December 23, 2021

Shopping – A Physical or On Line Shop?

Lets face it we all like to shop at some point but which do we prefer? A Physical or On Line Shop?

There is a huge discussion about the high street shops disappearing but the solution appears to be complicated.

One argument is that you can get just about anything on line but not in a high street or even out of town shopping centres. For those of us who like to sew this is particularly true. But, the difficulty for us is that we like to see and feel what we are buying. Particularly when it comes to fabrics.

So many times in the past I have purchased fabric on line and been very disappointed with the quality of it. And that is why I started to sell fabrics from the studio and then moved them into the shop. Now I have a lovely collection from Lewis and Irene which are fabulous quality and lovely prints. The best thing about them is that in a collection you can mix and match all the fabrics and your project will look lovely.

With this in mind in the coming year I am going to be teaching cushion making using these fabrics. Now you may be thinking once you have learnt how to make a cushion you do not need to go again. But I am going to teach you how to make a pieced square which we will make into a cushion and each month the pattern will be different. Then at the end of the year you will have the patterns for twelve squares and can use them to make quilts and other home items.

Going back to the high street I have to admit that I do avoid going into town centres if I can. Writing this made me think about why that is and here are my thoughts.

The parking is far too expensive especially if your just nipping in for something quick. The town where I live has no department store other than M&S but it is very old fashioned and small. The rest of the town is made up of empty shops, charity shops, pubs and cafe’s other than Boots. There is one clothing shop I do shop at and a haberdashery shop that never has what I want. There is a great veg shop but it is always so busy you can’t get  in it.

I have approached the council and the company that runs the centre of the town to see if I can have a pop up shop in one of the empty shops and they are not at all keen for me to do this unless I pay full rent and rates as well as taking out a small lease for up to three months.  I only want one for a long weekend now and again. I am assuming that many small businesses would love the opportunity to have a pop up shop in a town centre where they can assess if it would be worth taking on a permanent shop or not. And for the visitors to the town it would be a real bonus to know that when ever they are in town different shops are there for them. There are towns in Norfolk that do this very successfully. Such a shame ours won’t entertain it.

Lets look at why I shop on line. That is an easy question to answer. It is quick to find what I want most of the time. It is easy to purchase and they deliver it sometimes the next day. Though I do like to use click and collect if I can to save the postage.

And guess what ? you can now click and collect when purchasing off my online shop. More and more products will be added over the coming months including art materials that we use for our textiles. So now you have a great choice of shopping in my physical shop, online shop and using click and collect.

With all this choice I have to say I prefer a physical shop so that I can see what I am getting. I like to feel the fabrics to see what they are like. I like to see something made up so I know what it will look like. And I like to talk to someone who has used a product to hopefully get a real idea on its properties.

Eau Brink Studio will be closed for the 24th, 25th and 26th December and if we are permitted after that we will be open except for 1st January 2022.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all who read my blogs, purchase items from me and support the studio by attending workshops and popping in from time to time.

Also thank you ladies of Progression in Textiles for working so hard to ensure our little exhibiting group continues to grow and grow. I for one are looking forward to the coming year and working with you.


December 21, 2020

The Christmas Season

As the Christmas Holidays start and we are all wondering what we are permitted or not permitted to do life  still goes on.

Here at Eau Brink Studio we will close at 4pm on the 24th December and reopen for the 28th, 29th and 30th if you want anything or to call for a chat. Anita will be in the studio from 10am till 4pm. The number to call is 01553 762115. Mind you I may talk gibberish due to the excess consuming of foods.

Being the eternal optimist next years programme is up and running with the hope that we can continue to run them even with reduced numbers. All health and safety is in place including track and trace.

Our Smallholding

It is not just us that has to be careful or stay in our birds also have been put inside. Our chickens are in two large runs for their safety and we are currently constructing a polytunnel for the ducks and geese.

Poor geese have never been indoors shut up before. But as Bird Flu is on the rise we have no choice.

The sheep are not happy about this of course because it means they cannot pinch the birds food. They are rather keen on it. But they will also be curtailed ready for the new growing season as I want to get the fruit and veg plot going again with greedy sheep raiding it.


