September 30, 2020

‘Seascapes– print: collage: stitch’

Amanda Hislop is returning to Eau Brink Studio to teach us how to create a stitched collage in’ Seascapes – print: collage; Stitch’

Take an abstract view of sea and shore, a closer look at colour combinations and textures; explore through mark making and painterly print to create surfaces to fragment and place in simple collage arrangements to work with hand stitch.

During Seascapes- print: collage: stitch explore a restrained colour palette with line and texture working with a series of print blocks and mark making to develop personal language creating a selection of surfaces to fragment, overlay and develop. Explore surfaces created; abstract simplify fragment, rearrange. Think abstraction, work intuitively through a random system of placement creating highly individual arrangements of small abstract collages to work into with simple hand stitch.

Materials list

Pritt stick type glue.

Needles for hand stitch

Basic sewing kit including schissors

A piece of white cotton or linen to use as a backing for collage (approximately ½ a metre to allow for flexibility in shape and size of work). Old pillow cases and sheeting are a good source.

A selection of threads in sea and shore colours. Less is more.

A number 12 round brush and a 2.5cm  bristle brush. (do not worry if you do not have these as there are some available)

Apron and please wear old clothes or your art clothes.

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August 31, 2019

Amanda Hislop will be returning to Eau Brink Studio for a two day workshop. Mark making and texture…A Sketchbook exploration using the local environment.

Sketchbooks are an important element in the development of Amanda’s work.

These books are a place to be free and explore ideas, keep references and working samples. A big part of Amanda’s working practice and are used as an inspirational resource in the teaching of workshops and summer schools.

Amanda offers a creative workshop exploring a free approach to generating ideas through a working sketchbook, looking at abstract ideas and personal themes relating to land and seascapes, an enjoyable experience working in a relaxed atmosphere discovering personal creativity.


Using the local landscape Amanda will teach us how to fill our sketchbooks with lines, colour and depth. Taking away the fear of drawing and sketching.

Helping us to understand that we are not taking a picture of what we see but making a representation of it for our own art work.

You do not need to be able to draw for this workshop. Amanda will help you to see the landscape in a very different way.


Amanda Said:-

‘Mark making and texture…a sketchbook exploration using the local environment’

A creative sketchbook workshop; personal approaches to exploring the local environment. Experiment with mono type drawing and mark making, Frottage, collage, folding and tearing to develop exciting sketchbook pages. Work with simplified drawn lines, resist wash and layered tissue to create paper surfaces to fragment into a series of abstract images relating to the local environment for development into personal sketchbook pages for mixed media and textile work.

Requirements list

The tutor will bring a selection of sketchbooks and resources to inspire.


  • A small stitch bound sketchbook and drawing materials of choice, include drawing pens of various thicknesses and preferred colour medium, e.g. inktense blocks or pencils, neocolour, koh I noor dye based colour (some will be available to use)
  • A number 10 or 12 round brush to use with colour wash and ink.
  • Scissors
  • Cheap baby wipes for cleaning hands etc.
  • Apron/overall and plastic gloves if you wish to use them.
  • A hairdryer is useful 

Papers, threads and art materials, equipment and resources for student use will be supplied at a cost of £4 approx.


Feel free to bring any papers or materials you may wish to experiment with.

book early to ensure your place

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