June 15, 2019

Natural Dyeing Day

Ready for colour
Soaking natural dyes

Bring along your fabric and fleece

Garden vegetation and leafy greens

Onion skins and orange peel

And we will see what colours you get. You will be surprised

This natural dye day is a  great day of learning . You will be introduced to natural dyeing following a short health and safety talk. Then a quick demonstration of how to prepare and use natural dye stuffs. At each stage you have to record what you are using and quantities so you know what you need to reproduce the result. A bit of science really.

Of course you can raid the garden at Eau Brink.

This class is restricted to six for safety reasons and two spaces are already booked

So don’t delay.

Any questions just give me a call on 01553 762115 or email at [email protected]
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