Stitched bark

Stitched bark

Stitched bark

Stitched bark

Silver Birch Bark Sculpture


A unique stitched bark sculpture which looks great in any room in your home. Genuine Silver birch bark used to Machine stitch into. with a Silver birch block to hold the piece.

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Product Description

Silver Birch Sculpture with a Birch base set into a Perspex holder. This means you can look at both sides of the piece.

This is a free standing sculpture made using machine stitched.

A beautifully balanced unique piece to grace any room in your house.

Stitched Silver Birch Sculpture
Stitched bark

This is just one of several sculptures I have sewn and not two pieces are the same. Therefore, Creating unique  art at Eau Brink Studio.

Sewing into bark is a difficult process which requires care and attention to the detail of the bark you are using as it can damage your sewing machine. You also need a good supply of needles as once you hit a knot that is the end of the needle.

Setting the piece into the perspex is always a challenge as I want to get it as clear as possible. As it is important for the owner to be able to look at the piece with ease.

As the base of the sculpture contract it helps to hold the perspex in place. This reminds us that the piece is still breathing and alive.

Additional Information

Weight 1. kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 31 cm