Type of pattern required should also be specified as they can have a linear pattern or circular.

If wanting more than one shade for a room I can dye one large piece of fabric to accommodate all your needs but again no two lampshade will be identical even cut from the same fabric.

Other sizes and shapes are available including larger sizes for standard lamps and wall lights.

Additional Information

Weight .144 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm