any old scrap

March 3, 2021

Any Old Scrap

Experimental mixed Media

ANY OLD SCRAP is the challenge for March.
This months Challenge is to create a piece of art using only scraps. So what is art? This is from Wikidpedia.
Art is a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory or performing artefacts (artworks), which express the creator’s imaginationconceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
You can use fabrics, lace, wool, embellishment’s, zips, beads, old threads or ends of reels but nothing new.
If you do not have any scraps then ask friends who sew if you can delve into their scrap bags.
You can also use paper, card, old stamps, postcards, maps and pages from old damaged books.
There is no limit to size, colour or shape. It can be abstract or traditional.
The piece does have to be a piece of art. How you interpret that is up to you.
It can be 3d, framed or unframed.
Enjoy the process but do not over think it.
Anita always starts her projects with a pile of materials and then plays to see what comes out of them. No plan means no anxiety. Look at colour ways, how the materials you are using will work together, do you want your piece to be distorted, manipulated? What will it represent if anything? Will it have pockets and layers? What about sheer fabrics and using plastic? Will you pad it or areas of it?
If stitching will it be hand or machine stitch?
If not stitching how will you hold it together? Glue, tape?
Felting can mean using up old wool or wool given to you that so far you have not found a purpose for it.
The ideas keep coming so give it some thought and join in.
What about a Powertex piece? Powertex is perfect for using up old scraps of anything.
You can make your art piece as a picture, a useful item, or to upcycle an old tired piece.
There will be videos on my YouTube channel to help with ideas and techniques for this challenge. Including the use of Powertex.

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