As this year closed and before the new starts I will be spending time reflecting and evaluating ready to start the new year with a blast.  If you want to put anything onto our workshop programme or would like to see something new in the shop let me know and I will happily discuss it with you.

Who knows what will happen but hopefully we will all be thriving this time next year.

Good Luck everyone and thank you for all you support and assistance over this challenging year.






December 24, 2018

It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

No matter what you believe in or how you celebrate during December, I wish everyone of you reading this a very happy time.

The sun will be returning from now on and the days will be getting longer. That means more light to sew and craft in. Hurrah.

And what shall I be making? Loads of different things for the exhibitions that are coming up and some items for the Embroiderers Guild pop ups that are going to happen in the new year.



This is just a quick update for you.

We are closed now until the 2nd of January. It is family time for us. That means loads of good food and a little wine and gin.

There are still places available for the workshops with Cas Holmes, Alison Hulme and Amanda Hislop. So pop over to and take a look at whats going on.

Any questions just give me a call on 01553 762115

Have a fabulous holiday


November 25, 2018

I hear you all groaning because it is the Christmas Countdown at Eau Brink Studio.

I have been making loads and loads of things for you all to enjoy. Christmas stockings, baubles, skirts, gifts and art.


Christmas Bauble made with sequins and pins. Purple and blue with gold ribbon

I started off by making these little lovely items for the King’s Lynn Embroiderers guild. I did make a huge one but forgot to give it to them for this weekend so will give it to them for next weekend where they will be at Swaffham.

Just a little tip for you. if you plan on making any of these for your own festivities I strongly suggest you use smaller pins and dip them into glue for security.

I also suggest you use a thimble or small piece of leather to protect your fingers when pushing in the pins. Boy can that be painful without them.

Sequin and pin bauble. Red and silver with gold ribbon

mulit-coloured sequin and pin bauble with bauble hanger.However, the results are stunning and well worth it. Take your time with them and play around to get different results.

Try using just one colour over the entire bauble or loads of colours to brighten up any tree or home. Either way they will look great.

The pins and sequins can be bought off the internet as well as baubles which are just Polystyrene so easy to push the pins into.

Children love making these and they are safe as the pins are not too sharp.


No sew patchwork bauble. multi coloured fabrics usedFabric bauble kits ready for the instructions to be added. Another great way to make a bauble is to use fabric. This is a little more complicated but once you get into the swing of it, it is easy.

I do have to point out though this one is a little harder on the fingers no matter how sharp your pins are it still can be painful.

For those of you out there who would like to have a go I have made kits for you to buy. I am also running workshops which are on the website for you to book. You can message me if you wish to attend a workshop at The Craft Barn in Long Sutton or Silverwood also in Long Sutton.

Workshops are £15.00 including the price of the kit. Additional kits are £5.00.

My other life.

If you do not follow me on Social Media you will not be aware of what I get up to when not sewing or creating.

So here is a little clue…

Anita at her first photo shoot wearing a steam punk outfit. pose is under the hoop
Photo shoot
Resting in the hoop contemplating the next move
photo shoot

My favourite pass time besides sewing and reading is getting into this hoop. Though not in this dress as a rule.

I have spent many many months getting to this level working twice a week on perfecting these moves. From the first time I went into the studio to get my fitness up to scratch I wanted to get into the hoop but was not permitted for a full 18 months as my trainer knew that I was not ready for it physically.

This photo shoot was my personal goal this year. And I am really pleased with the results. These two are from 90 pictures taken. And there are no edits either.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because in the last 6 years I have changed my life completely and never thought that in my 50’s I would be pushing myself out of my comfort zone as much as I have. So I am saying to you.. Just go for it. Life is for living.

November 18, 2018

At Eau Brink Studio The Festive Season Is Upon Us and we have one last fair to attend.

I have added an additional workshop where you can make Fabric Decorations. For only £10.00 you can spend time chatting to friends old and new whilst making fabric decorations. You can bring your own materials or buy a kit for as little as £5.00 each. There are two kits available.

Folded fabric bauble











Join us even if you do not feel like making a decoration or two just for the tea and cake on 8th December from 10 am till 4 pm. To book just click on the button

Schedule Appointment

What have we been up to this week then?

The Embroiderers Guild have been in making Christmas decorations ready for their stalls at St Margaret’s Church in King’s Lynn on the 24th November and in Swaffham on the 1st of December.

Items made for the Embroiderers Guild

On a personal note I have been working towards something that is way out of my comfort zone. A photo shoot. Yep I know not my thing at all but I did it for me. This is one  of the pictures for you to see what I get up to in the evenings. Though not usually dressed in this way. This picture was the dress rehearsal before the main event.

I do think it is important to get out of our comfort zones every so often and exercise is a great one to make us do that. Especially if its not the normal type of exercise.


Whats coming up then?

The season to be jolly is around the corner. For me that means spending time with my family eating and drinking. Toasting friends old and new. This year one friend will be absent and dearly missed but not at all forgotten.

I will be at Wymondham on the 1st December for the last Norfolk makers fair of the year. Come along to say hello. the whole of Wymondham will be open for their Winter Fest. While your there why not pop into the Big C and stock up on a few crafting items too.

The last Experimentals group meeting will be the 5th December. No need to book in just come along and we will eat Christmas goodies, Drink a toast to the end of the year and plan our next year. If your not part of this group but would like to come along anyway you will be made welcome and we will explain how the group works.

















November 5, 2018

We are at that time of the year where It’s Busy. The new school year is underway.

Everybody is beginning to think about Christmas and that means fairs and new items to make. such as our Powertex Candle holders that make fabulous night lights with the colour changing battery candles.

There are two types. Glasses and bowls. To see the bowls changing colours follow this link.

Both are very elegant and easy to use without the risk of fire. They make fabulous gifts.


Also after attending the workshop with  Moira and her faces I have become obsessed with them. I have been making smaller faces in frames as well as the larger ones. Do they remind you of anyone you know?

I will be having these and other items with me at Dents Farm on the weekend of the 9th November as well as at the Winter fest in Wymondham on the 1st December. Why not come along and say hello?

I am also looking at making pets with this technique too.


Amanda Hislop weekend
Layers of papers ready for stitch

We are looking at the new years programme. so far we have many things planned but they do need a little tweaking.  Such as the Experimental Wednesdays. A group has grown out of this that meets on the first Wednesday of the month. We are almost at capacity for this group. I am capping the numbers so that everyone gets plenty of space to work in. I am going to continue to run other Wednesdays for beginners and then when there is room beginners can move into the group once up to speed.


Learning new stitches
Stitch library

Embroidery Mondays will also be changing to a day where you can come along and enjoy traditional hand stitch. Rather than it being a structured class, learners can dip in and out as they want. The day will start at 10 and end at 4. Materials will not be included in the price as it can be expensive. However I will have the materials here if you wish to purchase them. For learners who are totally new to embroidery you will be given a choice of printed linens to use to practice your stitching. This will give you finished items to remind you of your stitches.

On another note a Ram called Tornado has been chasing our three girls around the garden and has settled in for the next few weeks. I am not sure if the girls like him as much as they did like Conkers.

Marlow is spending his days chasing herons out of the pond and the resident crows have been joining in. Hopefully the heron will give up and move on soon.

And lastly the chickens have molted so hopefully now the egg production will increase again. That means more cake.

October 4, 2017

It’s that time of year when we are thinking of part wear and what is suitable for each party or ball we are attending. Here at Eau Brink Studio I am experimenting with making face masks which can be used for a number of events and not just the one.

The first Party Wear face mask is made from Papier-Mache with a number of processes using mixed media.

The first layer is paint. Which, once dry I added layers of Angelina, stamped designs, stencilled designs and foil flakes and of course Powertex.

Resulting in a very pleasing design which can be worn at a All Hallows party or ball. As well as during the Christmas season of parties. It would not look out of place at a new years ball either.

versatile party wear
A versatile face mask for any party
Close up of the foil flakes
Wear me to any party


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